Article by Ghintare S. When I first saw them I thought these were the ugliest shoes ever…. whether I was getting used to seeing them around every day or just realizing that you do can mix them into different kind of outfits, the point is… I started to kinda like Isabel Marant’s wedge sneakers. Well, now there […]

When it comes to layering clothes nobody does it better than the Brits! Must be the weather, I mean you literally can’t leave home without checking the forecast and even so you can’t expect to nail it down (fashion/temperature wise) 100%. Between outside & the tube you switch 3 seasons so talk about a temperature roller-coaster, right? How […]

Ah… Fur Hats! Another fashion trend for 2013 Winter that has me reminiscing on my childhood and how I hated wearing hats. 20 Years later and… I love them, hell I’m wearing them in Autumn and Spring as well so talk about a style twist there. The best thing about Fur Hats is that, besides looking super […]

Exposed socks? I am so pleasantly recalling this as my favorite things to wear as a little girl. I had a pair of white short socks to go with tiny sandals and a pair of blue knee-high ones. My fashion sense must have dated from back then (joking!). And, just a few years ago girls and women […]

There’s always that one thing us girls refuse to let go regardless of season and the street styles & celebs fashion have spoken. It’s the sneakers ladies! The comfy chic Tom boy-ish shoes were our fashion crush all throughout 2012 Spring & Summer and somehow we can’t part with these uber cool, urban yet quite […]

When you start adding up all the trends one season has to offer, you actually wonder if we’re ever gonna come through with something new? We all know fashion is cyclical… yet I confess I am longing for some new fashion movements, ideas and controversy in style that sweeps me off my feat and has us all stare […]

Once the cold season is settled in there’s a fashion invasion of… shorts! Yes you read that right. Us girls are hopelessly in love with one of the most common, urban, trendy, cool and comfy looks – Cutoffs & Black Tights! London is obsessed with this trend and it’s a matter of time until most […]

Best thing about the cold weather, if any? It’s got to be the clothes & styles we can play around with, and the most important staple for winter is The Coat. For 2013 cold season the coat styles and looks are all about one thing: no rules! I love that. From fur to leather, from […]

“If you’re going to San Francisco / Make sure to wear some flowers in your head” – well… this season you can go anywhere and wear anything in your head.  The bejeweled heads are taking over everywhere, from Fashion Weeks to parties, to school, to dates or even work. Whether it’s too much or just […]

Sweaters, jumpers & cardigans are my new fashion crush for 2013 Winter, in as many designs, styles and colors as possible to suit every occasion and mood. The knitwear used to be a great hit back in the day, and lost a bit to silks & jerseys for a couple of years, but this season the cozy […]