Once upon a time us girls saved the white dress for The Day, you know. When we’d all meet that special one and had the best excuse to drape ourselves in white (read princess attire) for one whole day. Well thank God that misconception is gone – of saving the white looks for later and […]

Well not 50, but enough to get us fashion confused over what sunglasses to choose. What styles are in, and how do you pick yours? Do you stick with it or not? And if you were to choose one, yes ONE type of sunglasses to wear for the rest of your life, which one would […]

That Black & White is The Trend this season (click here for more) is no news flash to anyone, but wait… can we assume that Black (and black alone) is a Trend this season? Can we talk about a Summer in Black? I’m sure a summer in White for that matter is way more appropriate, […]

When it comes to piling on jewellery or sacrificing an ear lob for that way too heavy & huge, but oh-so-fab statement earring – I’m all for it! Nothing is ever too much or hurts at all when it comes to fashion. High uncomfortable shoes? Yeah, I’ll take them. Too tight jeans or too loose […]

Seems like Rihanna’s constant tummy display finally paid off and kicked in into one of the biggest trends of 2013. Yes dolls we gotta start working out BIG TIME to show off our mid riffs this season. And no… it’s not because of Riri’s mid riff obsession, although I suppose as a style icon she’s […]

When it comes to dresses this season word of mouth is that YES, size (well actually hem length) does matter. One of the biggest Trends of 2013 have definitely been the MIDI Dresses, which is a great 60’s tribute with a tiny 90’s grunge reminiscing. For this season designers were pretty much exploring all sides a […]

‘‘If you’re going to San Francisco (read anywhere actually) be sure to wear some flowers”… on your clothes. In prints that is. YES the Floral Print Trend is back for 2013 Spring & Summer, but that is no big surprise, I really don’t think it was, or ever will be gone. As you can’t have […]

Back in the day draping yourself in denim was a fashion faux-pas, but as fashion is by definition a multitude of uncertainties (in a good way) and constant changes, today, Denim On Denim has turned into a massive trend. For the past two years I think this Duo Denim Trend is trying to make a […]

What’s that item that everyone’s got in their closet (tones of them actually) but which never makes the fashion cut as often as it should? Ding Ding! Yes you guessed it. Why it’s the T-shirt of course. For the past year or so plain T-shirts, like super basic white & black have been making quite […]

Lately I’ve been bombarded by people (who do not have a clue nor an interest in fashion, so I really do not see where their curiosity is coming from) with the ever-classic (read cliche) question “What should we wear this spring, what’s trendy?” So my job may be to blame for this, as everyone thinks […]