… fashion. What else did you think? Well… can’t blame you for that one, and truth be told any excuse is a good excuse to chat about men. Looks. Styles. Who’s HOT/NOT et all. Besides, a little eye candy never hurt anyone, right? The true story behind this post (apart from the implied cheekiness) is […]

One day Miss Fashion had a thought: ‘‘Let’s play a game – How to look like hobos, it’s called.” And so the Wide Leg Trousers Look was born. Now I know most of you will be like what the hell is wrong with her, but in all honesty the hobo look was always the 1st […]

Well, maybe not. But with the structured trend making baby steps into our quiet little fashion lives (I suspect it’ll be huge by fall, so buckle up), 2 things pop into my mind, the 1st being its inherent architectural trait (a bit stretched out to assume we’ve all taken upon this craft), and the 2nd […]

After what seems to have been too long since I’ve posted, I’m genuinely so happy to be back and share with you the happiest moment of my life so far. It took place over the weekend, and took over my schedule entirely last week, hence my absence – I got married. To the best man […]

Yeah you might need a pair of shades at all times, around this summer’s coolest dresses, but sometimes it’s all worth it. For fashion sake you know. It’s like the ’80’s all over again – kitsch, brightness, chaotic wild mix of colors and prints,  and the infamous NEON. Impossible to miss, it’s right there next […]

Because nothing beats minimalism, that’s why. And hotness. For the past months or so, you might have noticed that every woman and girl with a penchant for quick tasteful hotness is slightly giving in to BDSM. On their feet. Cuffing your ankles may sound a little too risky but let’s not jump to sexual conclusions, […]

Funny thing about fashion is that, while on one hand you’re praised for standing out and being original and unique style wise, on the other hand you get a thumb’s up for sticking to the latest trends or repeatedly obsessive looks that everyone’s doing. Hmm. So which side should we take? Stray from one, or […]

It seems like I’m stuck in tops-land for a while now, and haven’t done a post on bottoms in ages, so let’s just hope it’ll be a wrap with this one. Also, it feels as if we’ve been talking crazy wacky trends quite a bit lately so why not turn to the classics? Feels good […]

I might be a bit too late on reporting this trend, since it’s been going on for a while now courtesy of Kristen Stewart & Rihanna – for celeb reference – and again the ’90’s, which I swear are invading us all over again. Not complaining, but just saying. It does sometimes feel like high-school […]

Don’t you sometimes feel that you’ve had enough of all this fashion craze and wild mix of trends, and all you need is simplicity and effortless clothes that you just throw on without the slightest care in the world of how you look (but let’s face it, with a tiny hope you’ll pull off the […]