Taa-daahh!!! ‘I’m back and I’m here to stay‘ said the denim overall in 2013 summer. So what happens when a ’90’s clothing hit meets the ’90’s comeback fashion trends? We end up with the most brilliant reinvention and a massive imagination and fashion creativity boom. Today’s topic: Denim Overalls. Who’s guilty as charged for it? […]

With fashion being such a trend roller-coaster – the chunky heels, with their 70’s reminiscence were bound to have their moment this summer. When 70’s themselves are another IT trend, you know.  So it’s pretty safe to say the Chunky Heels are the heels of 2013 hot season having us all look like tiny caricatures in […]

– that is the question this summer. When I think about it I feel as if I’ve done a slight injustice talking (a lot) about accessories, yet never once mentioning one of the most common, famous and incredibly stylish waist attires: The Belt! Just because it’s always there, at least for men (if we ever […]

Do you think it’s true, or is it just me? Are we smitten with the MAXI Skirt or what? Easy to style, versatile, super feminine and a camouflage weapon for those days when, as hot as we may look, we feel quite the opposite, but (being fashionistas all the way) we still  can’t give in […]

Allow me to be slightly skeptical on this one. While the Ruffle Trend for 2013 Spring/Summer was huge (and amazing) on the catwalk (I’m still head over heels over Chloe, Gucci & Balenciaga‘s collections) I honestly feel that its transition to the streets has not made the fashion intended waves. Could it be that Ruffles are […]

Feels like it’s been forever since we talked hair, and today being a gloomy Monday (aren’t they all?) I felt we needed to get a bit feisty and take sides both hair wise as well as for the sake of conversation. What’s up for discussion today? The Skrillex Haircut, also going by the name of: sidecut, […]

Article by Ghintare Survilaite The history of fringed clothes goes back in time to the ancient tribes who used to wear fringes in order to sew up a busted moccasin, a torn seam, or to tie things together when they were in the field. In fashion, the first track of fringes goes back to 1920′s, the Jazz […]

”Elvis has (yet) to leave the building” my lovely fashionistas. With all this ’70’s comeback in 2013 Spring/Summer, and today’s Jumpsuits topic, no wonder my mind literally jumps to all those (hideous) jumpsuits from back in the day, starting with Elvis Presley (and his white over the top uber glam stage outfits) and ending with ABBA […]

Alongside the white tee, the leather jacket and those cutoffs you can’t let go off ever – it seems pretty safe to say the flared mini high-waisted skirt has become a fashion staple. Easily dressed up or down for any season (add your tights & boots in winter, top it off with a chic coat […]

Once upon a time us girls saved the white dress for The Day, you know. When we’d all meet that special one and had the best excuse to drape ourselves in white (read princess attire) for one whole day. Well thank God that misconception is gone – of saving the white looks for later and […]