When it comes to FUR as a fashion trend, debates and online wars are bound to take place, if not for the looks per se, than for the controversy this subject holds. The parenthesis are meant to 1. express where I stand on this one, and 2. bring peace to an otherwise controversial topic, although […]


A quick glance over any online fashion mag, or retail chain will only confirm the latter. Not once has there been so much diversity in fashion as it is for the past 1 or 2 years. This applies for sweaters as for anything else actually. Sure, some looks make it to the Trend Reports but […]

Aaaand it’s official. The world has gone mad, and I with it. Once upon a time mixing sporty with smart was by far the worst thing a true fashionista could do. Fashion faux-pas doesn’t begin to cover it. Hell, you didn’t even need to be a fashion savvy to not mix your sneakers with your […]


Or… ‘We’re All In The Jungle’. Or… ‘Animal Print Chic.’ Or… ‘The Animal Instinct’. You get it. It’s the ANIMAL PRINT Trend again making a hot mess out of our 2013 – 2014 fall/winter sartorial choices. Whether you like it or not, is not even important (sorry girls), what matters is the daunting question: has […]

With fashion, one day it’s all black and grungy and then BAM! it does a 180 on you, and just when you got the hang of some crazy thing, you find yourself ditching it for its opposite. The WHITE Trend for 2013 – 2014 Fall/Winter is huge. At least that’s what designers want, and can […]


What happens when you take two massive trends like Leather & Black and you mix them? You end up, again, on the grunge road, with infinite trends awaiting to be nailed. So don’t be surprised if 2013 – 2014 autumn & winter will give us leather everything in the most adored non color of all […]

Well, I don’t know about that, but with the band T-shirts Trend being so HUGE, we sure come across as obsessed fans. OK, so we established the non-per se factor of the groupie urban definition, but why do we persist in this misleading direction? For sartorial purposes. D’ohhh. The music band T-shirts Trend was massive […]

Beige, black, fitted, loose, crumpled or not, over time the Trench Coat has been all the above and so much more, while remaining a staple. With autumn settling in and the weather turning to its inconsistencies: warm, cold, windy, cloudy, rainy and sunshine (sometimes all in one day), we’re left in a tiny fashion predicament: […]

The biggest hairstyle of all times – the undercut – makes all men look hot as hell. The UNDERCUT seems to be the one haircut and men hairstyle that’s been going on for quite sometime, reminiscent of those 1940’s dapper looks. What is the UNDERCUT? “I’d like to shave my head, but still have long hair please.” […]

When Pucci showed their 2013/2014 Fall Winter collection, packed with hot heeled thigh high boots I was head over heels (and thigh) with this boot trend. But I can’t help and wonder if, ladies can we pull off the thigh high look on a daily basis? And if so, is there a limit (besides the […]