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OK, I am officially declaring the Boyfriend Trend as the biggest trend of 2012 – 2013. And by boyfriends I don’t mean the hunky lucky bastards in our lives, but their clothes. Ah… what would we do and be (fashion wise) without them? Pardon my shallowness  on this one, but we’re talking fashion here, not […]

Behold. The gurus of fashion & hairstyles have officially declared braids the biggest hair trend for 2013 Fall. And probably 2014 Winter, Spring & Summer. Surprised? Well… not really to be honest, because if you ask me, braided hairstyles have never quite left the spotlight. And I wonder why? Could it be because it’s such […]


Whoever said size does not matter, clearly had no idea what they were saying. Fashion wise. Let’s keep this conversation unsoiled. For the past year everyone seems to have a slight obsession towards going up a few sizes, hence the oversized coats, sweaters, and boyfriend borrowed looks. Have we just had enough of the bombshell […]


Glitter, sparkles and anything pink comes with the territory of being a girl, right? You don’t even need to be one of those ladies with a passion for fashion, cause you’re still guilty as charged for the pink crush, from back in your childhood days, when draping yourself in pink & glitter was the best […]


And I don’t mean sneakers or sandals. I’m talking ankle boot type wedges and variations on this style. It is autumn after all. The reason behind this post is only my current obsession with simple black wedge ankle boots. Not too high (I’m already too tall anyway) yet still baring the same leg elongation effect. […]


What the…? PLAID & trendy in the same sentence? For the love of God! Never has one trend, ever, got me so confused on where I stand, as this tartan thing. Not even those 90s I’m still hung up about, solved it for me. The 80s, when my mom had tones of plaid skirts and […]

Once upon a time there was this little knitted not-so pretty item, that every child despised and resorted to only when in desperate need (read hell froze over). It was the outcast of The Winter Accessories Family. Its name was Beanie. But, much to our wonder, as decades flew by the Beanie would turn from […]

When it comes to FUR as a fashion trend, debates and online wars are bound to take place, if not for the looks per se, than for the controversy this subject holds. The parenthesis are meant to 1. express where I stand on this one, and 2. bring peace to an otherwise controversial topic, although […]


A quick glance over any online fashion mag, or retail chain will only confirm the latter. Not once has there been so much diversity in fashion as it is for the past 1 or 2 years. This applies for sweaters as for anything else actually. Sure, some looks make it to the Trend Reports but […]

Aaaand it’s official. The world has gone mad, and I with it. Once upon a time mixing sporty with smart was by far the worst thing a true fashionista could do. Fashion faux-pas doesn’t begin to cover it. Hell, you didn’t even need to be a fashion savvy to not mix your sneakers with your […]