Best 25+ Things To Buy & Wear This Christmas!

There are people who love Christmas, and people who love love love love Christmas. I used to be neither of these, and was looking forward to Christmas for food and booze purposes. A few parties, holidays, sleeping late, having fun… However, these days I’m realising Christmas shopping spirit is crawling up on me in the […]


How To Wear FUR Coats This Season Without Looking Extra?

For the sake of this post I will assume the most ridiculous thing ever: not all people wanna look extra. I know… shocking for someone so self absorbed with a dash of socially awkward tint. #allaboutme Anyway it’s winter – another shocking statement – which means everything sucks except one thing: FUR COATS. They are […]

Bloggers’ Office Decor: Glam White VERSUS Mysterious Dark?

If you’ve been so lucky to be able to pick your own office space decoration you might have also been in the above predicament. When it comes to fashion bloggers’ office decor (and other fashion or simply creative jobs) whether they’re a home office or not – it seems the world is torn between glam […]

Weekend Mood: Pyjamas!

Weekend essentials & forecast: lazy af, staying in bed, eating loads, binge-watching everything, taking long showers, covering myself in the cosiest blankets, the fluffiest socks, the silkiest pjs. Wearing Gucci, scented candles, did I say eating?! Right now… nothing beats this. I’ll be going out for some groceries and meeting my gal for coffee, but […]

Is MONOCHROMATIC Dressing Still A Thing?!

The uselessness of the Q above is beyond me (although I sort of posed it)… as I truly and honestly believe, from the bottom of my heartest of hearts that no dressing will ever be as polished, luxurious, rich, sophisticated, minimal, sleek, elegant, and whatever great type of thing you’re aiming for, as monochromatic dressing. […]


VINYL Trend 2018: Risque OR Sophisticated?!

In order to understand the greatness and hotness of vinyl trend in 2018, first of all let me take you back to the 90s MTV days, when Lisa I’Anson, Simone Angel, Davina, Cat Deeley, and Eden (my all time fave!!!!), alongside the 90s supermodels set the tone in fashion and style for us teens and […]

2018 Coats Trend: What To Wear This Season?

No winter has ever looked so fabulous as 2018 winter. It’s as if this season waited patiently for all coats trends and looks to parade themselves throughout time and then brilliantly selected only the best. This fall the coats we love to so effortlessly throw on our backs are 100 shades of different and luxe […]

Why Buy A Leather Italian Handbag?

Bags are one of the most common accessories for people, especially for women. They have been around since the beginnings of fashion, practically and functionally. When choosing a bag, it is important to pick something of quality, good material to withstand time and something of style that you can pair with any outfit you wear. […]

8 Autumn Essentials Of 2018 To Shop & Wear!

Loving fashion too much, or not at all is no bueno, cause you see… you’re left in either a hoarder’s struggle #mylife, OR the exact opposite of basic boring empty closet. The struggle is real in both cases, although the latter ignoramuses are clueless and blessed. Besides, there’s no wrong way in fashion these days, […]

2018 Trend: How To Wear PLAID Without Looking Dated?

One of the biggest trends fashion is giving us this fall season is the prettiest and ugliest of them all. The easiest to wear and the trickiest to pull off. It’s a hassle. Ladies and gents I give you PLAID. With plaid you either end up looking really cool. Like beyond cool. Insanely elegant, refined, […]