I blame everything on Instagram these days, including the rise of #yellowmellow from an insta hashtag to in IRL – as the yellow color trend of 2018. I don’t mind it one bit, in fact according to my sign, #lioness its part of my color palette next to orange and red, so who’s complaining. Not […]

T-shirts and jeans have been the stepping stone of each and every great style that was ever emulated, copied, and ironically rarely duplicated. Fashion is a lot of things these days, but with the rise of retro and 90s styles, dressing up has become more laid back. Sure there’s Versace, and Marc Jacobs or Tom […]


Festival season is only around the corner, with events happening both in the UK and further afield. Whether you’re venturing to your local music festival for the weekend, or you’re making a holiday of it, it’s fair to say that the most important part is the festival fashion. After all, festival attire is often associated […]

Grillz have been in existence for a while now. Although there have been concerns that such dental accessories are for celebs only, with time grillz have become a thing for anybody, not just for those in the hip-hop culture. Nowadays, you can spot grillz almost everywhere — even on red carpets. If you love jewels […]

Can fashion or alternative fashion be considered to be true art? That’s a question that’s hotly debated in both the fashion and art industries. Yet, according to the website Debate.org, 90% of people believe that both art and fashion display many of the same qualities. Is Alternative Fashion Truly Art? While fashion and alternative fashion […]

Sometimes the best things in life come in small sizes. Of course as a maximalist I’ve never found that to be true. I mean I’ll always get the larger coke and bigger pizza, the big house, the big necklace… the big party, the large ego… you get it. Yet… when it comes to 2018 latest […]

You may be tempted to think the question above is simply stupid, YET not all stupid things are un-true. #whatthe Maybe the question mark should’ve been added after something like: is the denim shirt still a staple, and if it is, do we still love it? If it’s not… (which is a total bullshit in […]

Everyone… listen up! I’m so happy it’s disgusting, I mean spring is here, birds are singing, I just bought myself some floral summer dresses, one of them in size 6, contrary to being so fat and pregnant right now, (and it fits!), it’s so warm I could actually lay in the sun, cherry blossom trees […]

Change is good, but it’s also difficult. This simple statement has been pointed out by pop bands over for decades, and it’s grounded in brutal truth. To change your look can be one of the most liberating yet terrifying things that can happen to your life – after all, there’s comfort in security and predictability. […]

Woke up this morning to a fashion title that read something like thong sandals with heels are the bombshell shoes of spring 2018, all accompanied by a photo of Kim Kardashian (obviously) wearing a pair of furry thong heels. Cause everything she wears these days is a clear homage and return to those 90s meet […]