New Year… New Jewellery Trends!

You might have thought of some great New Year’s resolutions ready for a fresh start in 2018, or you may simply be continuing into the new year as normal, with no major changes needed. However, there is one thing you should be doing in 2018 and it relates to your ever-expanding wardrobe. And new jewellery […]

Pregnancy Style: Non-Maternity Dresses!

If I had a dime for every time I heard ‘just wait till your pregnant’, I’d probably be half rich. (some of those were true). For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram – YES, I’m pregnant with a little baby girl, and we’re really happy and blessed and excited for all this […]

3 Christmas Outfits To Copy ASAP!

Have you noticed how the older we get, the more we love Christmas? No?! Well, I have, and I do, hence another Christmas inspired post but this time it’s really simple: what do we wear this Christmas? No matter who are you are, what you do, how much of a fashion lover or an ignoramus […]


Red Boots: The 2018 Biggest Trend That Goes With Everything!

If you think I’m inconsistent reporting on big trends one day and trends that are over the next, you’re right. I am what we (my friends and I) like to call ‘all over the place’. Today, my so called condition took me to trends that we love, aka RED BOOTS! And that is with all the […]

25 Trends That Are Over In 2018!

Ladies… after billions of what to wear posts, and trend this or that – it is time to talk what NOT to wear anymore, as the end of 2017 caught me in a very critique/know-it-all with a dash of let’s clean our lives kinda mood. Well… that is never an easy task, the life thing, […]

2018 Winter Trends: Metallics & Feathers For Holiday Party Season!

If you invite me to a winter holiday party this year don’t be shocked when I show up draped and drowned in metallics, sparkles, glitter, and feathers altogether. And I’ll do the stilettos and bold lips too. I mean… why not? Rumour has it 2018 winter trends is back to its core: it’s raining all […]

Sweater Outfits: 5 Ways To Wear Sweaters This Winter!

Wearing sweaters is the least sartorial groundbreaking winter fashion situation. From grandmas to toddlers everyone’s got one on… so you’re not gonna make any style waves and be the sweater queen if you join the team. Which you probably do… forced by the blizzard. Unless of course you’re Victoria Beckham, cause she’s the queen of […]

How To Wear A Black Blazer Outfit To Office Without Looking Boring?

That’s like saying how to not look stupid while breaking 80s dance moves. Both situations are beautifully sitting on the next to impossible scale. However… a black blazer outfit is a scenario worth playing. We live in the year of plaid blazers. Period. Everyone is wearing one to the point of outfit saturation. Girls in […]

Black Friday Fashion Sales To Boost Your Winter Style!

Not that we need a sales excuse such as Black Friday, but if there’s one we’ll take it. Somewhere on the road I didn’t fall in love with all this Black Friday Fashion Sales for the simple reason that I always always always buy clothes. Besides I’m kind of a mess, and rarely know what […]

Christmas Guide: 5 Best Gifts For Your Wife!

Gifting is a great way to reflect your love for your girlfriend or wife. Of course Christmas is actually just around the corner, hence this Christmas guide knocking on our doors, so that’s a great excuse to splurge on your loved one. However… when love and kindness collide who’s there to stop you from surprising […]