It’s a classic, and it’s back. Animal print trend has never been as bold and beautiful as in 2018 autumn. The only question is: do you like it? My love for animal print has existed even since I can remember, from my fashion ignoramus days, to my now slightly more savvy ones, and tbh it’s […]

A wedding ring is a special piece of jewelry – as it is something that carries a significant meaning. Similar to clothing or anything else, over the years, there have been a wide range of wedding ring trends, which were specific of those times. If we’ve managed to spark your curiosity, keep on reading to […]

Before we completely dive into 2018 autumn fashions and bundling-up outfits I’m gonna give one last call for one of summer’s biggest trends: buttons! They’ve been on my mind and in my outfits quite a lot this past few months, and given their sartorial ubiquity and compatibility with fall seasons… I think this talk is […]

Being a mom to Siena has certainly turned my world upside down for the bestest of reasons, and while I thought I’d spend my first months as a mom in denim and a tee… little did I know I would actually be more into dresses and easy shoes like Birkenstocks and other types of slides, […]

With it being summer, and the good weather continuing for the foreseeable future, you’ve no doubt been refreshing your wardrobe with summer styles. This probably include light colours and bold prints, as per the status quo for summer dressing. But what if you wanted to rebel against the style that everyone says you “should” be […]

It went by in a heart bit. Beautiful, flirty, casual, too hot, grown up, easy, sophisticated, minimal, and very feminine, with star shiners like jumpsuits, wrap dresses, straw bags, chunky sneakers, bardot necklines, headscarves – the summer of 2018 was probably the best. Holiday inspired outfits and Instagram looks seemed to take over IRL and […]

A luxury watch is a huge investment so a lot of thought should be put into both the buying process and the care for a luxury timepiece. When it comes to watch care – there are so many tips to take care of your watch that an unkept watch is no excuse. Knowing the questions […]

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…” “Diamonds are forever…” “Shine bright like a diamond…” *presents themselves with engagement ring. For years we’ve been told that the gift of a diamond is the ultimate symbol of love – which is why the gesture of “will you marry me?” is best presented with a diamond engagement ring. […]

It is easy to see that nostalgia and neo-grunge look is a big thing nowadays, not only in film but also in fashion. One of the most popular trends to hit today’s culture was the 80s throwback, which is leading to the resurrection of grunge.  Remember the Neo-Grunge Look The grunge look has not been seen for […]

*Plays Selena Perez while dancing in high waist flare pants and sunglasses indoors.* No, this is not a meme, this is my 2018 summer! Lately I’ve become obsessed with flare pants and a certain kind of style. Actually a couple of certain kinds of styles. #indecisivesartorialheart If we’re to pay our thank yous to 2018 […]