After all this time, I still don’t know whether or not Fashion Month is the best or the worst of time in a fashion-person’s life. Of course it’s the best… but it’s also unbelievably hectic.

Imagine the traveling to 4 fashion capitals in just one month, and attending so many shows, you lose count off, each show lasting up to 20 minutes, and then rushing over to God knows which borough to attend the next. All this… done in supposedly amazing clothes, yes, but also in freezing temps, in towns which you’re not too familiar with… only so that at the end of the day you gotta get your ass to your room and write, instagram, tweet… and so on. Work, while all is still fresh in your mind, and interest to the particular shows still aroused.

Who am I kidding. Seriously. If you’re so lucky as to be invited to all fashion weeks, and can go, complaining is like so so so so so very inappropriate.

_A2X0033 _A2X0083

Okay, now that that’s out of the way let’s get down to business. New York Fashion Week fall 2015 is almost coming to an end, which means, we’ve seen a bunch of pretty damn amazing collections, have had our crush-on-designers-not disappoint us and have made new crushes. I, for one, can’t keep track of them anymore. It figures though. I’m always the first to fall for something and the first to get bored with it.

_A2X0147 _A2X0285

NY has pretty much given us an idea of what 2015 Fall will be about in terms of trends, and if there’s ONE thing ALL collections had in common that’s a certain coolness and sassiness to the looks.

A woman with an attitude. Take that as you may, bottom line is, regardless of style, designers were all smitten with a certain power and empowerment oozed by us girls, whether or no we’re rocknroll kids, grown-up professionals, bohemian goddesses, glamorous queens, there’s a bit of each in all of us and a bit of femme fatale we should all embrace and showcase, subtly or not.

Girls do rule the world people, and 2015 will be just about that! 

_A2X0475 _AG002370 Banana-Republic-16-1366 marahoffman

Here are a few TRENDS and my favourite looks from NYFW 2015 fall:

1. FUR. Do not roll your eyes now. You might have gotten enough of this look, but it’s really far from over. Fur everything and anything is in.

alice-olivia-04-1366 carherrera JAS_0067 j-crew-021-1366 MARC0031 MARC0365 MARC0569 OSC_0631

2. 70s are still going strong, with turtlenecks, plunging necklines, Patti Smith inspired looks, leather, fur, over-the-knee-skirts, fluidity boho-styles.

_UMB6096 _UMB6808 j-crew-001-1366 j-crew-011-1366 JAS_0681

3. Boots will be massive in all designs and styles, from over the knee to under the knee, to ankle, to heels, to sporty.

_AG002020 MARC0710 VER_0356 VER_0108

4. Long Coats.

dl alice-olivia-06-1366 jpeckham ONP_0327

5. Monochromatic looks. A lot of designers went for the all-red looks, all-blue, all-green and there is a certain kind of glamour and muted elegance to dressing in just one colour.

_A2X0563 _AG19067 MARC0161 ONP_0387 ONP_0420 MARC0627 Banana-Republic-05-1366

6. High slits. Nobody’s yet getting over that Angelina leg.

VER_0065 JAS_0201 JAS_0443

7. Nudes, browns, camel. Again a prolongation and variation of those 70s, in both glamour as well as more bohemian music-festival kind of brown tones.

marahoff prabalgurung

And the OMGs:

DKN_0660 dkny dvf DVF_0203 _A2X0379 DVF_0217 DVF_0343 DVF_0389 j-crew-008-1366 j-crew-012-1366 j-crew-016-1366 j-crew-023-1366 j-crew-024-1366 j-crew-025-1366 j-crew-026-1366 JAS_0263 MARC0321 MARC0469

Before wrapping this shit up maybe I should address the elephant in the room: Kanye West’s collection for Adidas… Although my lack of falling-flat-on-my back here over his talent as a designer and as a God is biased by my gradual dislike for his person, I gotta be honest here – what he’s done for Adidas is great, but not in the least innovative. The models of all sizes? Done before. The deconstruction on some designs? Done.

He was trying to go for a bit of shocking, but not too much, a bit of fashion, but not too much, a bit of weirdness, again not too much as to not scare, but enough to kinda shock those fainted at heart… I don’t know, to be honest I wasn’t even looking at the shoes and don’t have a fucking clue if that’s good of bad.

Also, if I’m completely honest here, the show was okay, it’s just his constant rant and self sufficiency, his God complex and how he’s asked a question like: how are you, and he’ll start giving you the genesis, you know. That’s what pisses me off and triggers my bias-ness.

_AG18853 _AG18898 _AG19010 kanye

Oh, oh, oh, oh… and how about that front row? It’s the only thing he could have had 110% certainty on nailing. Yet… I can’t help the smirk on my face for the somehow staged spectacle. I mean, do you really expect us to believe Beyonce is besties with Kim? Or Anna Wintour?

11 111

Ahhh what the hell do I know. Sometimes things are exactly what they seem, and I’m might just having a case of waking up on the wrong side of the bed today.



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  2. VANESSA says:

    beautiful runway inspiration!! honestly, i haven’t been keeping up with fashion week too much. shame on me. this post is just what i needed to get excited about next fall!

    • FashionTag says:

      yayyy! so happy you enjoyed it. I know what you mean about keeping up with FW. I can always maybe keep up with NY, then a bit of London, but then I just completely lose track with Paris and Milan. Thanks V xoxo


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