… More Trends Spotted At New York Fashion Week!

Continuing yesterday’s NYC Fashion Week cover story (click here to read), when we looked at some of the trends to keep an eye on in Fall 2013, here we are again in this fabulous sea of new collections, luxurious clothes, fantasy of cuts and shapes… and finally some color. Not too much though, because as I said yesterday, designers’ main focus for 2013 – 2014 Fall / Winter is not so much on color & prints (though I did spot a few amazing vibrant shades and patters), but mostly the freshness and uniqueness (though you know me… I always say, nothing is really new anymore) a certain cut holds. It’s architecture of the clothes dolls. So shall we proceed? michael-kors-new-york-fashion-week-fall-2013-11 With most designers we had a bit of it all: black, fur, brown and some other head-to-toe-color looks. Which brings me to the White Trend. Did anyone say you can’t do white in fall & winter? Ha, they couldn’t be more far off. That is, according to NYC’s designers. At the exact opposite of dark, deep, black shades, white comes as a breath of fresh air. Innocence anyone? Well… not really. Think luxurious, super elegant, classic with a twist, sometimes feminine and sometimes… punk. Or grunge. Rodarte had quite a few such white/light shades of grunge inspired outfits and Jason Wu put the exclamation point into sexy femininity. His woman was strutting the runway in flirty white, pleated dresses and skirts. Luxe: add some fur, which he did. Bad-ass: throw in some leather jackets & leather harnesses. With Herve Leger it was all chic hot sporty chic, in white over the knee dresses, subtle gold embellishments, body fitted and always a baseball cap on. Brilliant! Marc Jacobs… ah well. He’s will remain my all time fave. Continuing his 2012 Spring theme, and stretching it a bit into the 1970’s, his girls were mostly metallic goddesses in pixie cut hair, knickers, some fur and white. Not a lot… but that white fur coat was stunning.

White Mode (read details abovewhite-fall-2013-1 anna-sui-fall-2013-8 white-fall-2013-2 dieseal-black-gold-fall-2013-6 With the 1990’s continuing to inspire the street styles… it was bound to still linger on the catwalk too, so yes ladies, for next fall you just gotta channel you rock/punk chic and have fun with the concept of edge. When we talk Grunge Trend for fall 2013 we need to think 2 ways: punk grunge & glam grunge. Pick one side (or be indecisive, that’s cool too) but sneak into your outfit a bit of leather, studs, neon color hair, boots… The 90’s you know? Phillip Lim does the punk grunge look amazingly, and Rodarte puts some boho romanticism into it, while at  Belstaff & Diesel Black Gold it’s all glam hotness, with leather, mini skirts, skinny trousers, studs, heavy eye makeup… A heaven for those who love this look. (guilty as charged)

Grunge Trend (read details abovegrunge-trend-fall-2013 dieseal-black-gold-fall-2013-11 grunge-trend-fall-2013-1 dieseal-black-gold-fall-2013-12 dieseal-black-gold-fall-2013-10 All this grunge talk takes me to the next trend – the Leather Trend. Still, you may ask? Yes ladies, it happened this fall and will go on all throughout the next season. And it’s an obsession I tell you, because all designers had so many leather looks this Fashion Week, and I loved how there were no boundaries. Leather clothes do no longer mean: black & jacket. No way. It can be whatever you like: insertions of it, head to toe, tops, skirts, suits you name it.  Michael Kors (one of the best collections this season), Alexander Wang, Jen Kao, Max Azria, Prabal Gurung, Calvin Klein, Custo Barcelona – all played with this fabulous fabric. Altuzarra had some absolutely stunning zipper black leather dresses, Michael Kors was the master of leather insertions and Jason Wu‘s peplum leather top with a feathers collar was to die for!

Leather, S&M et al (read details above) dieseal-black-gold-fall-201 herve-lerger-fall-2013-9 leather-trend-fall-2013 tory-burch-fall-2013-7 In all this black, white, brown, leather-for fun sort-of-dullness we’re quickly brought back to our senses with a few trends that if I may say so… are not for the faint hearted ones! The Metallic Trend. OK so it has been around for some time… but it seemed to me it was always more niche (think edgy teens), rather than ok for anyone. What designers are telling us… no wait… what Marc Jacobs is telling us (cause his collection was all metallic. All. Of. It) is that if you’re loving fashion & clothes you’ll be wearing metal, no matter your age or job, because listen up… it’s ok to wear it everywhere. Well maybe not those Jen Kao robot like suits, but sublime textures that are cut in the most simple way: dresses, tops, trousers. Not your cup of tea? Then turn to Thakoon for metallic shoes. A tiny bit of this trend that actually does make a statement.

Metallic Mania (read details abovemetallics-fall-2013-1 marc-jacobs-fall-2013-3 metallics-fall-2013-2 anna-sui-fall-2013-7 With all these trends you may think there’s no room for color, right? And besides why do it in the cold season? Designers may have focused on minimalist dark deep shades, but still some of their outfits were telling us that it’s ok to go wild even on prints. The Print Trend may not be so big but it’s there. Think weird prints, wild prints, not a specific theme, but rather cut off textures and then randomly sown back on. Dots, stripes, flowers, digits… all in the same outfit. Sometimes all in one tiny top. Marc by Marc Jacobs (1970’s style), Anna Sui (she had enough for everyone), Diane von Furstenberg, Rodarte, Vera Wang (flowers) – defined the new concept pf prints. It’s no rules, but a sublime chaos of mismatched patters!

Funky Strange Prints (read details aboveprints-2013-fall-1 diane-von-furstenberg-fall-2013-1 prints-2013-fall-2 diane-von-furstenberg-fall-2013-8 Not too far off from this trend, stands the Solid Color Trend. Blunt, minimalist, elegant, austere but super luxurious clothes. Doesn’t make sense does it? It’s simple, but it’s not. It’s coloured but understated. There. That should clear it :) Think an all-black outfit or all-white and a solid color jacket on top. Or solid colors in trousers, tops… you get the picture. The point it… it’s all about the basic shades: yellows, blues, reds, oranges and greens. Lovely.

Solid Shades (read details above) color-trend-fall-2013 chado-ralph-rucci-fall-2013-5 solid-colors-trend-fall-201 marc-by-marc-jacobs-5 Not for you? Than you may choose to stick to the Splash of Color Trend as some designers chose to keep their outfits in blacks, greys, browns and basic or deep shades but spice it up just a tiny bit with either vibrant or solid colors. And when I say a tiny bit… I mean they were really cheap on color. Think orange collars, blue pocket stripes, shoes, clutches or pink gloves.

Splash That Color (read details above) _OSC0147.450x675 altuzarra-fall-2013-2 rag-and-bone-5 rag-and-bone-2013-fall-5 zac-posen-fall-2013-3 No Fashion Week will ever be complete without the evening looks… and most designers went for Imperialism & Baroque inspiration with ball gowns in neon decadent shades and heavy embroideries. The ultimate richness, luxe and glamour! Others set the tone for this amazing opulent decadence in daytime wear with stunning embroidered heavy tones and deep shade dresses, skirts, tops or coats! Zac Posen, Carolina Herrera & Marchesa were but a few designers to own this trend.

Imperial & Baroque Opulence (read details aboveopulence-fall-2013-1 zac-posen-fall-2013-6 opulence-fall-2013-2 That’s pretty much it for NYC Fashion Week fall/winter 2013 – 2014… Hard to part, but we need to, as London Fashion Week awaits and I’m dying to see some major fashion revolution taking place. As if.  But you know me… hope dies last! Have a lovely weekend dolls :) xoxo