Trends In Men’s Wedding Bands For 2019


Getting married is a special time of a couple’s life, a time where they can tie the knot and start a new chapter in their lives. There are so many great elements of the wedding process that are enjoyed the most. But overall, the marriage experience itself is just one big memory you never want to let go of. Now there is one thing that you always want to keep in mind, personalization is the key. Over the last decade, the trends of wedding rings have evolved into something spectacular, and that includes wedding bands for the men. There are a lot of elements of a wedding band that may appeal to people. While wedding rings may have trends, wedding bands of men have their own trends too. Even if you have a particular style in mind, you won’t have to do much looking.

Finding the perfect mens wedding bands can be a challenge, but with the help of these trends, you may find the perfect one.

The Rise Of Rose Gold

There’s not a doubt in mind that rose gold bands have started to rise in popularity over the last few years. Most would say that rose gold wedding bands are a trend that will be sweeping the world for quite some time. It’s metal that expresses both romance and a soft touch to a couple’s relationship. This particular style is known for having a vast range of blush and pink hues that give off that pink rosy look. While the style is straightforward, it opens up a chance of customization without sacrificing the taste. A rose gold wedding band is a choice that you can’t go wrong with.

Damascus Stainless Steel

Some people like to have a little simplicity with their style, maybe throw in a nice pattern like design. Damascus is a trend that’s starting to climb the popularity chart, and there is no surprise to this. These wedding bands are have been known to be fashion from steel, the same steel that was used by Samurai. Essentially this developed a wedding band that was as intriguing as it is durable. You could say that it brings along an enduring style capable of making quite the statement. It’s no surprise to why Damascus mens wedding bands selection is becoming a little bit harder to resist.

Why Not Mix Metals

Back then, a mixed metal wedding band selection wasn’t the most ideal selection to make, but things are changing. A lot of men are starting to grow on with the idea of a mixed metal band over other options. Statements can be made due to the multiple metal design, and this style has become a memorable alternative too. Different metal mixtures can create that unique design you want to be wearing. Plus, having that two-toned effect is something that can express you and your style better.

Each of these styles are trending right now, and for years to come, they could continue to stay popular throughout the wedding scene.