Every fashion savvy has probably got a list of a few things to look out for in a fashion week season, and when it comes to New York City’s Fashion Week… well it doesn’t get any better. As the posh crowd has flocked to the Big Apple for a week now, we’re already placing out best & worst of Fall 2013 collections. (with all this red carpet season I’m starting to see it all in terms of best & worst). Right before a Fashion Week season I always get a bit nervous and feel swamped in work even before staring it… so many designers, collections, so fast… and I confess I am always a bit skeptical as to what we shall see. And my ever haunting question starts to resonate yet again: will we finally see something new? Ah well… if not we’ve still got those ‘fresh/controversial stories‘ to hide behind: Alexander Wang is the new creative designer for Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs gave us a heart attack when he announced he postponed his show (breath now – it was delayed a few days due to shipping matters) and the big one: John Galliano was to return to the Fashion Week courtesy of Oscar de la Renta. Lots of eyebrows and eye rolling on this one… but I suppose we all deserve second chances right? And Galliano is bloody talented so we can give him that. prabal-gurung-fall-2013-6 What happened at New York Fashion Week Fall 2013 so far? Amazing collections, some fantastic trends that arise so far for the next cold season and a bit more focus on shape and cut rather than prints and patters, which is so refreshing. Most designers focused on solid colors, basics and loads of dark deep shades with all the fashion razzmatazz coming from the clothes architecture. Some 1940’s inspired looks with Carolina Herrera, some 1970’s with Marc Jacobs (am I starting to see a pattern here?) and as much as designers said they hated this term or label: lots of punk inspired looks. Yes dolls the grunge is back and with it, its side trends.

Trends @NYFW Fall 2013 trends-fall-2013 After looking at the collections, these past few days, I think it’s safe to say that for 2013 – 2014 Fall/Winter we’ll all be posh grunge ladies in deep dark colors, knee & over the knee high boots & long gloves. Femininity is high this season and so is the strength of a woman. Only looking at Prabal Gurung‘s collection we feel empowered: fantastic display of femininity & strength in dark army colors, strong shoulders, tiny waists, buckled thigh high boots, leather insertions, fur for glam… Oh how I loved it. He said he took inspiration from the women in combat! So one big arising trend for 2013 Fall, to be on the look out for, is Stick To Black Trend! Hmmm… not a new one, but always a classic I can never get enough of. We did it this season, we’ll be ditching it for Spring Summer but fall right in its dark mysterious claws for next season. All designers had one too many clothes & outfits in all-black, but what differed from say the past was the rawness & the bluntness of them. All was stripped from over the top embellishments as designers focused on the right attitude & vibe. Feminine & powerful. Strong shoulders, tiny waists, mix of textures, zippers, buttons… 

Stick To Black Trend (read details above)fall-2013-new-york-fahion-week-trends thakoon-fall-2013-3 fall-2013-new-york-fahion-week-trends-black prabal-gurung-fall-2013-5 fall-2013-new-york-fahion-week-trends-black-1 victoria-beckham-fall-2013-8 Remaining in the color zone I was quite surprised to notice a trend that has been dead for quite a while (well not really, we all do it, it just wasn’t too big) – Earth Tones: Brown Is Back. Carolina Herrera had quite a few looks that screamed ‘‘look out for brown”. Remember Katherine Hepburn? Or those super feminine rebel sexy 1940’s vixen heroines? Long hemlines, large trousers, nipped at the waist blazers, super long fur trimmed coats nonchalantly thrown over shoulders, pulled back and rolled up hairstyles… all in a sea of chocolate with milk. That’s what it was all about! Another fashion lady to always pay attention to – Donna Karan – went back to  her roots yet reinvented all she once did: draped textures and cuts in mostly brown tones. Dark reddish brown this time with leather insertions and fur embellishments here & there for that dramatic sexy vibe. I absolutely loved that long slim fit brown dress with leather insertions at the chest and the dark brown knee length coat with a big fur collar – ah simply timeless elegance, all completed by one of my fave beauty looks out there: sleek pony tails, dark eyes & nude lips! Then it was with Alice + Olivia that I’ve spotted an amazing brown look with a fur coat as centerpiece: eclectic, bohemian, polished yet nonchalant. Well the brand is all maximalism so whatever you love you’ll surely find with them.

Brown Is Back Trend (read details above)fall-2013-new-york-fahion-week-trends tommy-hilfiger-fall-2013-3 fall-2013-new-york-fahion-week-trends-brown victoria-beckham-fall-2013-3 And speaking of fur… get ready for a warm and super glamorous Fur Fall 2013 Trend. Almost all looks from all designers had a touch of this luxurious detail. If with some such as, Chado Ralph Rucci it was all about the luxe vibe: long fur coats, in all shades (pink & yellow neon) that covered trouser suits and business like outfits (my fave was the black & white fur coat over the white ensemble), others opted for fur insertions & slight touches of fur: Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung, Thakoon & Tommy Hilfiger. Amazing fur coats, vests & jackets were at: Diane von Furstenberg, Belstaff, Cuso Barcelona, Donna Karan, Herve Leger, Max Azira, Jason Wu, Vera Wang (capes), Plillip Lim had some & of course Oscar de la Renta. By the way… his collection, though a bit critiqued by the fashion connoisseurs for being a bit too ”been there done that” – was one of my favorites. So did John Galliano had an input or not? When asked, one of Renta’s PRs said “well he is backstage“. There… that should answer your question. Ha! The collection might have been a bit old, non risque taker (compared to S/S 2013 when it was all pink hair & leather remember?) but it celebrated the sultry feminine sexy dramatic strong woman: perfect shapes, deep colors, amazing cuts and those brilliant fur & rich accessories… 

Fur Fall 2013 Trend (read details above)christian-siriano-fall-2013-2 fall-2013-new-york-fahion-week-trends-fur diane-von-furstenberg-fall-2013-3 prabal-gurung-fall-2013-1 fall-2013-trends-new-york-f herve-lerger-fall-2013-2 Which brings me to an accessory trend we will definitely love: Over The Elbow Gloves. It’s quite reminiscent of those glam post WWII times, when ladies dressed well, and regardless of their status and fortune all wore: gloves, hats & purses. Vera Wang‘s interpretation of gloves was my fave: leather, way-over-the-elbow long, paired with everything, in nudes and black. Forget your long sleeves and replace them with super long expensive looking gloves. Other designers did the shorter version, the wrist version, the neon colored one… So I guess it’s safe to say… get creative with your gloves look. The important thing next fall is to wear them!

Over-The-Elbow Gloves Trend (read details above)gloves-trend-nyfw-fall-2013 _OSC0365.450x675 jason-wu-goves stay tuned for more Fashion Week trends spotted by FashionTag :) 


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    I’m very excited about the gloves! Don’t worry I took a lot more out of this, I just have some fabulous gloves. I’m really excited about a lot of the pieces!

  6. mamawantsapony says:

    Love the fur.. love a glove… fabulous, lovely reading
    we are heading into a Melbourne winter, hard to imagine on a 38+ day but its coming…
    preparation is king


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