Solid Stripes Spring Trend Alert

… and then I just slipped into that midi light knitted dress you so loved. Yeah, that green one with black and white and blue and some orange stripes, all the way above my knees, that made my bum look so cheeky and my waist look tiny as fuck. We took a basket of food and wine with us and made it a day by the beach in our tiny little French town by the sea. Bare legs, salty hair and all. And you had your stripped black and white tee on.

If you didn’t know two things keep happening. 1) The STRIPES keep coming back in fashion, and this time – in 2016 spring/summer – they will own the sartorial stage. From the classic French black & white stripes to coloured stripes, to those 60’s and 70’s inspired retro stripes, to horizontal, vertical and anything in between – ALL stripes are in. And I dare say, cause of the coloured stripes massive trend, we’re even witnessing a bit of colour-block comeback in town as well. YASSS, YASSS, YASSS. People… 2016 will be one hell of a happy time. I’m confident like that.

And 2) I occasionally live in my mind, which travels back and forth between the 50’s all the way to the 70’s sometimes, so for me this stripes trend is like I’m finally done with speaking to myself. My prayers have been answered to, as the world of fashion listed to me. Right.

My dear people, I live in stripes. Like I own so many striped anything you’d think I went to prison back and forth for the last 10 years of my life, when in fact I purely adore them and wear them to fit my retro moods at times.

Like, I put one knit stripped dress on and I feel very retro Italian for some reason. Or, when I have my black and white striped tees on I’m clearly Brigitte Bardot. doh.

Okay, my low-I.Q. aside, I do think stripes are the most versatile, classic and sophisticated prints out there. They are such a major staple that no wonder we’re still milking this cow.

solid stripes solid stripes solid stripes

STRIPES in 2016 Spring/Summer

The classic black and white French stripe print is still IN, and will always be. It still looks great for any occasion, in smart blouses, tees, or crispy button down shirts, paired with denim, and bold lips. To this day this remains the classic can’t-go-wrong-with look.

Shop my fave classic stripes here:


SOLID STRIPES are the stars of 2016.

Do I hear standing ovations?! Well I should tbh. They are the definition of retro and chic and sophisticated at the same time. No matter how frumpy, un-cool, or I-don’t-give-a-fuck-about-fashion-today I am, the moment you wear something in coloured stripes, BAM! you look like the best version of yourself. These prints, whether vertical or horizontal give us that effortless retro style that’s so coveted these days.

Shop my fave coloured stripes things here:


Solid stripes look best in midi knit bodycon dresses, in those retro T-shirts, or tiny little sweaters paired with high waisted flare jeans or suede skirts.

Of course with the rise of all stripes trend – especially the coloured ones – there are 2 other major trends that might get a massive comeback. Colour-block & mismatched prints. 


It’s simple. Why limit ourselves to just one stripe style, in just one item? Why not explore and experiment and have fun and drape ourselves in all the stripes we can get and fit into one outfit? Hello colour block and mismatched. I know, I know, they say never do more than one trend at a time. But who the fuck is ‘they’ anyway?

I mean nobody scolds Olivia Palermo for doing it. Yeah she’s the queen of mismatched prints and colour-block, so she nails the stripes trend as well, but you know what I mean. How else are we to learn if we don’t screw up first, right?

So… I will start screwing up. Well… continue more like it, in all walks of life, not just fashion, but I promise to stay kind and have fun while doing so, which will not be a problemo in my case. Yes, we are still talking fashion you lot, what did you think?

Speaking of fashion, the street style pics have arrived, so boredom step aside. It’s INSPO time.


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Truth is I could’t care less about rules and don’ts, and I welcome them with a big fuck off right from the tip of my tongue and middle finger. These days I’m all about having fun with clothes, and really truly enjoying myself more with the outfits I put together. Sure, I might end up looking like a clown on occasion, but I do tend to make everyone laugh around me, might as well go all in and own it.

And anyway, STRIPES have this superpower that they can’t look bad. They can look cool, edgy, sophisticated, simple, funky, weird, classic, chic. But never bad. So, at least there’s that, thank God.

Have a good one my cheeky ones. xoxo