‘Hey babygurl, the 90’s just got together with the 80’s and called. They want they’re jackets back.’

‘Uh-huh. (eyeroll). Whatever’, I of course replied as I pulled my 2 size bigger denim jacket hanging off my shoulders closer, as if to mark my words and not-letting-go-of-the-trend stubbornness. ‘I ain’t giving those two bitches their jackets back not if it kills me. The bigger the jacket the cooler the look. Oversized is IN, and it ain’t going nowhere. Well… it can’t really, not when any jacket that’s bigger in size tends to look more sophisticated.’


Think what you want. I’m supporting this trend, if not for what it looks, then for the fact that not everyone can wear it AND nail it. Also, if I see one more human being in a so-called-fitted-leather-jacket-that-is-actually-too-tight-and-not-layered-properly, please feel free to shoot me. I’ve come to peace with the sartorial tragedy.

Okay. Okay. Drama aside, I’m not really that shallow, nor do I give too many fucks as to who wears what, BUT, I do confess I like to see pretty things, and new things, and challenged trends and looks, not your regular retail chain outfits that some sales assistant put together for the mainstream fashionista in a mall.

Ooops there I went again. Seems I woke up with a sharp tongue this morning.

Rant aside, truth of the matter is OVERSIZED jackets are 2016 Spring’s massive hit. Think of it as a going back in time revival of the jackets – the 90s denim jacket was bigger than your Monday blues, the 80s leather jackets were big enough to fit my ego – so it really is a back to roots situation here.

What is different is how beautiful and how incredibly sophisticated it mixes in with the other looks that are so 2016 specific: fitted tops, and mom-jeans, and block heels or brogues.


How to wear oversized jackets? It’s not that easy really. First of all focus on the 3 jackets that look amazing in a few sizes bigger: leather jackets, bomber jackets, and denim jackets.

Then, keep in mind there are 2 style tricks to this big business.

  1. Hang them off your shoulders, a.k.a. look-at-me-I-got-swag.
  2. Roll those massive sleeves, a.k.a. sporty-luxe

Oversized anything is really harder to pull off than properly fitted clothes, but it’s all about proportion, layering, and mixing it with items that are more structured and defined.

Personally I love oversized leather jackets with all-fitted anything underneath for that sophisticated glam vibe. OR oversized bomber jackets with rolled up sleeves paired with a crop top and baggy jeans. LOVE. And the oversized denim jacket really works with anything. I think we’ve had enough practice there as kids in the 90s.

Bigger than normal clothes are kinda tricky but whoever manages to pull them off has the winning ticket to looking very effortless but high fashion, sophisticated grown-up and relaxed. I LOVE it, and I’ll take this oversized jackets style challenge on anytime and practice it to death.

And now the scrolling, and the sighing, and the inspo.



Have a fab week my little love birds. xoxo

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