oversized-trench-coats-trends Now don’t let your mind fly off to some dirty little scenarios. Or let it. And while you’re off to God knows where (Stop it now!) we’re talking trench coats here. Just so you know. With winter gone, we’re easily sliding onto the warm season, which implies 2 major things: LAYERS & TRANSITIONAL pieces.

In other words it’s a fashion heaven.

Ever since I did this post a few months ago,  I’ve been slightly obsessed with oversized trenches. First of all trench coats are the coats of fall & spring, hence transitional pieces (ding. ding.), as well as perfect pieces for layers. And with the 2014 spring silhouettes and lines getting looser and looser, it don’t get no better. loose-trench-coats-sprig-2014 For 2014 spring, designers showed collections based on layers and the play of lengths, opting for oversized loose trenches in those super thin fabrics that resemble chiffon. With hems way over the knees, slightly large shoulders, yet not pointy (thank God), and usually cinged at the waist with a messy tied belt – the 2014 trenches of spring resemble their vintage ancestors & their ’70’s relatives.

In the past: kim-basinger-70s-style-trench-coat retro-style-trench-coats (2) retro-style-trench-coats trench-coats-Marlene-Dietrich 2014 Spring Collections:

Chloe trench coat

Chloe trench coat


Burberry Spring 2014 - trench coat

Burberry Spring 2014 – trench coat

DKNY spring 2014 - Trench Coat

DKNY spring 2014 – Trench Coat

jean-paul-gaultier-trench-coat long-coats-trend-spring-2014

Michael Kors Spring 2014 - trench coat

Michael Kors Spring 2014 – trench coat

Michael Kors Spring 2014 - trench coat

Michael Kors Spring 2014 – trench coat

valentino-spring-trench-coat trench-coats-for-2014-spring-designers With the tiny push I got from designers, and the cool-boho-chic-meets-super-HOT-70’s-outfits-combo (think DVF and Amy Adams in American Hustle) this ’70’s obsession of mine is just getting started. burberry-2014-spring-campaign-trench-coats So get those 70’s-sometimes-even-80’s-silhouettes (sans le pointy shoulders. we ain’t no Gaga.) and mix them with today’s fabrics, textures and why not even funky prints and patters, if the classic ol’ nude or black trench is too boring for you, and you get today’s IT trench coat for spring. loose-trench-coats-street-style (2) It looks best with heels (classic pumps, stiletto ankle boots, strappy stiletto sandals), because it’s a great balanced look: someting-oversized-borrowed-from-your-BF clashed with posh feminine accents. I love this look with skinny jeans, and short skirts or shorts, because of the lengths play. A messy tied up belt and rolled up wrinkled sleeves will give you that can’t be bothered air, incredibly sexy-on-the-run, I-don’t-give-a-shit-what-I-have-on (but look damn good). 

loose-trench-coats-street-style long-coats-for-women-trend-solange nude-oversized-trench-trend oversized-trench-coat-style What's under Rihanna's trench coat? trench2 Sure not every day is a heels mood day, so don some pointy ballet flats instead. liv-tyler-oversized-coat oversized-trench-coat-trend-2014-spring Smaller heels or platforms: street-style-nude-oversized-trench-coat loose-large-trench-coat-street-styl For a more laid back look – think bohemian posh hobo, too intellectual to give a crap – pair your super oversized long trench coat with comfy shoes: sneakers, flat boots, flat sandals, basically no heels. Colombo alert!

loose-oversized-trenches-spring-2014 oversized-trenchcoat-streetstyle trench-coat trench-coat-pastel-color Personally I’m not too keen on the hobo look. Some people can brilliantly pull this off, I – on the other hand – always end up looking like some miserable piece of shit. And the way to avoid this unfortunate predicament is to wear posh heels. ;)

This way I can keep the oversized thing going on, I can roll my sleeves, not iron it if it suits me, and play with layers and lengths like a demented fashionsta. With heels it will look good. Well, I think it’ll look amazing. But let’s just go with good for starters. oversized-trench-coat-look-for-spring And while I’m on a heels roll here, my theory is… anything, anything, anything, (no. that’s not a typo. I just felt it needed to be repeated.) anything looks good with heels.  No? Anyone?

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  3. Catalina Horodinca says:

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