Track Pants Trend: How To Wear Them From Casual To Office?

All hail to the Queen Fashion for the track pants trend! They say if you’ve lived long enough for a trend’s comeback don’t do it the second time around. First of all, who the hell is ‘they’, and second I don’t really care for this rule when it comes to the track pants trend. Back in the day, somewhere at the crossroads of 90s with 2000s we’ve all had our track pants love affair. From those uber cool adidas styles a la Gwen Stefani to the wonderful Juicy Couture kitsch a la Paris Hilton.

That was the track pants trend back then. If you did it, good and bad, kudos to you. And me. God knows I wore my black and white stripe track pants all throughout high school, slung low on my waist, occasionally showing off some underwear, and always always always baring my midriff. Not much has changed since.  Crop top wise that is. Amen for that!

For track pants lovers 2017 is just the beginning. From Valentino to Fendi, and Rihanna’s Fenty collection, all the way down to retail chains and street style outfits – track pants are back on track. #thatwascheesy

How to wear the track pants trend in 2017?

Like all second time arounders – the look is more polished, more sophisticated, more grown-up. Fashion itself these days is more permissive and celebratory of personal style over trends per se. Having said that, there are a billion ways to wear track pants in 2017 and stretch them all throughout 2018 cold season, and it’s all a matter of personal style, of the fabrics you chose, the shoes you wear, the occasion, your age, and so on.


Think Bella Hadid, Gigi, and a bit of Kendall Jenner. The track pants are worn very 90s Gwen Stefani polished style, sporty courtesy of the activewear trend with a bit of glam or edge depending on the mood.

#casuallook that could go for office too, if the job description allows.

Key details: bare midriffs, high ponytails, tiny sunglasses, heels versus sneakers, bold lips, long nails, scrunchies, expensive jewellery.


Think bloggers and Fashion Week street style. The track pants are treated as dressy pants, wide legged, long as a blue Monday, very sleek and always paired with something quite chic and posh, the opposite of casual sporty.


Key details: great bag, chunky heels, sleek ankle boots, white shirt, tucked in hair, bracelets, watch, oversized classic sunglasses, designer details.


Think way back when you were a teen. Girls in their early 20s having fun with clothes and keeping it very casual, but very cool at the same time. It’s a look that can go from the gym all the way to a pizza night out with friends.


Key details: sneakers, hoops, crop tops, sweatshirts, sports bras, fishnets, red lips, cool hair.


Think subtle rich girl with the job of your dreams who loves to keep it simple but very expensive. Fluid lean lines, nudes, whites, greys and blacks, very fashion classic.

#officeperfection #casualrich

Key details: black or white track pants with simple stripes on the side, wide legged cut, expensive top, no bare midriff, slightly oversized, kitten heels versus flats, big classic black tote bag, Chanel fragrance, minimal watch, asymmetric earrings, black sunglasses, perfect manicure, perfect hair, flawless skin, bare makeup.

What track pants are HOT this season?

Black and red styles are the #1 obsession out there. Green, yellow, and white follow. The classic style is slightly wide legged, with an elastic waist band that you can pull low on your waist or wear it hight.

Kim Kardashian first wore these with a lace bodysuit and minimal heels, long Cher hair, and I fucking loved it.

Red styles look absolutely phenomenal paired with white tops and they’re basically the ticket to luxe and sophistication, alongside strong baby blues.

Design wise: wide legged, skinny jogger styles, and snap track pants. The latter are my guilty pleasure on myself and my man. I mean there’s nothing more cheeky, cheesy, and kinda cool in a very tacky way than those 90s snap pants trends and situations.

Go on, judge me.

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