Top Cosmetic Trends for 2019

Trends in beauty and cosmetics never stop changing. Over the past few years, it’s felt like they’ve been changing more and more frequently and more dramatically. Every day we see photos on social media that can instantly change the way we feel about our makeup. This exposure from all over the world has made a lot of influences on the products we buy and how we think about beauty. If you don’t keep up, you can miss out on some big changes and quickly become out of date. With such constant change, it can seem like only the seriously committed can follow along with everything. Of course, many of the more dramatic trends get the most attention, so many think they have to buy expensive products and get procedures like a breast augmentation done.  However, some changes can be more minor tweaks and ones that can be better for you and your skin in the long run. 

Clean products 

A decade ago, many people weren’t that concerned about what ingredients were being used in cosmetics and skincare. Unless you had a known allergy to something, chances are you probably didn’t look very far into it. Now, tons of brands are competing with one another to show off healthier and more environmentally friendly ingredients. Many people make their purchasing decisions based solely on the ingredients. People don’t want overly processed products with a long list of ingredients. Many beauty products are marked that they’re certified organic, all-natural, cruelty-free, and vegan. More people are also beginning to take into consideration the amount of plastic used in their packaging. 

Instagrammable products

Sure, a beauty product’s most important job is to make you look good. This is what drives you to buy it, but something that’s gained importance is how the product itself looks. If you’re torn between two similar products, doesn’t it make more sense to pick the one that will look nicer displayed in your dresser or a cabinet? If you find out a bought a product through social media, you’ll be more inclined to find out more if the package design stands out. Trendy products that have a large following can make you want to post photos of it on your own to show it off. These products are more attention-grabbing, so there’s becoming more of a focus in creating packaging that people want to have, sometimes the actual product doesn’t matter as much.


Minimal makeup

A few years ago, you wanted everyone to see that you were wearing makeup. From contouring, glitter, and dark colors, there’s wasn’t much subtlety. There’s been a recent change that is making people want to look more natural. Rather than covering up in a lot of makeup, people are using less. Sometimes it’s not always about actually using less makeup, but using makeup that makes it look like you are. A more minimalistic approach hides the fact that you’re wearing anything at all and makes it seem like this is how you just naturally look. Showing off your natural features can be much more of a brag than being able to cover them up. 

Better education about skincare

The internet and social media have done a great deal to change the way we think about cosmetics in a short amount of time. People have more information than ever before about what they’re putting on their face. This has changed the way many people shop for cosmetics and leads them to do more research before they buy anything. More informed consumers can make dramatic changes in the products they buy. They also have far more access to different products. You’re no longer limited to only the products you can find at local drugstores and makeup shops. We can easily find out what products are the favorites in other countries and buy them for ourselves. 

Professional cosmetic treatments

Makeup and skincare can only give you a certain degree of results. Getting cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery done used to be somewhat taboo to talk about. Having work done by a professional is something more people are open to discussing. This can give you the dramatic and sometimes permanent results that otherwise would be unattainable. An increase in quick, non-surgical procedures could be playing a role in more people getting professional help. Some common procedures you can have done include dermal fillers, chemical peels, and even non-surgical nose jobs. Procedures like this can be done within an hour and don’t require you to take any time out of your day to recover. 

xoxo D.