Top 4 Tips to Help You Mix and Match Jewellery

We usually apply makeup, style our outfits, and hair to look our best. However, we still need a little bit of style boost to complement that look. One way to do that is knowing how to accessorize with jewelry. Styling jewelry can be enjoyable and intimidating and is often considered art. From figuring out what earrings match your necklace, to finding the perfect bracelet to complement your rings. There are too many different options, you just have to know how to match and mix them so they look stunning on you.

Below are a few simple tips that might help you figure out your jewelry style and how to combine them.

Matching jewellery

It’s all about matching jewelry the right way. Although having matching pieces of jewelry can sometimes be tacky, it can be helpful when layering pieces. For example, pairing pendant earrings with a matching pendant necklace can create a layered look that helps pull your outfit together. Remember, you won’t need a million pieces to look great, just a few that look great paired together.

Pearl jewelry is one of those pieces that you can mix and match, and end up looking amazing. Keep in mind that using similar styles in different areas is a great way to tie a look together. You can try pairing a beautiful and timeless pearl necklace with subtle pearl earrings and match them with a simple ring that doesn’t draw too much attention to the overall look.

Layering jewelry

If you’re thinking about layering jewelry, it’s best to pick one part of the body to focus on. For example, necklaces, bracelets, and rings are perfect for layering. If your starting point is a statement necklace, try layering various other necklaces with it. Choose different lengths, shapes, or colors that will match perfectly with your outfit as well as your face.

If you’re planning to layer rings, you can wear an array of stacking rings with different colors. If you want to go all out, think about mixing and matching an array of different gemstones, colors, textures, and sizes. For bracelets, you can wear a jumble of similar pieces like a set of bangles with various patterns or colors. Additionally, you can choose one standout piece and wear it with a collection of subtle designs in bracelet form.

Primary item

Choosing a primary item means you want it to make a statement. You can start by selecting a key piece of jewelry you want to wear with a specific outfit or for a particular occasion. Use it as the center of your look, allowing you to work around it. For example, you can choose a subtle jewelry piece that will blend in with the other pieces you plan to mix and match with or choose a more striking statement piece that you want to stand out as the focal point.  

It can be a wristwatch or a pendant necklace, just remember to find other smaller, dainty pieces to pair with it so it complements the look rather than competes against it. Once you’ve chosen a jewelry piece as your starting point, it’s time to think about matching it with other jewelry pieces or not. Put yourself in front of a mirror and trial a combination of pieces so you can decide what will work for you and what will not. This is a great opportunity to dig deeper into your collection and try out pieces you haven’t worn in a long time.

Add color

When working with metal-based jewelry, it’s easy to get caught up in yellow and white golds. If you want to shake things up a bit, consider adding beautiful colors to your jewelry pieces. For example, don’t be afraid of applying a bit of color to your silver and gold bracelets. Adding in details of breaded jewelry or colored stones can add a pop of color without becoming too overwhelming.

These colored items can also work well around your other jewelry. Keep in mind that mixing and matching jewelry can sometimes be boring, especially if you’re wearing pieces of the same color. Break the monotony and wear something that has a colorful accent. Never be afraid to blend in colorful pieces and experiment with your look.

Final thoughts

Mixing and matching jewelry is art on its own. Although the combinations can be endless, you have to know how to pair them correctly so you won’t look tacky. While for some people it may be a daunting task, for others it’s a great opportunity to change up their style and try something different. Remember, the point is to look elegant and stylish without mixing too many different jewelry styles.

xoxo D.