Top 4 LGBTQ Fashion Clothing Trends For 2020

Generally, LGBTQ people are not only more fashion conscious, but more fashion savvy too. They know a lot about style, clothes and the tips and tricks of what to wear and how to do it. So there’s a lot of fun fashion education there. Fun dressing and gorgeous looks. If you are fussy about your styles and outfits, then you can expect a lot of fashion trends in 2020. Check out my top four fashion picks to help you update your wardrobe basics this season. 

#1: Queer Fashion Clothing

Queer style is back in 2020. It has always been more than a trend. It showcases social revolution and makes your dress like a person you desire to be. This clothing style is a landmark for homosexuality. It attempts to raise a toast for the uprising of genderless fashion. This year you can expect a lot of greys, oversized black jackets, wrap-around pants with mock buttons, and more details on the sleeves under the queer fashion. The beautiful heavily and frilled off-white gowns are also there to acknowledge the gender-neutral theme. Queer clothing style is the idea of going back to history, roots, and culture. In 2020, you will get to see more designers capitalizing on queer fashion clothing.

#2: Pride Clothing

Go colorful this season to celebrate pride month with pride clothing. This clothing style is all about letting your rainbow spirit shine with wonderful outfits. Pride clothing makes you stay colorful, happy, content, and entertained. In 2020, pride clothing outfits are entailing some fashionable flair. Many LGBTQ owned shops are selling rainbow color outfits to support pride season. You can expect a lot of ombre rainbow bodysuits, striped dolphin shorts, colorful knotted tops, and snakeskin bell bottoms. Moreover, primary color striped button-up shirts, striped knee-high socks, rainbow pride shorts, and black rainbow pride trim bodysuits are also going to be a massive trend in 2020.

#3: Unisex Clothing

In current times, people are no more bound to wear outfits based on their gender or sex. Many of the individuals are identified as gender-neutral, and they have the right to wear whatever excites them. There should be no rules when it comes to picking outfits of your choice. If you are a boy who loves to wear pink, you can shop around from the women’s section. If you are a girl who loves to wear men’s blue denim jackets with long sleeves, you can wear that with pride. So it is no surprise that 2020 is going to embrace gender- neutrality. And you can predict amazing unisex fashion trends. You get to display your fluidity through unisex clothing outfits. This year fashion companies have forecasted that there is going to be a massive demand for new societal clothing trends.

#4: Vertical Striped Clothing

Lastly, on my list, there is a vertical striped fashion trend for 2020. Vertically striped clothing piece is like a statement to your outfit. It never gets outdated. If you have had enough of routine prints, you must bring on your strip statement style in 2020. Vertical striped clothing is the most timeless print of all. Vertical striped outfits include dress shirts, t-shirts, pants, skirts, long jackets, trendy bottoms, etc. You can instantly make your outfit look classy and worthy with a navy blue vertical striped shirt, brown vertical striped wool suit, or any other vertical strip clothing piece of your choice. 

xoxo D.