Tom Ford 2021 Trends For The Everyday Wearer

Gaining his start with Gucci, there’s no question Tom Ford carved a lane in the fashion world. In 2019, he pulled an incredible fashion show in Los Angeles on the eve of the Oscars. Actress Renee Zellweger had a prime spot midway down the mirrored runway, and surrounding her were celebrities A-Rod, Jason Momoa, J.Lo, Miley Cyrus, and Jon Hamm.

Though the pandemic shut down fabric mills, ateliers, sample rooms, and corporate offices in 2020, it couldn’t stop Ford. In February, being the rare designer he is, he put on a wide array of athletic gray sweats and DIY’d jeans on the runway—precisely the kind of clothes customers would want to wear through quarantine.

A year later, Ford is back with hope, and the last thing he wants to create is serious clothing. He believes people need an escape, a reason to smile, and that’s what he offered—creating bright clothes that make everyone smile.

Now is the time to get ahead on this fashion designer’s 2021 trends and elevate your wardrobe with a new collection.

Tom Ford

A film director and fashion designer, Tom Ford, was studying at the Paris campus of the Parsons School of Design when he decided to switch to fashion. He became the womenswear designer for Gucci in 1990 and creative director in 1994. He largely contributed to Gucci’s reinvention from a flailing brand to a thriving designer company.

Under Ford’s leadership, Gucci’s annual sales increased to $3 billion. Since resigning from Gucci in 2004, he began his formidable self-branded enterprise, Tom Ford Fashion, in 2005. He also directed several movies, including producing a motion picture, The Single Man, that gained exceptional praise in 2009.

2021 Collections

Tom Ford crafted the Spring and Summer 2021 collections amid the worldwide pandemic, and all his inspiration came from retro 70s glamour that incites hopeful feelings.

Ford, who believes in the power of fashion, saw how women and men made great efforts to dress up for small outdoor dinners and parties during the pandemic. He also watched the Netflix documentary on the fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez which primarily featured 70s models Donna Jordan and Pat Cleveland. This experience inspired and excited him since every picture from that era was synonymous with fun and glamour.

Ford felt a connection between his dinner guests and those women, and instantly the theme for his collection was born. Tom Ford’s 2021 trends primarily feature aesthetic components like loud animal stripes and splashy floral prints, complemented by bold makeup statements.

Floral and Tropical

Despite the timelessness of the prettiest motifs and beads, 70s glamour is incomplete without floral garments. When spring rolls around, florals and tropical prints are undoubtedly seasonal. Tom Ford revived this style in tropical-inspired swim shorts that make a great addition to any beach collection.

Casual Animal Print

Following the 70s inspiration, animal print is in full swing throughout the collection. However, the collection’s most significant takeaway is perhaps the leopard print pajama bottoms. They were a hit back in the 70s, inspiring countless knockoffs, and they will undoubtedly gain popularity in 2021. If that sounds like a fashion risk, consider wearing these pants to bed or incorporate them into a relaxing day outfit to craft a statement look.

Bold Eyewear

No collection is complete without designer sunglasses. Brilliant fashion designer Tom Ford is taking the eyewear game next level this year with classy and chic sunglasses crafted by hand in Italy. The new collection highlights effortless elegance and style, representing a timeless look, making Tom Ford’s eyewear collection the most luxurious lineup of 2021.

Check out these Tom Ford sunglasses to accessorize your spring and summer attire.

Colorful Attire

When thinking about the color for spring, bold hues often take center stage. Tom Ford is doing precisely this by going ‘out with the old and in with the bold.’ Loud colors crowd Tom Ford’s latest collection. From chic to rainbow styles and more, the explosion of different hues will add positivity to this year.

When Fashion Calls, Tom Ford is the Answer

If you’re starting to incorporate designer quality into your wardrobe, look no further than Tom Ford, especially this spring. With a wide array of attire to choose from, you will find an outfit perfect for you. After all, a little bit of fashion and color can help brighten your life during trying times.