TIGHT Clothes: Should We Bring Them Back?

Or better yet, are we ready to stage a tight-clothes-comeback? You might be inclined to assume I’ve just gone plain dumb right now, or am having a poor case of writer’s block, and that’s fine, but I tell you this my gorgeous pretty fashion lovers – not a day goes by on Pintrest, Instagram, or Tumblr that I don’t click and stumble on those #OOTD pics that are, more often than not, made up of… you guessed it: tight clothes. Wow that was a long sentence.

So I put one and one together (the other one being Manrepeller’s post on why tight clothes ain’t that bad), and I got two. Yeah. I’m good with math like that. After what feels like centuries of loose baggy clothes, 2 sizes too big, the world is slowly moving towards tinier and tinier sartorial choices. And I am making a case for the latter right now.


We’ve gone through hell and back to lose the habit of tight clothes that was a toll left on us by those fucking 2000’s (thanks for nothing Christina Aguillera and Brittney!), only to get back to square one after 15 years.

Wow, I’m so old.

The thing is – are we really going back? NO.

Hear me out: There’s an art to wearing tight clothes that look great, unless of course we’re not chaneling porn stars on set and cheap looking outfits. If there was anything we leared in 15 years it’s that fast metabolism tends to slow down after a while, we might need glasses or resort to them to look intelligent, we make less mistakes, no, actually scratch that one, and we master fashion. Too much? What I’ve learned or grown more fond of lately is my sartorial mantra that all is permitted in fashion, that we can wear anything that makes us feel a certain way, that the once this-goes-with-that-only rules are so old, they’re practically on life support.

tight-clothes-are-back tight-clothes-looks

We like to have fun with clothes more these days, so if I’m one day swallowed by the baggy clothes I stole from my husband’s closet and the next I’m flaunting my humble curves in skin tight outfits, it’s only cause I love it. I love fashion in all its forms and shapes and sizes, and I think we’ve been through too much to not finally rid ourselves of stupid stereotypes that skin tight clothes do not work. YES they fucking work.


Right. But style wise, the fitted version of cool can go wrong if not done properly. Good taste is a key word, so is a balance between sexy and sophisticated. Usually it all comes down to having a cool attitude, you know.


Truth is some clothes look best tighter. Some bodies feel better like that. But NEVER mistake tight for cheap or vulgar and never commit the ultimate sin of squeezing your bum into 2 sizes too small.

TIPS for TIGHT looks:

  • tight jeans look best with a high waist, paired with a bodysuit or a tucked in simple t-shirt.
  • skin tight dresses look amazing midi length
  • mini skin tight dresses look best with flats
  • tight skirts look best pencil length
  • mini skirts are great for summer paired with bustiers, bodysuits, cropped tee, and espadrilles
  • tight anything looks great for evening, but never too small in size, and always with a clean fresh face and hair. Balance.

how-to-wear-tight-clothes-5 how-to-wear-tight-clothes-8 Kendall_Jenner_street_style_vintage_jeans2

Errrrrrrrrr… not to mention that sometimes everything tight feels more comfortable (sometimes) and fucking hot. So of course I picked my faves for you.


The thing is we gotta stay away from those cheap 2000s looks and just roll with fashion and our moods. Inspo below:


how-to-wear-tight-clothes-2 how-to-wear-tight-clothes-3 how-to-wear-tight-clothes-4 how-to-wear-tight-clothes-6 how-to-wear-tight-clothes-7 how-to-wear-tight-clothes-9 how-to-wear-tight-clothes-10 how-to-wear-tight-clothes-11 kim-kardashian-snakeprint-christian-louboutin-nyc-street-style__oPt tight-clothes-looks-2016-2 tight-clothes-looks-2016-3 tight-clothes-looks-2016-4 tight-clothes-looks-2016-5 how-to-wear-tight-clothes-1 leather-skirts-streetstyle tight-clothes-looks-2016-1

What do you really think: am I really crazy to think tight clothes are not that bad, and WE can make the look sophisticated?

Should we bring them back?