This Year’s Intimate Apparel Style Evolution 

The countdown to finally going back to the office, even for just a few days a week, is now becoming a reality.  What are you going to wear?  The rules for office dress codes are changing and evolving and one thing is for sure — No one is giving up comfort for a return to a traditional dress code.  That includes bras that are great for the gym and yoga and also all day wearing at the office. 

Comfy wireless bras are taking a prime location in women’s intimate apparel wardrobes, and it makes sense. We got used to being in fabrics that are soft and stretch, and don’t want to give it up just because we are now leaving the house and going back to work.  It’s almost at an emotional level and part of our focus on wellness. 

Bras for the gym or yoga studio offer lots of options that feature designs focused on comfort and wellness.  But these are not the only wireless options!  There are bras without wires that use the latest technology to lift, support, and give comfort. Contoured cups for shape, brands and wide straps for support, stretch and breathable fabrics for comfort and cooling, are all part of the future of intimate apparel.  Best of all, you’ll want to wear these new styles long after you get home from work.

At the forefront of the biggest lingerie trends are bras that don’t require endless adjusting, provide support in all of the right places, and are pretty. Today’s trends are powered by bras that are supportive with enhanced comfort features like wire free and breathable materials. Underwire bras have new technology to encase wires away from the body or wire alternative materials that are “sandwiched” inside.  Pads have become lighter and softer to flex with the body. Bra linings in wings are soft and flexible, yet supportive.

All of these high-tech innovations in lingerie have helped women embrace self-care and confidence in every phase of their lives.  As we get back to getting dressed, women are now asking – How can they find a bra that offers the same comfort as wearing a bralette or nothing at all?  Dora Lau, founder and president of Dora L International, an intimate apparel global sourcing and design company that has developed programs for the world’s leading brands, offers guidance.

Focus on Comfort First

The most challenging part about wearing a bra, whether it’s for going back to work or out to dinner, is finding that same sense of wellness when relaxing at home.  Particularly when we are going back to sitting down for long hours, a band that starts to dig in and feel uncomfortable is not acceptable. Lau recommends starting a bra search by going a band size up to allow for less pressure on the torso and to have a smoothing back. If you go up a band size, be sure to go one cup smaller so that you have support and the comfort throughout the day. 

Bra sizing can be a bit confusing, so know that for example, a 36C cup is the same as a 38B cup. It’s called a sister size.  But don’t get hung up on the size — it’s all about fit and comfort. Ultimately, if you are not sure if you should go up or down in sizing, it doesn’t hurt to try on a few sizes and styles and see what you like best. If the band is too loose then go back to your original bra size. Going to a store and getting measured or speaking to a bra specialist online is the best way to find a great fitting bra.


Think of a Bra as an Investment

Your bra has more of an impact than you might think. Take a before and after picture when wearing a bra with little support and then again with a bra that has more support. The difference will amaze you.  A well-made bra that fits properly is essential for one’s wellness. Investing in quality lingerie dramatically improves both your mental and physical well-being.  When you invest in quality lingerie you will see a dramatic improvement in your posture. This is especially true for women who need a larger cup and require extra support. A bra that is poorly designed or the wrong size, you will not feel or look your best.  There is a lot of engineering that goes into creating a bra and that technology goes a long way to ensuring comfort and confidence.

Select Sports Bras with Innovative Muscle

Women embraced sports bras because of the wireless styles and support.  New technologies have taken these styles to the next level of performance with enhanced climate control features like optimum moisture management and cooling.  There are also great style details that can cross over for all daily activates including work, comfort, and work outs. Silhouettes include crop top styling with SPF factors that can be worn as a top and are perfect for a variety of other activities like going to the beach or taking a yoga class.

Finding a Bra for Every Occasion

With weddings and special events starting up again, new trends in dresses and tops are emerging that require bra styles that are multiway and multifunctional.  Crop tops, deep-v necklines, off the shoulder, cut outs, and cold shoulder styles require strapless bras and open plunge shapes that have multi-position straps and bands.  Incorporating new body comfort technologies like contour breathable pads with lift and no-slip bands and straps will add a layer of comfort and a secure fit.

Embracing the New Sexy

Lau truly believes that “Confidence is the Sexiest thing You Can Wear”. After months of “COVID casual” the demand for sexy bras is back!   Styles are updated and include comfort and “to be seen features” like strappy details, flossing bands, and cut outs. Beautiful laces and embroideries are back in full force. Beautiful laces peeking out under tops add a special something to a wardrobe.

The shutdown left us stranded at home with a silver lining of not having to get out of our PJs. A year later, things have dramatically changed. We’re embracing dressing up again with a twist – new demands that our lingerie should offer confidence and comfort. Not just as an accessory, but as the foundation of how we want to live. The current trend is not new however, this move towards comfort is part of how we are embracing inclusivity, different body types, and wellness.  Instead of being for only one aspect of our lives, relaxing, comfort and confidence is now essential to all that we do.