Goodbye Pants, Hello Thigh High BOOTS!?

2014-fall-look-thigh-high-boots-trend Hi there, nice to meet you.’ said the Thigh High Boots.
‘Hi, but oh, we’ve met before,‘ I said. ‘Only like around this time each year for the past 3 years or so. It’s fine though. Maybe your Alzheimer or just plain rudeness are clear signs we should definitely change our relationship. Like spice it up, you know.’
You mean make it more about me, and less about the others? In fact, this autumn I want it to be all about me. I hate those 2 idiots always coming between me and my fashion innuendo: Pants and Tights. Yeah. Drop those 2 idiots and I’ll give you a 2014 autumn to remember.
‘But us girls love Pants, and Tights, and leggy bottoms. What do you want us to walk around town in our knickers?’
‘Pretty much. Just think about it… .

Yes, when I’m off my medication I sometimes talk to clothes. But that’s not even the point here. The point is… The Thigh High Boots may actually be on to something. 2014-fall-look-thigh-high-boots About this time last year I was rambling on about the over-the-knee-boots-trend, remember? And the year before that, I’m sure some other blogger was clicking on her camera taking photos of our main character in some outfit. And the year before that some woman wore them brilliantly on a night out. Not to mention, during all this time, designers have always given us some sort of design of this boot style: knee, over-the-knee, thigh-high.

So I’m thinking that repetitiveness and redundancy only lead to boredom which is really a buzz kill for anything, especially fashion. But how do we get to keep the old, and have the thrills of the new? ‘Impossible my dear Watson.’ Nuh-uh.

After going through some 2014 fall collections, and then some street style pics for inspiration, plus stumbling on Micah Gianneli & Christine Centenera‘s FABULOUS outfits wearing super thigh high boots, it hit me: THIS is exactly what we need in 2014 autumn. A very luxe, extremely sexy & beyond empowering look. Christine-Centenra-thigh-high-boots-trend-fall-2014 thigh-high-boots-autumn-look-2014-christine0centenera how-to-wear-thigh-high-boots-2014-autumn (5) Images by Jesse Maricic & Micah Gianneli | http://micahandjesse.com THE LOOK…

And since black and leather and boots are all IN by default come the cold season – why don’t we make it all about them? And our legs. Forget pants/trousers, forget tights, forget long leggings and conformity for a second, and choose heeled boots, in black leather or suede, that go all the way up to your crotch. Well… leave a few bare inches for ventilation at least. 2014-fall-look-thigh-high-boots (3) thigh-high-boots-trend-fall-2014-street-style (2) And NO, you do not go out in your underwear, although who the hell am I to stop you. But while we’re on this topic, just imagine, how great and socially confusing it’d be if we could actually turn up somewhere in a pair of these boots, a black bodysuit with long sleeves and a long coat over. Ha! Errr, late night HBO called, they want their props back.

What I’m saying though is, let’s replace trousers and shoes with the one thing that’s got them both: THIGH HIGH BOOTS. Heeled ones to be more specific, sans platform please. The kind that make the legs look armpit long, as if painted in black leather or soft luxurious suede. how-to-wear-thigh-high-boots-2014-autumn (3) Look #1 The trouser-shoe will actually look fucking amazing paired with midi flowing skirts or dresses that have a slit on the side or in the middle, just enough to show some skin when you’re putting your left foot in front of your right. Or viceversa. thigh-high-boots-trend-fall-2014-streetstyle Look #2 THB (thigh high boots) also make a great outfit with mini skirts or dresses with a hem that ends right where the boot ends. Think shift dresses, or slightly loose skirts, not those overly fitted types. You’re not auditioning for Stoya’s role in some porn flick. And also, never, go for platform heeled THB, for the same reasons you know. Instead choose the ones that look like classic pumps or have a hidden small platform to them. Micah Gianneli_Best top personal style fashion blog_Rihanna Riri Look #3 Another gorgeous look of the THB is definitely the oversized knit sweater, or sweater dress. The heavy knit & leather combo is one of my favorites for fall,  the same as the silk or chiffon one + leather or suede. It’s contrasting. Luxurious. Rich & sophisticated. Love it. how-to-wear-thigh-high-boots-2014-autumn (7) So what you’ll eventually get by going bare-THB, is a leather leggings look with skirts, dresses, long shirts, long vests, long sweaters, long tops of all sorts. And the whole beauty of it is that you actually show no skin. Except for a few inches that will only show if you go for the mini or slit skirt, you’re all covered up. And that, for a woman can be more empowering and can look 10 times hotter than any summer showing skin outfit. Ironic isn’t it? But also the oldest trick in the book.

more looks… 2014-fall-look-thigh-high-boots (2) how-to-wear-thigh-high-boots-2014-autumn (2) how-to-wear-thigh-high-boots-2014-autumn (8) how-to-wear-thigh-high-boots-2014-autumn (9) how-to-wear-thigh-high-boots-2014-autumn (10) how-to-wear-thigh-high-boots-2014-autumn (11) how-to-wear-thigh-high-boots-2014-autumn Micah Gianneli_Best top Australian personal style fashion blog_R rihanna-2014-fall-look-thigh-high-boots thigh-high-boots-autumn-look-2014 (2) thigh-high-boots-autumn-look-2014 (3) thigh-high-boots-autumn-look-2014 thigh-high-boots-autumn-look-2014 thigh-high-boots-autumn-look-2014-models-style Micah Gianneli_Best top fashion blog_Rihanna Riri style_Street s thigh-high-boots-autumn-look-2014-rihanna thigh-high-boots-trend-fall-2014 (2) thigh-high-boots-trend-fall-2014 (3) thigh-high-boots-trend-fall-2014 (5) thigh-high-boots-trend-fall-2014 (6) thigh-high-boots-trend-fall-2014 (7) thigh-high-boots-trend-fall-2014 thigh-high-boots-trend-fall-2014-kate-moss tumblr_n9ssv8z5Wq1rk5xdno1_1280 Contrary to being all covered up, and not showing an inch of skin – THIS LOOK for 2014 Fall is the hottest you’ll ever get. Not to mention, professional as well, cause really under a pencil skirt, who’s gonna know how high those boots go?

What do you think?