Summer Dress: It’s A WRAP!

Say it with me: ‘It’s a WRAAAAAP!’ Now don’t y’all feel like some big shot movie director on the set of some big shot picture? Uhhh… well, maybe that’s just my mind set right now.

Anyhow, it’s not films and flicks we talk about here today, but FASHION. What a surprise, right? More so than fashion, I thought of going a bit in time with today’s post right to the 70s when the fabulous Diane Von Furstenberg invented the iconic wrap dress that was about to become a symbol of femininity, women’s freedom, a staple, and so much more than just a dress.

wrap dress wrap dress

To this day the wrap dress is the #1 DRESS that works for all body types, all women, all occasions and events. It perfectly blends effortlessness, femininity, sexiness, casual, sophisticated, elegance. It’s easy to get into, and easier to get out of. And I feel that lately, due to this thirst in fashion for casual elegant looseness the wrap dress is having a continuos happy birthday party.

That and also it’s the closest best thing to doing a dress for summer but also the loungewear trend that’s happening out there. THIS trend married with the wrap dress is turning this babe into the sexiest thing on the planet. Stiletto sandals and all.

wrap dress wrap dress

So many bloggers and sartorial lovers out there are seen in so many variations of the wrap dress, you know you gotta jump on the wrap dress wagon, in case you haven’t, and literally drape and wrap yourself in it. For work, for weekends, for dinner dates, for holidays, for evening.

From jerseys to silk, to long sleeves or no sleeves, from midi to maxi lengths, from wild prints to clean designs – there are infinite styles, and even more infinite ways of wearing a wrap dress.

wrap dress wrap dress

Why the WRAP DRESS is the best invention for far?

To put it in a nutshell: it follows your body, enhancing and concealing at the same time, that is the reason why it looks amazing on all body types. Now… I will venture to say I actually think it looks better on more curvy women, and I say that from the experience of the skinny (now just thin) woman that I am. On Kim Kardashian body types par example the dress is… dayum. It looks so incredibly feminine and hot it’s intoxicating.

A wrap dress sends us back in time to Marilyn, to Sophia Loren, to these beautiful icons of the past who needed only their natural curves and beauty wrapped up in some simple printed dress that speaks more than any layers or sophisticated garments ever could.

Today any woman on this planet who choses to wear a wrap dress WILL no doubt look smashing great in it. No extra frills and thrills required. It’s simple. Yet does more than any over-the-top item could.

dvf-wrap-dresses office-wrap-dresses print-wrap-dresses

How to wear a wrap dress?

Errrr, basically just wrap it around you. How to style it? Now that’s the best part. It goes with almost everything.

The mid-length classic wrap dress looks fabulous with stiletto sandals, for example.

The shorter versions work great with any shoe style, flats and sneakers for more laid back and casual looks, to stilettos for more going-out styles.

Layering wise I love how it looks with a leather jacket, as I like the style clash. But, for work, for more formal occasions the blazer is a perfect fit.

Also, the wrap is a blessing for colder temperatures. Long sleeves, high boots, layers with a fur or a coat. Amazing!

Just because I feel words are useless right now, especially mine, I’ll just stop. And leave these pics to speak for themselves as I go sigh and plan my next shopping trip.

summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-1 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-3 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-4 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-5 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-6 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-7 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-8 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-9 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-11 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-12 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-13 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-14 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-15 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-16 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-17 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-18 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-19 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-21 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-22 summer-dresses-the-wrap-dress-DVF-style-23 summer-style-wrap-dresses summer-wrap-dresses the-wrap-dress-summer-trend-1 the-wrap-dress-summer-trend-2 the-wrap-dress-summer-trend-3 the-wrap-dress-summer-trend-4 the-wrap-dress-summer-trend-6 the-wrap-dress-summer-trend-8 the-wrap-dress-summer-trend-9 the-wrap-dress-summer-trend-10 the-wrap-dress-summer-trend-DVF-1 the-wrap-dress-summer-trend-DVF-2 wrap-dress-style wrap-dress-trend wrap-dresses-dvf-style wrap-dresses-looks wrap-dresses-summer-looks wrap-dresses-trend wrap-dresses

Tsst, tsst… don’t forget to look through my picks from above if you’re on the prowl for a wrap dress. :)