white-coats-style (6) ”I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… “

Yeah, yeah, that’s great and all, we all wish a white Christmas, BUT what we really should be focusing on until Christmas is a certain sartorial choice, that just goes hand in hand with a white Christmas. A WHITE Coat. We’ve already established that pretty much everything is hot and hip these days, but each season there is one item that stands out. coats-trend-fall-2014-white (2) And this season belongs to wrap coats with the star being… (drumrolls please) the WHITE coat. If you’re getting it in a wrap-cut-design then you’ll be smoking hot, nailing 2 massive trends with one choice. If being wrapped like a sandwich is not your thing, white coats look great in all cuts and styles:

– trench, oversized blazer (long collar, V-cut, one button), V-shaped coat, fur coat, suede white coat, short, medium or long, fitted or loose, slouchy or oversized. As long as it’s white it’ll work.  white-coats-style (5) coats-trend-fall-2014-white white-coats-looks (5) white-coats-street-style (6) WHY pick a white coat? Because it looks rich. Glamorous. Refined and sophisticated. Something about a white long coat, an all-white look in the cod season or a classic white coat over any colored outfit – screams impeccable style.

It looks as if you’re this rich socialite, celeb, business woman who dresses regardless of the grey season and rain out there, but according to luxurious moods and expensive fabrics. A pair of black sunglasses and long gloves always works so fabulous with a white coat with midi sleeves. Very retro chic.  white-coats-looks (2) white-coats-looks (4) white-coats-street-style (5) HOW to wear a white coat without feeling like polar bear in a Batman film? (dark gloomy surroundings courtesy of crappy weather) Well… the thing is the above image is just in my your head, so it’s not actually a problem. If you see one of these ladies in pics out there in town you’ll LOVE their looks and never for one second despise, dismiss, or laugh off their white choices. So no problem, requires no solution.

I have to get this through my thick head. white-coats white-coat-looks How to style a white coat? Now we’re on to something. While white is a non-color, neutral, basic shade, meaning theoretically it goes with anything, truth is white coats look best over an all-white outfit, an all-black outfit, over jeans and a basic top, or over monochromatic looks. coats-trend-fall-2014-white (3) white-coats-looks (6) To get an effortless casual style, wear an oversized white trench-style-coat with jeans and a white or black sweater or shirt. Classic pumps will look great for a sophisticaed style, and flats (pumps, sneakers, slip ons, oxfords) for a more masculine chic take on the white coat. white-coats-street-style (7) white-coats-street-style white-coats-style (4) Rich refined elegance is guaranteed with a white soft coat over a knee-length dress and heels. Perfect! white-coats-street-style (3) Fashion editor sophistication is doable in white coat + all-black outfit (slim cut business suit, or black dress) with hot heels on. white-coats-style (8) white-coats-street-style (2) white-coat-trend-2015 (2) white-coat-trend-2015 (4) white-coat-trend-2015 (5) In other words, in order to make it work keep your look simple, minimal, fresh and elegant. white-coats-looks (3) white-coats-looks white-coats-street-style (4) winter-white-coats white-coats-street-style white-coats-street-style white-coats-style (7) white-coats-style white-coats-trend white-coats-winter-2015 white-coat-trend-2015 (3) white-coat-trend-2015 white-coat-winter-street-style winter-white-coats As much as I love it, I have only once in my life lived for a whole autumn in a white coat. Okay it was more nude rather than white. It was more trench style, in leather, knee length and slim cut. But I wore it over anything, and I remembered loving  how it looked with jeans, a beige sweater, and heels. I still have it… so I just might give it a try. Again.

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