basketball-shirt-lookAfter what seems to have been too long since I’ve posted, I’m genuinely so happy to be back and share with you the happiest moment of my life so far. It took place over the weekend, and took over my schedule entirely last week, hence my absence – I got married. To the best man ever. My best friend. It was all as I had pictured it. Perfect. Ah… (I can do a post on the whole event, dress, bridesmaids etc, if you’d like). Anyway, today it’s business as usual so let’s dig in the fashion dirt dolls. In 2013 summer nothing will ever beat the T-shirt looks. Laid back & extremely versatile these staples can dress you up or down, making it all super chic & sophisticated. The key to a T-shirt look is balance and remembering that it’s all bout clashing styles. A T shirt is a sports attire, too laid back, simple & quite androgynous, so wearing it with the opposite attires usually translates in uber trendy styles that scream sophistication. So with this T shirt invasion that’s upon us, what do we pick? Errr… apparently the latest fad in town is looking like those billionaire laid back ballers. Or their girlfriends who just woke up in their basketball t-shirts. The Varsity Shirt or the Basketball T-shirt look is one trend that’s getting more and more followers. So is there a way around this men inspired style? Can we look feminine and posh in an oversized boyfriend’s sports T-shirt? basketball-style-shirtThat we’re obsessed with stealing our men’s clothes and tying them into our own styles (they do look so much better) is of no news. I mean don’t get me started on the BF jeans, blazers, shirts or loafers. Ah well… who can blame us if we make it rock. So now we’ve got the Varsity T-shirts to obsess about. It’s sort of a stretch of the fall/winter trend of the Varsity Jacket. Following the same rules this trend is a niche look of the Sports Luxe obsession, so in order to nail it you have to keep in mind a few tips:

  • balance the look with lots of fun bling jewelry (golden rings, bangles and earrings look amazing clashed against the basketball shirt)
  • wear sexy shoes, hot heels to elongate legs and turn you into a urban chic sophisticated gal
  • don a baseball cap for some hipster vibe, but keep the rest as girly as you can
  • paint your nails or wear bold lips for an extra feminine touch, and don a Varsity mini dress with hot heels for a night out. It’s loose, laid back yet uber trendy. Think Rihanna or Miley Cyrus.

basketball-shirt-women-tredbasketball-shirt-streetstyle-urban-chic-lookbasketball-shirt-skirt-looklarge (4)Miley at CenterStaging studiosrihanna-varsity-tshirt-styleRihanna-varsity-t-shirt-stylesports-tshirt-heels-stylevarsity-shirt-lookvarsity-trend-shirt-stylevarsity-top-style-trend-2013basketball-shirt-look (2)OK, so donning the baller look is fine for going out, laid back styles, but what about work? Can we do the baller look at the office? Really? Yes. The key this time is keeping it simple jewelry wise. So a statement necklace or statement earrings are enough. Th t-shirt has to be rather understated itself, tucked in a pencil skirt or tapered trousers and paired with a business style blazer. Classic pumps, bag, and a hint of lipstick for a touch of femininity and off you go. It’s very sophisticated without the slightest effort. Think front row editors at Fashion Week. basketball-shirt-business-look-streetstylestreet-style-basktball-trendstreetstyle-sports-tshirtThen of course it’s the all sporty look: varsity shirt & cutoffs, tennis shoes. But even so you can keep your girly persona intact by adding a bit of bling or lipstick.  basketball-shirt-sporty-lookbasketball-shirt-style-trend-2013basketball-tshirt-lookhow-to-style-varisty-shirtrihanna-basketball-tshirt-stylevarsity-dress-streetstyleAaaand one of my favorite looks is the Varsity t-shirt/dress Style. I love it. It’s so style-confusing and edgy in a very funky way that I find it irresistible. It probably won’t make it past this summer, but who gives a crap, it’s hot while it lasts. You can wear it with those single strap sandals I was telling you about last week, or even sneakers for a more relaxed style. My tip on this one is to pile on jewelry, wear bold lips, cool shades and a posh bag. basketball-dress-stylebasketball-shirt-dress-heels-street-stylebasketball-tshirt-dress-style-streetstylestreet-style-basketball-dress-shirt-stylestreetstyle-varsity-dressstreet-style-varsity-dress-trend-2013streetstyle-varsity-tshirt-dress-lokkvarsity-tshirt-dress-street-stylevarsity-tshirt-dress-trend-2013I swear, 2013 summer belongs to the T-shirts and I really do feel as if we’ve just barely scratched the surface on the t-shirts looks for this season. With the risk of being redundant I might just keep on covering the T-shirts trend this week… but until next post, let’s debate on this one: YES or NO to the basketball shirt trend?

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  1. jennifer stewart says:

    well guess i’ll grab my dad’s old jersey and put it on he’s not getting that back see y’a

  2. fashionjuuice says:

    I loved this, i’ve been having the inner debate about basketball shirts recently too.
    On a side note..congratulations!! And definitely do a wedding post!!

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      oh wow! thanks sooo much love! yeah i might do it, as soon as the pics are ready, i’d love to share it all with you guys.
      the baseball shirts: absolutely love the look! it’s so eclectic, confusing, relaxed, all in one, and none at the same time. love it. Thanks so much xoxo


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