The Utility Jumpsuit Trend: YES Or NO?

Nothing is worse than being sartorially blindsided. One minute everyone’s doing some zebra shit print, I’m just getting the hang of it, and it’s right then and there, when I take my eyes off my feet and selfies that I’m fucking black-swan’ed. Everyone’s obsessed with a new fad.

Only thing is… when it comes to THIS particular fad, that has made headlines last fall, but didn’t quite catch-on, everyone is not really everyone. Just some.

Okay, enough already, the suspense is killing me.

I am ranting on about the UTILITY JUMPSUIT. That originally military green, khaki overall suit with sleeves and a zipper or buttons from under your chin to right down your crotch. The name betrays it really. It was and still is used as a work uniform for utility inspired jobs (#ghostbusters). But you see… the fashion lot decided that apart from posh-weird they wanna be useful as well, and so the gurus gave us the many many versions, colours, and styles of the UTILITY JUMPSUIT.


A few things never change though: the long sleeves, the one-size-too-big (baggy style is better), and the mid-cinge-rope that can be tied or not.

The brilliant part is, because it’s sort of a tricky or not too conventionally pretty look, only SOME dare to do it. Which let me tell you something: is a motherfucking blessing.

The only other worse thing there is besides being left out of a fashion loop has got to be being copied. I know we’re all sartorially inclined here and our penchant for clothes, and looks, and details that make perfect Instagram grids are sort of like our new found religion or voice, but y’all gotta give it to me: it’s a fucking race. To being original.

Of course nothing is new these day, and even less is truly original, but the decency of inspiration has got to strike a little further from home. While we’re all feeling fucking dope and lucky to be emulated and copied, we’re not bloody Rihannas, getting credits for that red pout par example. So it all basically turns into a race, which… voila is also fantastic. Hello fashion challenge, and crossing style boundaries.

I am betting more and more these days that it’s due to the above that has fashion running in a million directions, and embracing the most weird and most unflattering looks and clothes, until the experiment turns into brilliance.

It’s right now and here that this particular trend or look comes in – the UTILITY JUMPSUIT. It’s like the stylers have had it with too-accessible looks so they’re like: ‘Oh… well, we the cool kids are gonna wear our grannies clothes and our dads’ work uniforms.’ Can I get an AMEN.

Hence the normcore trend, the granny hair, the slide sandals, et all.

So in all this crazy mess of everyone doing everyone personally I think it’s fucking refreshing to wear stuff that’s not flattering, and in the process end up making it fabulous.

military-jumpsuits-looks-2 military-jumpsuits-looks-3 military-jumpsuits-looks-4


Basically there’s two ways you can go about this: weird kid who gave up on life, and is a homeless-sans-chic-sibling, OR the working-class hero (in the words of John Lennon), in heels mind you.

When you simply can’t be bothered with a polished look you just throw this sack of beautifully ugly thang on, your Nike slides, your top-knot, and that French blasé attitude and there you have it.

Shop the look with my fave pieces:


But then there are those times when you feel like dressing up, but don’t wanna put too much effort into it. All you gotta do then is just keep that sack of a jumpsuit, and slap some fuck-me-heels on those gorgeous feet. #herecomestheghotstepper #lookout

Shop the look with my fave pieces:


Huh? Nah? Still not feeling it? It’s a great summer-autumn transition piece you know. Perhaps these street stylers might help.


military-jumpsuits-looks-5 military-jumpsuits-looks-6 military-jumpsuits-looks-7 military-jumpsuits-looks-8 military-jumpsuits-looks-9 military-jumpsuits-looks-10 military-jumpsuits-looks-11 military-jumpsuits-looks-12 the-utility-jumpsuit-2 the-utility-jumpsuit-3 the-utility-jumpsuit-4 the-utility-jumpsuit-5 the-utility-jumpsuit-6 the-utility-jumpsuit-7 the-utility-jumpsuit-8 the-utility-jumpsuit-9 the-utility-jumpsuit-10 utility-jumpsuit-ej-style-h724

Dropped a few F-bombs. Raised a few eyebrows. Some questions. Some points. But hey… at least I keep it real you know, hashtags an’ all. Y’all know me by now and know I got a big mouth and an even bitchier pen (keyboard), so I’m betting you all get me, and we’re all in the same boat here.

What we gotta do next is take a freaking utility jumpsuit and rock the shit out of it. Put our own personal spin and swag on it.

Peace out my beautiful people! xoxo