Do you ever feel like you’ve missed out on a trend, so you refuse to just let it go. It came, it did its thing and then BAM! before you even acknowledged it, it was done. Well this one – THE UNBUTTONED SHIRT LOOK – I’m not gonna let it slip twice.

Fool me once shame on you fool me twice…

Heavage and cleavage through button-down-unbuttoned-shirts conquered the runways in last year’s summer season, alongside high slits and 70s inspired looks. Well… the 70s stuck, high slits for a while… but what the hell happened to unbuttoned shirts?

unbuttoned-shirts-look-5 unbuttoned-shirts-outfits-2 unbuttoned-shirts-outfits-3

And where the hell was I when this fabulous 70s French chic look was all over the runways? Oh yes… I was ranting about crop tops and leather or something.

The moment we all saw Rihanna kill it in that blue leather skater skirt & unbuttoned shirt that showed off her cleavage, tats and body chain we all should have known better. Actually some fashion minds knew and milked the shit out of this trend.

2222rihanna-unbuttoned-shirt spring-summer-2015-trend-unbuttoned-shirts-2 street-style-unbuttoned-shirts-trend-1

The question remains though: are unbuttoned shirts still a trendy look in 2015 Spring/Summer?

Honestly I don’t see why not, not with the 70s going strong (and THIS is as 70s as you can get), with the bloggers’ craze for all French-chic-looks (hello! Jane Birkin in completely unbuttoned shirts), the effortless-styles we’re all trying to perfect, and – why not call it like it is – with the sexy-chic-borderline-racy looks women kinda love to do once in a while. It’s empowering. And it shows off tats & body chains (other massive trends) if you’re into that sort of thing.

spring-summer-2015-trend-unbuttoned-shirts-10 spring-summer-2015-trend-unbuttoned-shirts-11 unbuttoned-shirts-trend-5

Also… it’s a great alternative to the buttoned-up shirt-looks that were a trend so far. Let’s spice it up, I mean we will wear the same shirts as we did 2 years ago, might as well wear them differently.

Ahh… but isn’t this trend a bit TOO much? Sometimes? This only brings me to my next point: how to wear and style the unbuttoned shirt?


1. WEAR A BRA/BUSTIER TOP UNDERNEATH. While it’s not the chic-racy look of the trend per se, a bra might come in handy when, I don’t know… you’re wearing unbuttoned shirts at work. Yeah… a bra might be a good idea then.

You can leave 1 or 2 unbuttoned buttons and tuck it in your pencil skirt or suit trousers.

Same look can be done for after-work-hours: white crispy shirt, bustier/bra underneath, unbuttoned all the way to the bellybutton, tucked in jeans (skinny or loose for more of a chic vibe), flats or heels depending on your mood and you’ll be incredibly trendy yet effortless.

spring-summer-2015-trend-unbuttoned-shirts-3 unbuttoned-shirts-outfits-1 unbuttoned-shirts-trend--streetstyle-4 unbuttoned-shirts-trend-7

2. NO BRA UNDERNEATH. Uh-la-la. Now THIS is the look. It’s French, chic, sexy, but quite tasteful. The idea is to not look as if you’re auditioning for porn flicks, but rather are the queen of effortless styles with a penchant for 70s fashion and a very very feminine and simple take on all sartorial choices.

The look is best achieved with looser shirts, rolled up sleeves, deep cleavage and a few thin necklaces. Think Saturday brunch with a friend, great coffee and talk, buying flowers and fresh bread on your way back home.

spring-summer-2015-trend-unbuttoned-shirts-8 spring-summer-2015-trend-unbuttoned-shirts-12 unbuttoned-shirts-look-4 unbuttoned-shirts-outfits-7

3. GOING OUT SHIRT-LOOK. Dancing, drinking and all these party-friendly-activities come with the stressful question of: what the hell am I gonna wear to look effortless but put together, and feel both hot and comfortable? Yeah. Good luck with that.

Actually no. Not when a simple shirt can be turned into a fabulous going out top. HOW? First pick a shirt with a great fabric, more dressy, or a pattern or print that’s not your go-to-office-look, then tuck it in your sexy jeans, leather pants, shorts, or skirt (depending on what floats your boat one evening) and leave it unbuttoned as low as you can go.

Sounds too much? Well… there’s you key word – ‘sounds’ cause the look is not so much in your face, but kinda subtle. It’s like wearing a V-plunging neckline.

Pile up on thin necklaces or show off your chains and there’s a great going-out look.

spring-summer-2015-trend-unbuttoned-shirts-5 unbuttoned-shirts-look-3 unbuttoned-shirts-trend--streetstyle-1

4. WEEKEND CASUAL STYLE. Think on the run, slightly bored, sartorially-can’t-be-bothered, don’t want to put an effort into a look, don’t want to spend Sunday in, but are not in the mood for fancy shmancy outfits either, so why not go for the easiest & trendiest look in the book:

– white unbuttoned shirt tucked in jeans, loafers or sneakers on, and a jacket. Just in case it get chilly. Perfection!

– black or coloured unbuttoned shirt, tucked in cut-offs or skirt, long thin necklace, shades on, and summer ankle boots. Blogger inspired. ;)

unbuttoned-shirts-look-1 unbuttoned-shirts-style-1

And now more pics…

spring-summer-2015-trend-unbuttoned-shirts-9 unbuttoned-shirts-look-2 unbuttoned-shirts-look-6 unbuttoned-shirts-outfits-4 unbuttoned-shirts-outfits-5 unbuttoned-shirts-style-3 unbuttoned-shirts-style-4 unbuttoned-shirts-style-5 unbuttoned-shirts-style-6 unbuttoned-shirts-trend--streetstyle-2 unbuttoned-shirts-trend--streetstyle-3 unbuttoned-shirts-trend-1 unbuttoned-shirts-trend-2 unbuttoned-shirts-trend-6 unbuttoned-shirts-trend-4 unbuttoned-shirts-trend-3

The great thing about this unbuttoned shirt look is the many ways you can wear it, from a few buttons left unbuttoned, to all the way down to your bellybutton, OR comply left unbuttoned and tucked in. Just keep your girls on a leash. Keywords – subtlety & teasing.

What do you think ladies?


6 replies
  1. Norman Gaines Jr. says:

    Talk about deja vu….this thread totally ignores the fact that this very style was common in the late 70s/early 80s. Not a thing new here, kids.

  2. Rafael says:

    This is the fitting blog for anyone who needs to find out about this topic. You notice a lot its virtually exhausting to argue with you (not that I really would need…HaHa). You definitely put a brand new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Great stuff, simply great!

  3. K says:

    Love the trend in theory but….WAIT! How is it possible that you’ve completely left out (nor has anyone commented on, although “Vanessa” touched on it) how we’re supposed to actually, (like give me logistics here, not style advice) be able to walk around (let alone shop the farmer’s market or dance at a club) with no bra and an unbuttoned shirt without a nip slip every 5 seconds??? Even with a 32A kind of rack, how does wind, gravity, gesticulation, etc not expose the girls?? Especially for anyone with a C cup or above this seems beyond the laws of physics so I think it’s uncool these facts were just ignored. Even a simple disclaimer: “if you’re even though loosest label of busty, must opt for bra underneath option” would have made me feel better but as of right now, this article is as realistic as the photos (celebs/runway/high fashion shoots only).

  4. Biki says:

    Oooh, so many ways to wear this trend, for me it boils down to 2 ways- either wearing the shirt with nothing underneath for that whole bohemian fresh as a daisy 70s vibe or wearing it with nothing underneath but highlighting my cleavage with choice necklace picks…hmmm…its a toughie!

  5. VANESSA says:

    totally hot, but just not practical for me and my lifestyle these days! I would probably get kicked out of my son’s Catholic school if I showed up bra-less and cleavage baring! on a night out …i would totally consider it, but def would have to have undergarments, i don’t have enough going on to be able to fill out a shirt and keep it from gaping open with every move!


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