The Ultimate Summer Road Trip Style Tips

Summer is fast approaching and for many of us, the countdown to holidays, weekends away and fun-packed days out is firmly on. If you’re hitting the roads this summer and embarking upon a road trip, it’s important to think about what you’re going to wear. In this ultimate summer road trip style guide, we’ll share some top tips to ensure you look and feel great. 

What to wear on the road

If you’re planning long journeys in the car, you’ve hired an RV, or you own an old-school camper, comfort is king. The last thing you want if you’re sitting in the car for hours on end is to be uncomfortable in what you’re wearing. Choose lightweight materials that give you plenty of room to breathe and move around and avoid anything too tight or restrictive. When you’re in a sitting position, it’s best to make sure that there’s nothing pressing against your stomach. Opt for elasticatead waistbands or loose-fitting cargo trousers, or throw on an easy-to-wear skirt or dress. It’s also important to think about your legs. You don’t want to feel like your trousers are too tight or that you can’t change position because the material doesn’t have any give. Leggings, joggers, wide-leg trousers and boyfriend or dad jeans are an excellent alternative to skinny or slim-fit jeans for travelling. 

Getting the temperature just right is essential for travelling in comfort. You don’t want to be freezing or too hot and sweaty. Depending on the weather, which may be unpredictable unless you’re driving in an exotic location, it’s wise to wear light fabrics and pack a couple of layers to put on if you get cold or you stop for a break and you need to negotiate cooler climes or a shower. Oversized shirts, cardigans, hoodies and cotton sweaters are an excellent option. If you’re battling against an unfavourable forecast, make sure you’ve got a waterproof jacket in the boot of the car. Some people are prone to getting cold hands and feet. If you struggle to keep your extremities warm but you want to wear flip-flops or sliders to travel, pack a pair of socks just in case. 


Safety considerations

Road-tripping is a brilliant way to see new places and enjoy the experience of spending quality time with your partner, friends or family members. Planning what you’re going to wear should ensure that you’re comfortable in the car, but it’s also important for safety reasons. If you’re driving, or you’re swapping drivers periodically, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve got the right gear.

Footwear is one of the most important considerations. As the driver of the vehicle, you need to be able to control the pedals properly. Wear comfortable, well-fitted shoes, such as trainers or pumps rather than the standard holiday shoe selections, including flip-flops, sliders, slip-on sandals or wedges. Avoid wearing heels if you’re driving. 

Another key factor to be aware of when driving in the summer is the sun. We all love to see a bright blue sky illuminated by a golden orb when travelling to our holiday destination, but sun-drenched skies can spell trouble for drivers. The glare of the sun can impact visibility, which increases the risk of accidents. As a driver, you must be aware of hazards and risks and try to drive to the conditions as best you can to protect yourself, your passengers and other road users. If you are responsible for a crash because you were driving carelessly, or you made a mistake, you will be held liable and the other party has the right to contact a car accident lawyer. If you’re struggling to see, make sure you have good-quality sunglasses and use the shades and visors in the car. If you usually wear glasses, ensure that you have prescription sunglasses to hand. Give other vehicles plenty of time and space and take regular breaks to stretch your legs and rest your eyes. 


Activities and excursions

One of the best things about planning a road trip is putting an itinerary together, which enables you to explore at your own pace and include activities and excursions. Before you travel, research the locations you’ll be passing or stopping at, find out what’s on offer and read reviews and guides. Search for options that match your interests and enable you to discover the area, enjoy incredible views and get a feel for different places. You might decide to take the coastal road one day and hit the beach, take surf lessons or go sea kayaking, or you might head towards a national park for a hike or a bike ride. You may want to stop off at a big city and take a tour of museums, galleries and shops or you may love the idea of visiting quaint country villages and soaking up the hospitality in cosy pubs and independent restaurants. 

Once you’ve planned your itinerary and checked the weather forecast, you can figure out what to wear. If you’re stopping off on your road trip, it’s an excellent idea to opt for versatile outfits that will be comfortable for travelling and suitable for the activities you have planned. Design a capsule wardrobe for your trip, which caters to the conditions and your plans. If you’re visiting towns and cities, take a pair of comfy shoes, such as trainers and team them with a summer dress, a pair of shorts and a tank or a midi skirt. You can add a long-line shirt or a lightweight denim jacket for extra warmth and finish with sunglasses and a cross-body bag. For outdoor pursuits, pack breathable layers, a waterproof coat or jacket and sturdy, well-fitted shoes and choose clothing that you don’t mind getting muddy or dirty. Add a rucksack and pack a first aid kit, bottles of water, snacks and a portable charger. 

Road trips are a brilliant way to see different places and they are often a lot cheaper than other types of holidays. If you’re planning a road trip this summer, it’s natural to want to look the part while ensuring that you feel comfortable. Opt for clothing that ticks both the style and comfort boxes, create a capsule wardrobe that caters to your itinerary and the weather forecast and make sure you have suitable shoes and sunglasses for driving.