The secrets of people with eternally radiant skin

People with skin that never seems to be anything other than radiant and annoying. But they have a routine that works. Contrary to popular belief, most people can have pretty good skin. Korean “glass skin” is probably out of reach of most, but something that makes you look and feel healthy isn’t out of the question.

So, what are the secrets of people whose skin always looks good? This article is here to help you find out. We run through some of the tactics these people use to make their skin flawless (and irritate the pants off everyone else).


Regular Visits To The Dermatologist

Top of the list of priorities is making regular visits to the dermatologist. Medical doctors with specialist training in skin health can often spot issues early and provide sound, timely advice to anyone with skin conditions.

Getting on top of problems like rosacea, flaky skin, and hyperpigmentation early can be a potent strategy. These conditions typically start off small and are controllable in their early stages with the right ointments, medications, and lifestyle interventions.

Experiment with going to your derm around once every three months or so. Regular checkups will keep you informed and show you what you need to change in your lifestyle.


Avoid Harsh Chemicals

The next step in an effective skincare routine is to avoid harsh chemicals. Choosing products with more natural ingredients can help protect the skin from damage and help it heal over time.

When trying out products, test them in patch tests on your skin before putting them all over your face. If you notice redness or raised bumps, it could be a sign your skin is reacting poorly to a chemical or substance the product contains.

If one product produces an unwanted reaction, try another. Many companies now offer hypoallergenic formulations that reduce irritation by using known non-irritant ingredients.

If you still notice problems with your skin, experiment with skipping skincare products altogether and wait and see if it clears up. People with extremely sensitive skin often leave it bare.


Use Light Therapy

Another secret of people with flawless skin is light therapy. Infrared light from specially calibrated LEDs can induce the skin to increase its production of repair factors.

According to REJUV Aesthetics & Wellness, a spa, red light therapy is a treatment suitable for multiple skin types. “Unlike sunlight which contains UV, red light therapy is helpful to the skin. Many people experience improvements in skin quality, reduced inflammation, and even improved sleep. The therapy works at the cellular level, facilitating the body’s nascent rejuvenating capabilities.”

Red light therapy is harmless and easy to administer. There’s no downtime and you can get back to your regular activities straight afterwards. It’s that simple.


Avoid Smoking

Not smoking is also a secret of people with eternally radiant skin. Avoiding toxic chemicals helps the skin stay healthier for longer and avoids the compounds associated with wrinkling and aging.

Alcohol can also cause skin problems. Excessive consumption leads to dehydration which can change the skin’s appearance over time, making it less buoyant and attractive.

Beauty Sleep

Another secret of those with radiant skin is regularly getting a proper night’s beauty sleep. Individuals who look fantastic most of the time usually get more than seven hours a night.

Sleep is essential for the skin because it promotes renewal. During sleep, skin cells go into overdrive, churning out new proteins to create a thicker and healthier dermis. Lymphs also recycle waste products, removing them from the skin for processing elsewhere in the body. The rate at which this happens during waking hours is significantly less.

Gentle Exfoliation

People with eternally radiant skin also indulge in gentle exfoliation routines using natural products. These are highly effective at getting rid of dead skin cells and excess oils that can cause breakouts.

The key term here is “gentle.” Many people get into the habit of using harsh exfoliating products on their skin that damage the upper dermal layers. Eventually, these lead to dryness and irritation.

If you do use any harsh treatments on your skin, use them sparingly, perhaps once a month. Don’t turn them into a habit as they can disrupt your skin’s pH balance and sebum production.

Reduce Stress Levels

You can also look after your skin by reducing your stress levels and taking time to rest. Feeling tense all the time can increase cortisol production and cause skin to lose quality over time. This doesn’t mean you can never feel stressed out, but it does mean that weekends and sleeping hours should be yours, free from work or anything else that gets in the way of you feeling your best.

Take Exercise Regularly

While it might be something practically every blog recommends, getting regular exercise is among the most potent ways to improve skin quality. Researchers have found that regular weight training increases dermal thickness, helping skin look fresh, healthy, and bouncy.

Regular exercise also improves blood flow to the skin’s surface nourishing cells and putting so-called color in your cheeks. You should notice that your skin tone improves over the course of several weeks and that you look fresher and healthier for it.

Consume More Beans And Whole Grains

Diets rich in natural plant foods are another secret of people who always seem to have flawless skin. Eating food as it comes out of the ground or off the tree is the best approach.

The reason it works has to do with the synergy of phytonutrients these plants contain. These compounds work together to encourage the skin to behave more youthfully similar to red light therapy. Chemical signals encourage a sort of cellular housekeeping that shows up after three to six months of eating properly.

Concentrate your diet on berries, beans, whole grains, and vegetables. These are the healthiest food categories and should form the basis of your diet. Everything else is secondary.

So, there you have it: some of the secrets of people with eternally flawless skin. Use all these tactics for the best possible results.