The PLAID SKIRT And Its Many Faces

The more I think about this PLAID and TARTAN TREND the more I’m inclined to say it’s not really a trend, but mostly a staple. Don’t you agree? Its lifetime is pretty long and frankly seems to not fade away, so here we are in 2015 (almost) still doing the plaid look as if it’s the freshest thing out there. Who’s to blame? Only fashion and its cyclic behavior.

Perhaps the lack of groundbreaking ideas as well.

tartan-trend-skirts (2)


But if you can’t marry the past, you’re nobody in fashion. Fashion lives, strives, takes its breath and ideas from its previous decades, hence the massive inspo and return we’re all having these days with the 60s, 70s, and 90s. And… what do you say what do you know? All these decades have one major trend & look in common: the PLAID SKIRT.

Actually the plaid trend overall, but today it’s one of those skirt mood days. Besides, I’ve already covered the tartan trend here.


The 60s had all those pretty little plaid skirts with knee socks, that women like Francoise Hardy or Jane Birkin were totally rocking with oxford shoes, or high boots. Once the 70s hit the streets we had the longer hem plaid skirts, either A-line, pencil or pleated with side pockets. They looked amazing with high tube boots. My mom used to wear these all. the. time. Total nostalgia right now.

2015-skirts-styles-plaid (5) winter-skirts-tartan (3) winter-skirts-tartan (4)

And then… it was our turn, the teens and kids of the 90s in our Clueless inspired short and high waisted plaid skirts. Every girl back then lived in it. I am guilty as charged for this look. Crop sweater or tee, combat boots, leather choker and backpack.

MCDCLUE EC034 winter-skirts-tartan (3)

So what does 2015 bring new? Basically the coexistence of all these decades and looks with a more daring and versatile take on the plaid skirt. It’s more about how each of us wear it rather than sticking to a certain look. It’d be a pity to restrain the plaid skirt’s million faces and styles to just one.

So while the plaid skirt look is more trendy and updated today it still holds its 4 facets.


1. Cheeky schoolgirl. Remember Liv Tyler in Aerosmith’s Crazy video. THAT is the look. Wild, free, naughty yet quite proper looking.

Can you wear this today without looking like you’re auditioning for a porn flick or Halloween party? YES.

Opt for not too short skirts (but still mini), high waist, shirt or sweater tucked in, no stiletto heels. Instead do sneakers or ankle boots.

plaid-skirt-look-winter-2015 plaid-skirts-trend (4) winter-skirts-tartan (2)

2. Preppy look. This is very close to the cheeky look, but it’s more toned down and a little bit more school even work appropriate. Ironed crispy shirts, blazers on top, super sleek hair, glossy lips… you know, sort of like Alicia Silverstone in Clueless.


3. Grungy style. This was major back in the day. Think The Craft look. So to compliment the plaid mini skirt grungy style don dark lips, knee socks, short dark nails, messy hair.

street-style-plaid-skirt (3) tartan-trend-skirts (3) tartan-trend-skirts (7)

4. Office look with a twist. This is the knee length plaid skirt either pencil, pleated, or A-line in wool or thicker fabric. The pencil plaid skirts look fantastic with stiletto pumps, a sweatshirt and a blazer or jacket over. Very un-boring office look.

Or you can try flat ankle boots for a more grungy/rock take on the plaid pencil skirt, and pair it with a sweater.

The A-line plaid skirts or the pleated ones follow the same rules. The shoes and the jackets make all the style difference.

office-look-tartan-skirt (2) office-look-tartan-skirt office-look-tartan-skirt (3)

And now more pics.

2015-skirts-styles-plaid (2) 2015-skirts-styles-plaid (3) 2015-skirts-styles-plaid 2015-skirts-styles-plaid (4) plaid-skirt-look-winter-2015 (2) plaid-skirt-look-winter-2015 (3) plaid-skirts-trend (2) plaid-skirts-trend street-style-plaid-skirt (2) street-style-plaid-skirt (4) street-style-plaid-skirt (5) street-style-plaid-skirt Tartan-Street-Style-Looks tartan-trend-skirts (4) tartan-trend-skirts (5) tartan-trend-skirts (6) tartan-trend-skirts (8) tartan-trend-skirts (9) winter-skirts-tartan (6) winter-skirts-tartan

Whatever the plaid, whatever the skirt style, whatever the face it has one day, it will always hold a bit of cheekiness, retro & grunge vibe to it.