The Neo-Grunge Look is Slowly Creeping Into Today’s Fashion

It is easy to see that nostalgia and neo-grunge look is a big thing nowadays, not only in film but also in fashion. One of the most popular trends to hit today’s culture was the 80s throwback, which is leading to the resurrection of grunge. 

Remember the Neo-Grunge Look

The grunge look has not been seen for some time. Officially, it started with the introduction of Kurt Cobain and his band, Nirvana, though it probably started in the streets a lot earlier than that. Still, it was this band’s interpretation of the look that made it popular at the time. 

The style might have started in Seattle’s alternative music backdrop, but Nirvana made it popular enough to define a whole generation and style. The look was purposely unkempt and totally different from anything that had seen before. It went against the tailored suits of yesteryear and welcomed comfort, heavy layering, and an obvious lack of concern. 

This lack of care is what marked the generation and what made a statement that suited people like Kurt Cobain or Courtney Love. Some say the reason this look took off was because it went against the cookie-cutter, tailored look that had become popular in the 80s. As most fashionistas know, young styles are usually rebellious statements, and this movement was no different. 

Still, just like any other style, the grunge look began to fade away after some time, but it seems like the fashion industry was not done with the look. A few decades later, grunge resurfaced and its popularity continues to grow as the years move on. 

Grunge began to sneak into popular culture back in 2003, but it wasn’t until 2016 that it truly became its own animal and really set itself apart from the grunge look that started all those years ago. 

Getting the Neo-Grunge Look Right 

Most fashionistas paying attention to this resurgence say that the grunge look has grown up a bit. It seems that this look was all about not caring, but that is no longer the case. Today’s look has a touch of luxury and carelessness. 

It should also be noted that today’s grunge look is a lot tougher, especially for women. This could be linked to the female empowerment movement that has taken the culture by storm. One way women are adopting this tough look is by wearing bulky and tough-looking jewelry akin to the biker jewelry offered by Bikerringshop. 

The mixture of luxury, skull rings, and a piece of clothing with a tear or two is making the new grunge its own animal. Nostalgia is definitely influencing this look, but that is not the only reason this look is being adopted so easily; for one, most young people are shopping in thrift stores now. This makes it easy to find pieces that would make this look easy to pull of. 

Furthermore, online stores where sellers can sell their luxury items through consignment shops or online stores at discounted prices have made buying luxury more affordable without spending luxury prices. Everyone knows that today’s generation is all about finding ways to cut corners and save a buck or two whenever possible. 

There is no telling how this grunge style is going to change as the years pass, but it is still in its infancy, which makes it pretty exciting. Sure, the look won’t be for everyone as most styles usually fit some people better than others, but this style is definitely here to stay.

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I don’t know about you, curious to know though, but I for one have always loved and will always love grunge fashion!

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