The Most Stunning Short Hairstyles to Try for a New Look

Many say that every time a woman cuts her hair, she goes through something that makes her broken, did you know that? Taking a risk or going out of your comfort zone will maybe help you realise you can do something you thought you never would. Trying something new is always scary, especially when it’s our hair, but as long as you have fun and get a bit adventurous even the worst haircut can be a good thing. For some women short hair is a no-no, but sometimes it’s all the change a girl needs to start a new life. A new hairstyle will help you freshen up. Why not try a short hairstyle? Here’s a few attractive short hairstyles worth saving for future inspiration.

Research Says

When a woman undergoes a traumatic event in her life or breaks up, science says it’s common for women to cut their hair. It is always the defense mechanism for all women out there who struggle to control their feelings and try to move on right away.  Sometimes we choose to have a new look for ourselves to be able to start what we call a new life or a new beginning.

The On-Trend Hairstyle

There are a lot of cute short hairstyles that you must try, and indeed, they will boost your confidence. Aside from achieving a new look, it will help you freshen up and start a new beginning.

  1. Layered Pixie Hairstyle

Having a pixie hairstyle is so much fun. It is one of the most fulfilling hairstyles that you can try. It is a universal style that anyone can try; young, old, mothers, grandmothers, singles, married, black, white, and ladies of any size. This hairstyle will be the new version of yourself, a chic fighter!

  1. Blunt Bob With Side Parted

This hairstyle might look good on you if you have naturally straight hair. It will add some edge to your short hair, and if you want to achieve that shining look, you can add color to it. You can ask your stylist what the perfect shade of color is for your blunt bob.

  1. Undercut Pixie

If ever you have doubts about trying something new, this undercut pixie will surely boost your self-esteem. Although, if you can’t handle it, then don’t try. Your confidence plays a big role in trying something new. This look will work for people who are constantly on the go and have no time to style their hair. Thus, this is perfect for you if you want to achieve that wild look and be as daring as your hair!

  1. Angled Short Bob Hairstyle

If you can not take the risk of how short the pixie cut is, you can try this angled short bob. It is a flexible haircut. Why did they call this angled bob a flexible cut? It is because you can have this with what you want, straight or wavy, a messy look, sleek or chic, in any style you want.

  1. One Lenght Blunt Style

Given what you are dealing with and your desire for a minimalist aesthetic, which is also popular among this generation, you might find this a great deal for you. It is a simple yet gorgeous straight cut with no further styling!


Did You Know?

Whatever your hairstyle is, whether you decide to cut it or not, as long as you are confident and feel good about it, then you’re good. Always remember that you are one of a kind and beautiful with a heart.