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The DRESS We Always Go Back To…

black-dress … the BLACK DRESS or even the little black dress going by the name of LBD will forever be that one piece us girls resort to when in a fashion predicament. But have you noticed how every time we choose a black dress for any event or even for work, or weekend getaways, as a last-minute-what-the-hell-am-I-gonna-wear-style-compromise you always end up looking & feeling your best.

So what’s the secret? I dare say it’s the elegance of the color (or non color), which compliments any skin tone, works for any occasion, is styled easily, blends in perfectly with any clothing or accessory item, hairstyle or makeup. black-dress-inspiration The cuts & designs of a black dress are infinite and I don’t want to make this post just about the LBD, which we’ve talked about last summer, when it still was a massive hit, contrary to the boiling degrees we’ve survived. No way, this post will be about ALL black dresses.

From red-carpet styles, to office appropriate, to party little dresses, beach styles, flirty dresses, retro style, uber elegant or uber hot – the BLACK DRESS is for everywhere & everyone. And we might be surprised how a black dress initially purchased for say office can look good anywhere, or how a knee long chiffon LBD can go from office (blazer, tights, boots and pumps) to summer days (gladiator sandals) or going out (hot heels and red lips). black-dress-staple black-dresses-styles We’ve all got at least one, and with the winter holidays almost here and the list of parties, dinners & lunches we’ll be attending, safe to say such a dress is quite the staple. Retail chains, magazines, blogs will be packed with all these ‘What to Wear’ options for NYE/Christmas party, and I promise you all of them will mention the black dress as one option.

I’m a bit curious as to the styles that will be hot this season. Although the classic Black Dress & LBD versions will forever remain intact, I think there’s gonna be an explosion of long silky & chiffon (maxi) dresses, slip on styles & leather. wearing-black-dresses Each season I fall for at least 1 type of dress and I always always choose it/or would chose it in black. A few years ago I was obsessed with knee-length strapless bodycon black dresses, then it was the LBD (literally little, as in mini), last summer I was rocking my black maxi dress like there was no tomorrow, and NOW I’m on the look-out for a perfect leather LBD (long sleeves, and half V-cut back). bodycon-black-dress-street-style megan_fox-LBD black-dress-street-style street-style-LBD Oh… and I predict 2 more looks I’ll be crazy about: 1. the slip on black dress (think those 90’s lingerie dresses Kate Moss used to wear as she was holding Johnny Depp’s hand on the red carpet), and 2. a black maxi dress with pointy stiletto ankle boots, and a blazer or leather jacket on top. In my mind it looks fabulous, will have to give it a try though. lingerie-black-dress-look lingerie-black-dress-street-style slip-on-black-dress-streetstyle lbd-trend LBD-look maxi-black-dress-look (2) big-black-dress-street-style long-black-dress maxi-black-dress-look And these are just a handful of styles. I know for a fact one of my friends adores the retro/princessy styles, and another one loves the classic cuts appropriate for office-to-cocktail hours.

Let’s have a look at some black dresses styles and get inspired. Christmas & NYE are just around the corner… and so is Santa ;) although there’s only so much he can do with these lists getting bigger and bigger by the hour, as one of you lovelies said. Nothing wrong with wishing though, right?  black-dresses black-dress-street-style eva-longoria-black-dress jennifer_aniston-LBD LBD LBD-street-style LBD-style long-black-dress-street-style (2) long-black-dress-street-style long-high-slit-black-dress megan_fox-long-black-dress mini-black-dress retro-LBD-style selena-gomez-LBD street-style-black-dress streetstyle-black-dress-look street-style-little-black-dress street-style-long-black-dress However you put it, the LBD will always make us look chic, sophisticated, a bit edgy yet always classy and ooze that effortless vibe as if we don’t give a crap what we wear, just pulled this black dress off  some rack, and look fabulous in it.

What’s your fave BLACK DRESS STYLE?