kimono-trendIs it a scarf? Nooo. Is it a robe? Nooo. Is it a cape? Well, no, but it could be. As the title betrays we are talking about one of summer’s most coveted trends – the KIMONO – yet I can’t shake the cape comparison, and with it the superpower this beautiful kimono might hold.

Just think about it, what if, when wearing one we’d all turn into fucking superheroes, who can wear 20 inch heels, pink hair, drink with no hangovers, sing better than Beyonce, ride motorcycles through the desert and have great hair. Huh? Not too bad innit? But even if all this is a tiny bit too stretched from reality, we could still give the kimono a go. It is after all pretty fabulous, so a hidden power to it, may not be such a far off truth. kimono-summer-styleHumor me here for a second: regardless of its cut (and they come in millions of them) it always ads just the right amount of razzmatazz to a look, to the point that even if you’re at home, in your worst shorts or PJs, and throw one on, you’ll end up looking fab while having coffee. And the only downside to that is that there’d be no one there to see you. Thank God for Instagram and Twitter, right? kimono_9the-kimono-trendIt is after all Social Media and blogs that have turned this spring summer cover up into a uniform. One out of 3 photos on Pintrest for example is of a fashionista in her boho uniform: cutoffs, bustier and a floral print kimono. Which is great, don’t get me wrong, but when you end up looking like millions of other people… you might wanna address the side of your brain that deals with imagination. Or perhaps the lack of looks one kimono holds is its only downside.

Of course one can wear this cover up over anything, even over jeans or a posh skirt, if the hobo demented look is the one you’re going for. And even THAT is OK, cause it looks soooo great. In a very nonchalant kinda way. kimono-summer-looksSo the idiot in me, is left with the above lack-of-imagination-look – the Coachella slash music festival fashion combos I was telling you about, which is absolutely great for summer. This is fashion – before something becomes a trend no one does it, afterwards everyone with or without a penchant for style is seen draped in that shit, cause we all know it’s only gonna last so long. So why the hell not enjoy it… we’re doing other trends for years, right? This one is as new to street style as they get. kimono-1Hey, I tried playing the Devil’s advocate on the kimono, but I can’t do it. I am loving this cover up, with all its copy paste looks and redundancy, it’s still fresh somehow. It’s incredibly feminine, very sexy, but not in your face (unless you wanna make it so), it’s boho chic, it’s Alexa Chung meets Vanessa Hudgens cool.

And the styles kimonos come in… OMG! like a trillion of them: long, short, midi, prints, fringes, silky, oversized… But the best ones are the shorter ones in floral printed styles. <3 street-style-kimonoboho-look-the-kimono-trendHow to wear kimonos and look boho-chic? Just throw one on. They do look best with shorts, short dresses or skirts, bustier tops, tank tops, over swimsuits, and over anything you’d actually rock on a hot summer night or day. Wear it as a silky jacket or as a rocknroll sophisticated cover up. And wear it for the jazz of it, not cause you’re cold or you’d look better in it, cause although the kimono is one great piece, it does nothing for us. Shoulders looks slouchier, slim figures look skinnier. It just ads a bit of color, and sophistication to an otherwise boring style. I’ll take that, thank you.

Here are some looks for inspiration. 2815e501festival-look-kimonokimonokimonohkhkimono-lookkimonostylekimono-stylekimono-trend (2)kimono-trend (3)kimono-trend-lookkimono-trend-summer-2014lace-kimonolittlebird3long-kimono-trendMiley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth shop in Studio City Part 2street-style-kimono-trendsummer-trend-kimonotumblr_m92ifsD69s1qhax9fo1_500After all this, I can only say that the kimono is one helluva trend. It can be bohemian, western cool, St. Tropez glamorous, sexy housewife effortless, gypsy knock out beauty, rockroll, feminine, grungy, posh hobo – incredibly trendy can’t-separate-from-it favorite summer piece.

What do you think?

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  1. Mark says:

    Such great Kimonos, I will try one of them. Thanks, author for sharing this content, I have more kimono ideas that you can check here –

  2. Jane Anne K. says:

    I love those kimonos. You look so fabulous. I will definitely look for kimonos at and see if how it looks on me.

  3. KnowledgablePerson says:

    These are not Kimonos… They are a piece of cloth loosely draped around someones back. Kimonos are not meant to be worn so lightly and, in fact, Kimonos are heavy and made of silk. If anything, this is a Yukata, get the terminology right. This is a horrible trend and it looks really bad. It might be comfy and light, but don’t call it something it isn’t, you’re shaming the style of clothing that it’s trying to mimic and fails in.

    • Whattttt says:

      This is called kimono tho!! there are many types of kimono. You just happen to be ignorant.I love this style ,WE LOVE IT AND YOU DONT SO SHUT TFu

  4. M. says:

    It’s beautiful item of clothes…perfect for the summer…it’s so airy, it seems to be made of the morning mist.

  5. Budding Fashionista says:

    i bought one season last year for $6 at forever 21 (score!) and have yet to wear it because i’ve just been unsure about it! mine is all black, floral jacquard, though…i prefer all of the pretty colored ones you featured. So, thanks for this post for inspiration! I’m going to try and pair it with shorts this weekend!

  6. redwithenvy says:

    I am obsessed with the kimono, I actually just recently wore mine in a post.
    I love how they can be thrown over something so simple and instantly elevate it to stylish heights.
    Everyone needs one for summer

  7. Funkypath by M says:

    I adore them but I haven’t bought one! Because it’s exactly how you say, eeeverybody wears them’! I have actually a very similar post about my fashion favorites for summer!

    I really love your posts!

  8. Sofie says:

    I love kimonos! Don’t own enough. Great post – loving how you debate with yourself haha.
    X Sofie

    • Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina) says:

      haha, thx! love them too need to get one cause I don’t have one either. thanks xxx


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