The Complete Guide to Prom Dresses and Gowns

Prom is the perfect opportunity to get all dressed up and feel your best. This event is about making memories, enjoying yourself and dancing the night away – and your dream dress is only going to amplify the whole experience! Prom is typically the first time you will be shopping for a formal black-tie look, meaning that shopping for the right piece can feel unfamiliar. Read these top tips for a complete guide to discovering your perfect prom dress


First things first

Before anything else, you need to take the time to decide which fit is going to suit you best for your prom dress. Focusing on fit will lead you towards a style that makes you feel beautiful, confident and comfortable – what more could you need from your new favourite dress? Take a moment to think about the silhouettes you already enjoy wearing on a daily basis, if you prefer sleek styles then a body-con or mermaid cut dress will suit you best. Love all things floaty and romantic? Choose a voluminous A-line skirt or a cool shift dress. This is a great step to take and will make your entire shopping process so much easier.


Invest accordingly

Although prom night is just one event, remember that the piece you choose should be able to see you through more magical memories to come. Explore timeless cuts that you know you can wear and love for many years in the future to make a wise investment that looks more and more beautiful with every single wear. Plus, you want your photographs to feel fresh every time you look at them!


Get inspired

Next, be sure to spend some time exploring and getting inspired. Take a look online and in magazines before you start shopping to get an idea of the type of look you would like to style. This can help with everything from the dress to your shoes and even your hair and makeup.


Have fun

Always remember that you should be having fun! This applies to your inspiration phase, browsing, shopping and your big night. Look for exciting styles that feel most like you, from embroidered florals to plunging necklines and glittering sequins, there’s a fit out there for every personality! If you feel more like a classic girl, look at contemporary cuts with clean lines and dynamic side cut-outs. For the romantics, focus on feathers, florals and billowing sleeves. If you’re feeling more creative, choose bright and poppy shades with subtle design components like a cowl neck or wrap up ties. Having fun and prioritising your own joy will lead you to that dream dress that makes your best and brightest self shine!


Add the accessories

Never forget the power of a few accessories. Choose a pair of sleek strappy heels, a neutral toned clutch or fun, feminine hair accessories to bring your look to life. A few additions here and there, and your look will come to life. Your flourishes and extras are a great way of making your prom dress feel even more your own.

Get out there and start searching for prom dresses to find your perfect fit now.