The CLEAR SHOE Trend: What Do You Think?

Trend-talk-wise, you know what, if it doesn’t stick leave it to Kim Kardashian to make you give it a second thought. Generally speaking the woman could probably sell air. Particularly speaking it’s the bloody transparent shoes trend. The see-throughh shoes. The CLEAR SHOE TREND the internet lost it over a while ago. The perspex shoes. No matter the name, it’s basically the invisible luxe shoe.

‘Luxe’ is quite the key word here. Do not, I repeat do not, mistake the massive clear shoe trend for the jelly shoes that we used to wear as kids, and are now considering of giving a second try. I ain’t. But to each they’re own, you know. No sir, I’m talking about simple stiletto or block heels, sexy shoes, that have clear straps, or just clear body-shoe through which you can see the foot and the nails, and struggle for sexy.

I mean if you have beautiful skinny feet with puuuuuurfect nails, you’re settled for life. You can squeeze those motherfuckers into perspex clear boots and nail it. If not, do not despair, cause you can do socks. Whaaaa? Coloured socks, printed socks that will make you look like you’ve got a different shoe on each time.


So where does Kim Kardashian fit into this trend pic? I don’t know if you noticed, but these days whatever she has on she’s rocking the clear shoe trend every time. Of course, it’s Yeezy‘s collection, but wouldn’t you do the same? Exactly.

kim-kardashian-clear-shoe-trend-4 kim-kardashian-clear-shoe-trend-2

The thing about clear shoes is that they give you uber long feet, it’s like you’re barefooted yet walk on six inch heels and look super dope and hot doing it. I LOVE the single strap clear stiletto sandals. It’s simplicity to the core wth a dash of luxe, and very effortless polished elegant vibe. And it’s edgy too. I mean clear shoes, hello!

So, I’m actually all for this clear shoe trend and I did find some great pieces for you to shop. In case you wanna give it a try.

Click on photo to shop.


How do clear shoes actually look in street style mode? Here we go:


clear-shoes-1 clear-shoes-2 clear-shoes-3 clear-shoes-4 clear-shoes-5 clear-shoes-6 kim-kardashian-clear-shoe-trend-1 transparent-shoes kim-kardashian-clear-shoe-trend-3 clear shoe

Have a fabulous fun weekend my gorgeous ones. Or a relaxed one. Whatever you’re into these days.