The CHOKER Necklace Everyone’s Wearing

Or maybe I should’ve said everyone’s chocking on… you know. For the past 1 week or so it seems somehow the CHOKER necklace – that 90s thin or thick black piece of leather or velvet that is tied in a bow or not around our necks – is having a major comeback. If you’re not into fashion this news is like finding out your neighbour drinks milk.

If, however you’re a sartorial person, regardless of you loving the choker trend for 2016 or not, regardless of you wearing it or not, I really can’t help but be a little shocked for one reason alone. What is up with all the fucking hype around this choker thing? We are all acting like some dolls who think they’ve discovered pink lipstick and are now milking a look that was there tens of years ago.

Anyone feel the same?

choker necklace

Because… hear me out. I don’t know whether or not you remember, but the choker as it is (classic black) and also reinvented, tried to have a comeback moment a year or two ago?! Blogpost here. Hence my jewellery box being filled with golden massive chokers, you know. So don’t tell me it never happened.

Why the hell are we today acting as if we just discovered the choker necklace? And more importantly why does it even get to me? Hmm. Who the hell knows and gives a shit really.  At least they’re giving props to the 90s. I mean c’mon, were it not for Buffy or Drew Barrymore, Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler, we wouldn’t know the power of the choker today.

It’s cause of these cool girls that everyone back in the day had a tiny strip of black leather or velvet tied around our necks. I remember there was like a year when I never took it off. It was there, part of me, and when it broke, my heart broke with it. My face looked different, my hair looked different, everything about me would not be the same. Inside and out.

choker necklace

Perhaps this nostalgia triggers the ‘wtf’ reactions I was telling you about? Doesn’t really matter. What matters is that the choker necklace, as we knew it, simple, classic black, more edgy and grungy rather than glam, is BACK. Yes, it’s back cause of these IT girls who are suddenly falling for its coolness. All it took was for Kendall and Gigi to post some Instagams of themselves choking on the simplicity of a thin stripe of leather around their necks, and before we knew it their PR pulled it through. Oh, I mean their style. Oops.

Los dramas aside, a WHY? still lingers: that the choker is back is great and all, trends always go aways and then come back anyway, but WHY is it so successful? Seriously.

Well, funny you should ask, but the story has it that any stripe of cloth be it thick or thin beautifully tied around our necks, with or without a pendant has this superpower of putting all the focus on our pretty faces and making us look more beautiful. I know, how ridiculously impossible right? Well, not really. Besides, it also has this superpower of giving a bit of grunge but also some sort of dark elegance to any outfit. You can wear your hair loose in beach waves for example, or you can don a very polished look, and it’ll all be this great 90s-retro-glam-edgy-mix.

Anyway it’s Friday, so enough with the ramblings and ranting and preaching. Let’s shop for some chokers and get some style inspo for the weekend.



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Should we proclaim this the weekend of the choker?