I may not know much about… anything actually, but one thing I do know is that timing is crucial. In anything and everything we do. Be a little too late, or a little too early and you may just have blown your chance to something.

Sartorially speaking being too late or too early on some trends or looks pretty much equals to signing your own style death sentence. If you care about that sort of shit you’re screwed.

Knowing this, I’m still writing this post, cause I never learn God damn it. The asymmetric ruched skirts were a trend of 2014 summer, so what the fuck am I doing writing about them 6 months later? I’m telling you I never learn, I’m always late. Timing has never been my forte in anything I do so I’ll just leave this here and use it as an excuse, okay?


Those asymmetric ruched skirts brought to us last summer by Helmut Lang were everywhere, and if you ask me they’re still going on strong, and it’s winter 2015. So are girls still obsessed with them? Are we still milking on some past trend, and why?

Yes, yes, and yes. When every day on tumblr or pintrest I stumble upon a photo of some girl in an asymmetric ruched or draped skirt errr… I take it as a sign you know. The freaking trend ain’t going nowhere. And there’s that.

the-asymmetric-ruched-skirt-street-style-5 It was only a few episodes ago Khloe Kardashian was looking HOT in a nude asymmetric ruched skirt all dolled up for a party.

Speaking of party – the one thing some of us live for the entire week (stop pointing fingers okay? I had a flu to fight this week and tons of work to do. At this point going out for a little gathering is mandatory for my sanity.) – this skirt seems to be the party uniform for a lot of girls out there. Truth is, you can take the skirt pretty much anywhere and it does look kinda fabulous dressed up with heels and a bling belt.

the-asymmetric-ruched-skirt-outfit the-asymmetric-ruched-skirt-party-look

But why persist on this look still? Because it’s figure flattering. Period. Or maybe we’re just too hung up on that Angelina leg-trend you know.

At this point I could just wrap this shit up and go, cause that’s what we want: clothes that make us look fantastic, that play up our assets. This is exactly what this skirt does.

It’s short, but it’s long, it’s fitted, but not ready to snap on our bodies, it can be dressed up or down. It’s usually made of jersey or  some unpretentious fabric that follows the curves of your body, playing them up and concealing any flaws we think we might have.


The cut is incredibly flattering: the high slit is uber hot and elongates the legs, the ruched or draped fabric does 2 things: 1) it conceals if we feel we have to, and 2) it adds some curves if we think we need to.

the-asymmetric-ruched-skirt-trend-2015- the-asymmetric-ruched-skirt-trend-2015-streetstyle-7

It’s actually brilliant. One thing though… if there’s one place the skirt’s not going it’s at the office. Kind of inappropriate. Other than that, it’s perfect for dates, going out, weekend strolls around town, brunches etc. It goes great with T-shirts, sneakers, flats and heels. No high booths though.

and now more pics…

helmut-lang-the-asymmetric-ruched-skirt the-asymmetric-ruched-skirt-street-style-6 the-asymmetric-ruched-skirt-street-style-8 the-asymmetric-ruched-skirt-style-1 the-asymmetric-ruched-skirt-style-2 the-asymmetric-ruched-skirt-trend-2015 the-asymmetric-ruched-skirt-trend-2015-look the-asymmetric-ruched-skirt-trend-2015-streetstyle the-asymmetric-ruched-skirt-trend-2015-streetstyle-1 the-asymmetric-ruched-skirt-trend-2015-streetstyle-2 the-asymmetric-ruched-skirt-trend-2015-streetstyle-3 the-asymmetric-ruched-skirt-trend-2015-streetstyle-5 the-asymmetric-ruched-skirt-trend-2015-streetstyle-6

So you see… I get it why the obsession lingers. Sure, timing IS everything. There’s even a country song about it, but sometimes it can’t hurt to push the limits, right? Of course you gotta know what you’re up against and wear your ridiculousness with pride, cause seriously that’s how demented you’ll look in an asymmetric ruched skirt when everyone else is doing pants.

BUT, unlike life… this is just fashion, so who cares really if you’re too late or too early? Do your shit, and wear whatever the hell you like. That’s what I think and that’s what I’m sticking to, so give me an asymmetric ruched skirt, and I’ll wear it for 5 years in a row God damn it.


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