90s-style-bandanasWho could possibly forget those black, white, red, dark blue, sometimes even green little scarves with black-tattoo-resembling-motifs on them that we all used to wear back in the day, whether wrapped around our heads, in an attempt to channel either Axl Rose or Tupac, or wore them as the perfect pull-together-your-outfit-cool-accessory when wrapped around our wrists, necks, or tied on our school backpacks. BANDANAS!

They were the one thing I never EVER left the house without in the 90s. EVER. And when I  lost one in a taxi, I was devastated for weeks. street-style-bandana-headscarf (2)bandana-trend-90sbandana-trend-902Ah… the 90s! Still going hard these days, but you know what? I’m actually all PRO this bandana comeback, perhaps because of the reminiscing it causes me, or maybe cause it’s so harmless and fun, why not do it all over again? Especially in what’s left of summer.

For example: why not cover your head at the beach with a cool grungy slash ghetto style bandana? Or wrap one around your head on a bad hair day? Seriously, just like the head wraps and scraves and turbans – I see nothing wrong with this. Au contraire, for me it triggers great memories, youth, and a craving to just wear it all over again. On weekends. To the beach. Or wherever, but only on weekends, cause yeah…

Or everyday wrapped around my neck or posh bag? Yeah… that’d be possible. 2014-bandana-looksJust last week I was reading something about them (hence my idea for this post) and the way Cara Delevingne styled hers it hit me: yes we could bring these cool bandanas back. Right? For fun.

Okay, so you might argue – quite too accurately actually – how some things are better done once and at the right time, but there are just so many ways to wear a bandana even as a grown-up woman. Sure… the occasions are scarce to say the least, but those that allow us to push the style limits and give the watchers something worth their starring, should not be wasted.

The beach would definitely be a perfect opportunity to channel your inner 90s cool kid persona. A Saturday morning grabbing lunch with your friend. A weekend getaway, a music festival. A bad hair day! bandana-trend-90show-to-wear-bandanabandana-trend-2014 (5)How to wear one? Either wear it as a band tied around your head over your hair in a grungy-hipster style, OR tied underneath your hair, pulling it back from your face in a girly & cute way. This look is great with red lips. bandana-look (3)bandana-trend-2014 (6)Another great way to wear it, is retro style all the way, like those 50’s poster girls, cool housewives who had to keep their manes tamed but oh-so-sexy. Again it looks fab with perfect lined lips and a sassy attitude. bandana-look (2)street-style-bandana-headscarf (4)Then there’s the cover my head all-together, read Axl Rose bandana look, which is great for a dreaming-of-my-teenage-years moment. Why the hell not!

Or… on a daily basis the bandana can go around wrists, around necks, hanging from pockets, posh bags, like a cool colored accessory, you know.

More bandana/head-scarves inspiration… bandana-look (4)street-style-bandana-headscarfbandana-look (5)bandana-lookbandana-Looksbandana-trend-2014 (2)bandana-trend-2014 (3)bandana-trend-2014 (4)bandana-trend-2014 (7)bandana-trend-2014 (8)bandana-trend-2014 (9)bandana-trend-2014bandana-trend-2014celebrities-wearing-bandanahead-bandana-looksstreet-style-bandana-headscarf (3)street-style-bandana-headscarf (5)street-style-bandana-headscarf (6)street-style-bandana-headscarf (8)street-style-bandana-headscarf (9)Micah Gianneli_Best top personal style fashion blog_Rihanna stylstreet-style-bandana-headscarf (11)street-style-bandana-headscarf (12)trend-bandanaIf you love it rock it, no matter your age or any of that shit. If you don’t, well… don’t do it, and blame the whole bandana thing on that kid from One Direction. Yeah, that one… who’s head’s always wrapped up in something. :)

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