The 4 Most Wanted Women’s Bags for Early 2023

For a woman, a bag is probably the most important accessory to carry around: it’s not just a container, it is an item through which she expresses her personality, maybe even more than her outfit. In any case, it’s a matter of fact that a woman never leaves her house without her purse, even if it’s just to go to the supermarket. And the more mundane her destination is, the more fashionable her bag has to be. So, despite the recession, the harsh decline in sales, the economic contraction and the reduction of the average consumer’s spending capacity, bags remain a must-have for which a buyer is always willing to spend substantial amounts of money.

Just to give an example, the last Milan Fashion Week (September 20-26) has hosted an actual parade of the major bags brands’ newest issues, in particular the Italian ones: Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Ferragamo, Bottega Veneta, Tod’s, Gucci, Versace. Moreover, it has set new standards for the upcoming months, according to the current international trends and a vision of their evolution through the next seasons. On the basis of all of it, we can anticipate which kinds (or models, if you prefer) of bags, totes and purses will rule the market in early 2023. Here’s below the best four ones.

1. Baguette bag

In Milan, the new Fendi Baguette bag went viral in a heartbeat. Its thin, slim shape, combined with a wide array of colors, made it the real attraction of the kermesse and one of the items that will surely lay down the rules of elegance and fanciness through the next months. More springy than wintery, it has to be bought now (in order to save some money) and kept in the closet until the snow will melt and the first warm sunrays will show up, next year.

2. Furry bag

Furs everywhere: the ultimate trend for (apparently) every season has involved every garment, footwear and accessory, including bags. So, if you’re not tired enough of furs on your hat, your sweater, your gloves and even your slippers, you can add a bag to your collection of furry accessories. Just imagine of wearing all of them at once…

3. Wicker bag

It seemed to be gone forever, but clearly it has more than the canonic nine lives. The old-fashioned wicker bag makes its long-awaited comeback in a new, glowing shabby-chic version, thanks to some of the most daring and irreverent Italian brands. Now the traditional pale brown hue has been replaced by more vivid colors, but the essence of this item remains the same, as well as its main characteristics: for example, it still tends to flake off very easily.

4. Oversized bag

The main trend of this decade, when it comes with accessories, is still a general minimalism. Nonetheless those who love big sizes – or just need them – keep on having their niche in the women’s bags market. The big purses may not be the most wanted items of the next spring, but they are surely something to keep an eye on, if only because of the variety of models that many top brands have created.