Blue or green, red or orange, white or black? In case you’re wondering (and even if you’re not) what spring 2017 fashion trends and color trends are hot, I will tell you: all of them! Is that great or what? On one hand it’s great because it’s a safe ticket to getting it right if you are a trendy person, but on the other hand if you’re more of a fashion headless chicken (did somebody call me or something?) well then… welcome to the hell of all hells, also known as ‘too many options’. Let’s take a moment now to get over the panic.

If there’s one thing that could sum up my fashion life up to now it’d be black. All black. All the time. And sometimes, when I’d feel slightly adventurous I’d pop in a dash of white, or maybe red on really really really cheeky days, and felt like I did such a major style statement. Anyway… this past year I realised I’ve been more prone to color. In fact, I’ve traded my black jacket for an orange puffer, and felt good about it. I gave in to red and kinda fell for it. And I recently started a sartorial affair with nudes. This one I plan to continue until I die.

Therefore…. I think I could get used to 2017 spring fashion trends, an explosion of colors to be more precise. When it comes to 2017 fashion trends women we’re pretty much given the same cards. It’s our style personas that make them different each season. And today I plan on giving us tons of colourful spring 2017 fashion trends  outfit inspo + a doze of my fave picks for you. Therefore,  here are the 2017 Spring Fashion Color trends.

1. All the BLUES.

Sing your blues this spring cause it goes with the fashion. From dark blues like the deep blue sea (great! now I need a holiday by the sea), and cobalt royal blues, to baby pastel blue – all shades of the sky and the sea are IN. Electric blue or dusty powdered shades, in head-to-toe blue outfits or just one blue item – they’re all a winning style ticket in spring 2017 fashion trends book.


Spring 2017 Fashion Trends Spring 2017 Fashion Trends Spring 2017 Fashion Trends Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Shop for my fave blue pieces below:

2. GREENS. #envymebitch

Khaki is a major trend for spring 2017 fashion trends situation, so we have that going on for us. Then, with the 80’s trend coming on strong – more daring green outfits in vibrant green shades will come into life. It’s not for everyone I agree, but they look great in summer. If vibrant green ain’t your thing stick to the khaki style or the pastel greens to nail the spring 2017 fashion trends challenge.


Spring 2017 Fashion Trends Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Shop for my fave green pieces below:



Did I tell you about the 80s comeback into 2017 fashion trends women? Every woman I know had a purple/fuchsia outfit back in day. If not, she was rocking a purple or bright pink lipstick, or some dangling pink earrings. In any case, these purple, pink, fuchsia shades ruled their outfits. Now they’re back, and I am slightly cringing here. (1) I can work with purple, it’s royal, decadent, it can look great. Not on me. But on others it looks great. (2) Fuchsia? I can’t. It looks amazing but hurts my eyes too much. It’s like colors decided to scream in my face.  Also, vibrant shades of fuchsia and purple tend to look vulgar and maybe tacky a bit. Yes, please hate me now.

I love pastel pink though. And fuchsia lipstick. Thats’ gotta count for something right?


Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Shop for my fave purple & fuchsia pieces below:



Now we’re talking. Isn’t orange like the best color ever? It compliments almost any skin tone, and makes you think of oranges, which are healthy, hence this is a very healthy color. It also fits with the activewear trend and sporty outfits which are still a 2017 fashion trends women massive thing, but orange can also sit for a casual fun flirty even statement color. Therefore, I proclaim orange the winning color card of spring 2017 fashion trends contest.


Shop for my fave orange pieces below:


5. RED.

Red is only like the most beautiful and powerful color in the world. It screams confidence and sex-appeal. In fact, it’s so hot and sophisticated and refined at them same time it’s a winning ticket in any situation, whether you go all out on red or just wear one red item. It works on every style, skin tone, and looks amazing in clothes, accessories and makeup as well.


Shop for my fave red pieces below:



Hello! It’s spring, of course whites are in. We were rocking them in winter, it’d be silly to stop wearing white in sunny weather. White outfits look fresh, luxuriant, rich, sophisticated, sporty or glam, or both. The only downside is it gets easily dirty, so it needs extra care. Whites look amazing paired with any color. It’s the perfect color combo, and firs runner in the spring 2017 fashion trends race.


Shop for my fave white pieces below:



Errr… need I say more? When I don’t know what to wear, when I have 0 sartorial clues, when I know exactly what to wear, when I want to look sharp, sexy, cool, effortless, comfy, but chic – I wear black. This is pretty much 99% of the time. It’s easy to wear, it looks great, and you feel super put together no matter what outfit you actually wear as long as it’s black.


Shop for my fave black pieces below:



I love nudes. I used to not love nudes, but now I do. I think they’re the closest spring 2017 fashion trends item to achieving luxe and comfy in the same outfit. A great nude outfit that matches your skin tone, and has the perfect design and cut will look 1,000,000 times better than any of the above colors. I also love that you can mix and match nudes and it will look even more rich and sophisticated, but also calm and cozy and very warm. Paired with nude tone nails and bold lips – a nude outfit is pure perfection in any situation.


Shop for my fave nude pieces below:


Seems like ALL is IN has taken over 2017 fashion color trends, and that’s probably a great thing to watch evolve and join in.

Have a wonderful week my loves!


This is not the military trend. I repeat, this is not the military trend. It resembles its army fashion sibling, but 2017 Spring KHAKI Trend is a more polished and more versatile version of the army looks we’ve done about 3 years ago, when the military trend was exactly what it said it’d be – army-like looks which incidentally had a lot of khaki clothes in it.

The 2017 Spring KHAKI trend is again what it says it is. (God, I love how explicit fashion is these days). Khaki trend is anything khaki based or pure khaki color, shades of this color from head to toe (massive outfit trend) OR just one or two items here and there. Maybe even just a pair of shoes, or a nail polish.

It can be army inspired as well, like a broad shoulder khaki jacket, a khaki jumpsuit, cargo polished pants, BUT what is most amazing about 2017 khaki trend is it doesn’t need to be. It’s all down to the actual color.

How to wear and do KHAKI as a trend in 2017 Spring?

Okay, let’s play a game: pick one fave clothing item.

thinks and picks flirty dress par example.

Now imagine that flirty dress is in khaki. STOP. Put it on, pair it with stiletto nude sandals, or maybe nude ankle boots and welcome to the 2017 Khaki trend.

thinks and picks pants.

Baggy pants, dressy pants, slim pants – imagine they’re khaki. Now pair them with a white top. STOP. For a full on effect pair them with a khaki top, like  a bodysuit, or a boyfriend tee. Perfection.

thinks and picks leggings.

Yes, the novelty of 2017 – khaki gym outfits. Imagine those leggins in khaki. Now put them on. Pair them with a khaki crop top/gym bra, and khaki sneakers and damn! OR you can pair them with a white or black top.

What are the best KHAKI combos of 2017?

White and khaki looks amazing. It looks very luxe and rich, especially when paired with golden details and a polished look altogether.

Khaki and nudes/browns/creams. It’s one of the main hits of this year. It’s been a street style or Instagram #OOTD trend for a while. It looks very… socialite-like, very wannabe-sophisticated, very cozy-glam.

Khaki and black, is a more classic safe take on this trend. It’s more dramatic, but is can also appear boring if not done properly. For it to be more chic pick great quality fabrics, and expensive looking clothes.

Best KHAKI pieces to wear for the perfect khaki 2017 nailed trend?

Khaki bodycon dresses, khaki shirt dresses, and mini dresses, khaki gym outfits, sweatshirts, shoes, khaki trenches and bomber jackets.

My fave picks for you below. Click on image to see and shop.


Street style OR how the cool ones are doing KHAKI.


I am honestly slowly but surely falling hard over this trend.




Before y’all hair gurus say the obvious on this one – like how late I am on the balayage being THE hair color trend right now – please know I know. You’re right though. Balayage has been an IT hair gimmick for quite a while. It was the the ombre trend and its death that actually brought balayage as a trend into spotlight for the past few years, and still going strong.

So I guess I’m right too. Amen to that! (to all of us being right.)


What exactly is BALAYAGE?

The word per se is French, and it’s actually a hair dye technique used for quite a while to give your mane that natural sun-kissed look we’re all naturally having in summer. It’s the most beautiful and natural mix of highlights and shades of blonde, caramel, honey, ash, brunette et all.

[the hair dye is applied on sections of hair, not from top to bottom].


It’s like the summer, the sun, the beach, and all their sunny gorgeous friends decided to have a party in your hair, and the outcome is brilliant as opposed to the after party mess. And it gets better in time. Ha!

Which brings me to the time situation with balayage. Who cares about time? That’s right. It’s such a natural looking hair color trend that you don’t need to re-touch it very often, in fact skipping on a few hair appointments will only make it look better: lighter ends, darker roots.

This technique has been having its natural way with my hair since I was a kid: born with super blonde hair which turned dark blonde growing up, but in summer it always looked better than ever, cause of how it naturally had that highlighted sun-kissed effect.

Now, thanks to balayage, imma get me some sun-kissed hair in mid winter.


Who can get Balayage?

Anyone really, as it’s a super versatile technique for all hair types and colours. There’s blonde balayage which can actually range from ash blonde to honey blonde, to golden blonde, or dark blonde. Then, there’s the caramael chocolate balayage which is slightly darker. And then there is brunette balayage ,so yes you can actually do balayage on dark hair.

Also, apparnelty there is the balayage highlight, or omblre, whichever floats your boat.

In my humbled non-hair guru opionion, but still one who’s tried all the shades from blonde to brunette throughout time, I think balayage is the most falttering hair colur trend ever, and anyone can look amazing with both blonde or dark balayage, it’s all just a matter of the right tone. Golden warm tones versus cold tones. And the lunky ones are neutral, so that means they can pull of any tone. 


Why it’s the best hair color trend ever?

It’s low maintance, it’s incredly flattering on everyone being so dynamic and not uni-dimensionl (or whatever), it looks young, fresh, and very effortlessly sophisticated.

It flatters the skin tone, and looks like you literally sat in summer all day long.

Great. Now I’m having a season meltdown here. #summernostalgia

And the worst part is winter’s not even here.

Anyway, here are the pics for hair color inspo.





2017-hair-color-trend-balayage-232017-hair-color-trend-balayage-242017-hair-color-trend-balayage-25balayage-hair-trend-2016balayage-looksbalayage-stylebrunette-balayagehair-2017 balayage-trendlatina-balayagehair-2017-balayagehair-style-2917-balayagehair-color-trend-2017

Happy hair day I guess!


Some things are better left untouched and undisclosed until the right time comes along. Yeah, not the trends case though. Not when it’s Fashion Week frenzy and my brain seems to only work in terms of sartorial criticism and trend spotting. So there’s that.

Yesterday I did a brief report on best runway looks so far from New York Fashion Week 2017, and man had I wish I’d waited a day longer so I’d include Anna Sui, Michael Kors, and Ralph Lauren. I am crying right now. I literally just wish to be a runway girl draped in Ralph Lauren SS2017 clothes.

That’s not gonna happen anytime soon, so I might as well stick to my guns here and disclose you my Eureka moment of the trends we could keep an eye on for Spring 2017. If we’re into that sort of shit you know.

1. Sports-mania

I’ll shout an amen for this one while squatting as low as I can and hope the sporty-athelisure-gym-inspiried-trend never never ever ever ever dies. Like ever. What’s new for next year: perhaps a bit more masculine inspired with a dash of scuba diving and swimming mood going on.

New York Fashion Week TrendsNew York Fashion Week Trends

2. The 80s Comeback

Well… it ain’t as obvious as I’d hoped, nor as powerful but it is slowly making a comeback. Sequins, broad shoulders, cinged waists, pencil skirts in midi length, massive kitsch earrings… 80s alright.

New York Fashion Week Trends

3. Time Traveling to the 40s

To be honest it’s a pure speculative thought, but I really had glimpses of the post world war fashion: reinvented, uber feminine, but incredibly powerful and sexy, in high waists, cinged, belts, pencil skirts, midi length, beautiful exquisite classic hourglass designs.

New York Fashion Week Trends


4. Baby Blues

Never in my life have I seen so many blue outfits. You know what? I think each year all designers have a common sartorial craving which they all secretly decide to give into and make us all mortals follow them. For spring 2017 it’s blue.


5. Black & White

Overall Spring 2017 is less a mess of chaotic prints and colours, and more a structured, powerful, sexy, feminine, slightly sporty, slightly retro season. There is a lot of all white looks and all black looks, and then, there’s a combo of the 2 and I love it. It’s clean but sophisticated and very refined in a not so serious way. It’s quite welcoming after seasons of too much bloom and prints that were thrown up on all the outfits in the world.


6. Tamed Prints

Well halle-fucking-lujah for this. Spring 2017 is all about tamed bloom inspired prints, little flowers, bigger flowers, but nothing too crazy or wild. And then some designers who also dab into the gypsy-ethnic-hobo-cowboy looks use geomatric prints and ethnic inspired patterns.


7. Trench Coats

Wait what?! And with trench-coats come quite a significant number of furs, and jackets, and invasion of outwear that first left me speechless and outcasted: ‘Like, what the fuck is happening, am I watching the spring summer collection?!’, but then it hit me, well… it is spring, which tends to be less hot than summer, and in places like London you do need quite a significant outwear during the day. We can’t all wear dresses, tank tops, and bras now can we? Temperature wise it’s just not possible.



8. Power Suits

Dayumn. They’re strong, empowering, yet feminine and sophisticated. Some designers have slouchy power suits, a la 80s, some have a more retro 40s version of a pant-suit, some are uber sexy a la 90s done in 2017. All in all they look fab and I love their massive comeback.



9. Hobo Queen

Think of all the romantic colours and dainty dresses, and lace and granny inspired fabrics and wear them all as if you’re this rocknrol queen with either an edgy alter ego or a shy one, a difference in attitude that gives different vibes to the same trend. This trend is pure perfection, it’s new, and such a breath of fresh air.


10. Bras Are the New Tops

Yep. Better start working on that six-pack. Or not. Actually this trend as risqué as it may appear, it’s basically just another version of the crop top meets the bralette. I like it. And like the sports thing, I’m glad it ligers for yet another season.


One more day to breath in and breath out, and then London FW begins. Until then we can still talk about NYFW in the Facebook comments.


No hawt season is ever complete without bright colours and chaotic spring prints. Or classic prints, you know. Something about warm temperatures makes us more prone to funky clothes, and big bright colours, and mismatched pattens, and prints that range from those groundbreaking florals to stripes, or psychedelic insane ones.

That’s the beauty of spring and summer. If it’s too much, if it’s too bright, if it’s too light, if it’s too anything – it goes. 2016 Spring/Summer is a faithful mirror to all this, with a massive emphasis on 70s inspired florals and prints.

One of my favourite collections of all times is a perfect display of a perfect sartorial fun summer: Gucci SS 2016. My ultimate favourite.

With this in mind, and the fact that nothing screams prints and colours like spring and summer, I give you today a short report on exactly what is IN this season.


If you’re gonna wear colourful clothes, these 5 looks might come in handy.

1.SOLID STRIPES. Think retro with a dash of marine, a very clean but also bright approach to this print. You can wear head to toe 1 type of stripe print, or mismatch them: skirts and tops, or skirts and blazers. Have fun with stripes. Reds, blues, yellows and whites are IN.


2. FLORALS. They were in thousands of years ago, and they’ll be in forever. Deal with it, embrace it, and make it wild.


3. YELLOW-MELLOW & PASTELS. Courtesy of Beyonce’s Lemonade, or so I think, yellow is everywhere these days, with a feeling of such mellow vibes and summer laziness it’s one of my fave colours this season. And becasue nothing in fashion ever stays the same for more than one month, of course this trend expanded and got funkier, hence the bright pastels that are creeping into our summer outfits. Clothes that look lighter, and more feminine, cloores that are barely there mixed with brighter shades of yellow make outfts look like retro 60s ice-cream trucks. Everything is fresher than lemonades and cooler than Kanye I swear. I the most subtle and feminine way ever.


4. WHITE & SOLIDS. Because for some reason simple white has been there done that, beautiful chic sartorials decided to mix things up and add a bit of solid colour to an all white outfit. A dash of red or blue is fab.


5. 70s PRINTS . Seriously, I don’t need anything this season but 70s prints in Gucci clothes. That’s it. Think of florals, retro, pastels, muted and bright shades, geometric prints, stripes – combined in such a way that it works, and it looks fab. Think of our moms in the 70s wearing tea-lengh dresses, in the most beautiful retro prints ever. The best part in this print is you can go bright or pastel, one item or head-to-toe.

Viviana Volpicella and Helena Bordon


More colourful inspo:



The thing about summer is it kinda makes you step out of your box and experiment a little bit. So for those who are more into minimal or black and white looks spring and summer prints and colours are a sartorial challenge. A fun fun ride, why not. So enjoy. :)

Happy Monday my pretty loves and have a fab week. xoxo