A great evening starts off with a great golden hour, a great casual summer look, and your ‘squad’ right there beside you. Ah, I hate that word, but let’s move on, and leave it at that. It was a hay day that day, and I don’t mean the animal farm/countryside app, but actual fields of hay a la Tuscany, by the side of the road, beautiful, summer’ish, windy, hot, very childhood reminiscent, and kinda boho cool if we’re to speak fashion.

What to wear in the summer sun? Casual Summer Look.

A bikini is usually a great idea, but not really. Given the social courtesies outside the beach. Therefore my chosen summer outfit for this hay day was really a no brainer and a look I keep doing in summer. At least this summer since I found this pair of cutoffs. #obsessed

Oh… and I am wearing denim and white. Shocking. It’s my fave combo in the world. If you didin’t know that about me now you know.

What is not a good idea to wear?

Sandals. IF you plan a hay day, never in a million years think about wearing something other than sneakers, boots, espadrilles. For real.

A hat in my case. I LOVE LOVE LOVE hats on other people, but I never ever wear them. So… it feels weird seeing myself casually rocking one. I always tell you guys to step out of sartorial comfort zones, and be style adventurous, so I guess I’m practicing my own preaches here. As much as a hat can be considered adventurous.

The photos:


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Photos by Florina Ciupertea.



Beach dress. Check. Office dress. Check. Cocktail dress, weekend dress, date night dress, flirty dress, preppy dress. Check, check check, check. If you think I’m throwing around words, you’re wrong. Reaching adulthood (#eyeroll) has also made me reach some new sartorial conclusions: staples will always beat trends, and trends are better when they come from staples. Whatever, it’s not a big deal, but when it comes to tea dresses I think we’re sitting on a goldmine.

Back in the 40s tea dresses were the home dresses women used to wear as casual outfits around the house. Loose lines and unstructured silhouettes characterised this dress in which you had tea. What started off as a light wear kinda dress later was redesigned to fit all occasions and all body types. Or at least to be more versatile, and the outcome was amazing.

If you ask me (and I know you don’t but imma tell you anyway) the tea dress is Diane Von Furstenberg’s wrap dress’s sister. Period.

What is a tea dress?

It’s a dress you wear to have tea (wine, whiskey, coffee, water, pizza, steak, cakes, anything really). Groundbreaking. It’s a light fabric dress in bright prints or colours, very summer spring friendly, usually mid length, and very cocktail appropriate. Throughout the years designers have given us millions of styles, cuts and lengths for the tea dress so today it’s a casual dress in a very light fabric, in any colour, length, print, pattern, usually with cap sleeves, spaghetti straps, or sleeveless (aka wrap dress inspired), with a slit or not, full skirt, or more A-line – a dress you can take anywhere.

Mini tea dresses styles are perfect for the beach, for holidays, for casual situations, paired with espadrilles, bare feet, flat sandals.

Midi lengths are amazing for anything from office days to casual days, and so easy to dress up or down, to spice it up You can add a blazer and stilettos for work, or a leather jacket and a pair of edgy heels for a night out. Or you can keep it super simple,  flirty or polished for a wedding par example.

Why is the tea dress perfect for all women?

Body wise I think it fits all types because it’s flattering on anyone. It sort of falls on the body and hugs it where it should, it hides what you want hidden and so on. It’s incredibly feminine and very easy to play with, style wise.

Tall women can wear mostly any length, while short girls can pull off mini, and above the knee in a brilliant way. Narrow shoulders look great with cap sleeves, while broad shoulders with sleeveless styles. Skinny girls can pull off spaghetti straps. Tea dresses cinged at the waist with a tiny little strap are great for hourglass shapes.

Besides we all want to look great with the least of efforts and the tea dress kinda does that for us. Also if you secretly have a thing for those vintage fashion films a la Sophia Loren or some Italian Dolce and Gabbana scenario – this dress is the IT dress. I swear to God I feel like one of those D&G women when I wear one. I could suffer from delusion here, but we’ll not look into that. I’m trying to focus on the positive things in my life right now.


How to wear tea dresses?

2017 is all about the block heel, the low square heel sandals, the flat shoes, or the sneakers – and all these shoes look great with tea dresses. They look trendy, retro cool, sophisticated, casual and so on.

A pair of great stilettos though will always make my heart skip a beat. Sure it’s not your 8 am go to look, but it can be that and so much more. Cocktail outfit, wedding guest look. Perfection. #carriebradshaw

You can also rock them in autumn and winter and layer them with knits, cardigans, scarves, and over the knee boots. Or… I’m just getting a little too carried away here.

Where to wear tea dresses?

TO TEA! And that sort of stuff. The acronym actually stands for more posh situations, like dinners, and cocktails, and that sort of stuff, yet over the years girls have worn heir tea dresses to brunch, to Sunday farmer’s markets, as a throw on piece for very laid back situations, beach days, picnics and what not.

Office attire. YASSS. That too. A very smart version of this dress (sans a deep cleavage, spaghetti straps, and high slit) is perfect for work. It’s professional, summer’ish, fuss free, and cute.

Street style inpso:


Shop for the prettiest tea dresses below:


Have a great week everyone!





Sometimes you love to dress up, and lay out your office outfits for summer 3 days in advance, but sometimes you just can’t be bothered. It’s fine. I mean somewhere between not falling asleep fast enough on Sunday, and that Monday blues and never-enough-coffees who gives a shite about fashion anyway? What to wear suddenly sounds like the most idiotic question ever.

“Like, seriously, you should be so lucky I actually bothered to put on pants today. Ugh.’ #thoughts

Shocking as this may sound, eves us – fashion gurus and style stalkers get tired once in a while, and feel no jazz whatsoever when it comes to our office outfits for summer, let alone shop for them. Best case scenario we could use a style assistant. Or rewind a few years back to kindergarten and first grades and we’ll take whatever our moms laid out for us. Ahhhh! Worst case scenario, open your closet, stretch out your hand, hand touches clothes, pick one, or more, put in on, and hope for the best.

It’s called dressing up as an adult.

Therefore, all you need is pants, skirts, basic tops, and dresses. To jazz it up throw in a polished big bag, a pair of sunglasses and some gold jewellery.

1.PANTS: office outfits for summer.

A bottom style, alongside the skirt that is required in public, hence in office situations. Whether they’re the most plain boring pair of pants in the world, or bight and printed in funky styles, culottes, long, cigarette, dressy, stretchy, black, white, red – normally all pants (sans jeans) are office appropriate.

Easiest way to wear them: wear a plain white or black t-shirt (or a button down), a pair of simple heels (stilettos, block), sandals, ballet flats, a big massive tote bag, sunglasses and jewellery if you want.

TIP: go for high waist, not too tight.

2. SKIRTS: office outfits for summer.

Anything that’s around the knees (even above a few inches) is usually great for office outfits for summer. Pencil skirts tend to look more professional, but summer is the perfect season to wear more causal skirt styles, pleated skirts, flirty, floral, midi, even denim (midi length).

Pair them with a simple top: t-shirt, bodysuit, silky blouse, blazer, flats, heels, even sneakers if the code permits.

TIP: flirty pretty skirts look best for office in monochromatic outfits and flats. Very summer’ish. Pencil styles work better with any type of heel.

3. DRESSES: office outfits for summer

There’s no way around this: dresses are the easiest things to wear. You need one item + shoes + bag and you’re ready. From super dressy pencil cut dresses to more tea-inspired, flirty styles  – the dresses you can wear to office in summer are infinite. As long as the length is decent, and the fabric is not see-through, you can literally go for anything: shirt dresses, tea-dresses, tight and fitted, boxy, flirty.

TIP: avoid spaghetti straps and too short hemlines and you’re safe.

Hope this was helpful! :) xoxo

Somewhere between the 90’s and the 2000’s you broke hearts in this skirt. You wore it to high-school a la Beverly Hills 90210, to college a la Twin Peaks style, to parties a la Justin & Britney Denim Love Homage. That mini denim skirt was your best friend. the staple of a very grungy, slightly tacky closet. You wore it religiously and loved it. Then you grew up, and let me guess: you swore to never wear it again.

Big mistake. In fashion, as in life never say never. Fast forward over 10 years and who’s going denim skirt shopping? Who’s rocking a skimpy little denim skirt with a flirty shirt on Instagram? A-ha.

Ladies… it’s 2017 and the denim skirt is back and more sophisticated than ever, so there’s really no need for panic. We will not all look like versions of ourselves back in the day, only older, instead we’ll look older-in-a-good-way AKA grown-up with a style so on point and sophisticated you’ll wonder what the hell was wrong with us in the first pace, wearing that denim skirt in such a cheap and tacky way way back when.

Why it’s okay to wear the denim skirt in 2017 if you’re not a teen anymore?

The denim skirt today is so nipped and tucked in such a versatile and more polished way that it really can adapt to all ages and styles. Starting with last year most designs started to play around with denim and the skirt, so by 2017 we have amazing denim skirt pieces from Tommy Hilfiger, to Tom Ford, Miu Miu, Lutz Huelle, Oscar de la Renta, Yeezy, Dolce & Gabbana. Pretty much all designers took to denim and gave us collections packed or just sprinkled with some pretty fab and quite polished pieces.

I guess the world of fashion caught up with the reality out there: we’re not our moms and dads, so way in our 30s or 40s we do still want to play with looks and fashion, get adventurous but in a more grown-up way if you like. Hence today’s sartorially wider range of trends and ‘how-to’ looks.

How to wear the denim skirt in 2017?

You know how you wore it in high-school? Yeah. Do the opposite. These days the denim skirt is all grown-up and more sophisticated, paired with less casual pieces and never heels. Unless of course you are the master of your castle and know your style like nobody’s business. Therefore you can probably pull off anything regardless of its borderline cheapness.  #stripperheels

I AM JOKING. Never wear those.

Wear these instead:

  • button-down shirts
  • statement shirts
  • boyfriend t-shirts
  • peasant tops
  • crop tops
  • off-the-shoulder blouses
  • basic t-shirts
  • bodysuits
  • sweatshirts
  • slides
  • sneakers
  • flat sandals
  • espadrilles
  • Layer with oversized denim jackets, leather jackets, bomber jackets, trench-coats, dusters.

For an easier falling into this new-way-of-wearing-the-denim-skirt look into celebrity styles. Kendall Jenner the Hadids, Hailey Baldwin, Selena Gomez, Alexa Chung.

Shop for those denim skirts that are grown-up!

Let’s face it, you’re not getting any younger. So while you’re getting old, wrinkled and sophisticated apparently so is the denim skirt. At least the last bit. The 2017 denim skirt has a more casual loose fit, like the classic Levi’s if you will. It doesn’t sit too low on the hips, and it gets a more grown-up vibe when you tuck your top into it.

It can be mini, pencil cut, with front buttons, slightly ripped, with pockets, high waist, long – sky’s the limit. Although truth be told the comeback of the denim skirt kinda belongs to the mini version of it.

Scroll to right, then to left, and click on image to buy:


Street style inspiration


So my dear teens and grown-ups alike, any thoughts? Comment down below in the Facebook app and let’s talk about it.






Well that’s easy, just keep riding your high horse and piss rainbows and butterflies. Do the occasional hair flip, wear sunglasses bigger than your head, a duster coat that hangs off your shoulder all the way down to the floor like you’re goddam Cruella. Oh, and always look ambushed by the paparazzi yet never out of style.

Like I said here, some people are born with it, some work a life time but never really nail it.

How to look like a million dollars? 

The key is to look effortless, and unbothered. The best way to do that apparently is to resort to this spring-summer’s biggest jacket trend: the DUSTER coat. Aka the silk robe, the reinvented kimono, the sleeveless trench-coat, the long vest.

Everyone who loves fashion knows that one of the style-keys to sophistication is layering. Yet when summer hits us hard you’d rather flaunt your birthday suit than layer up on clothes, you know. Luckily the duster coat got that predicament hence its ability to be layered without the extra body heat. So everyone form mortals to VIPs with a penchant for fashion have quickly jumped in the duster coat wagon and really do strike as millionaires on the go.duster coat duster coat duster coat

What exactly is a duster coat?

Basically it’s a very light version of the trench coat, to be worn in spring or chill summer days or evenings. It goes on for days,  so long and fluid it swipes the floors in the most dramatic way possible, it’s beautiful really.

Its siblings are the kimono, the trench, and the silk robe. Imagine all these got together and what came out was one piece to sum them all up: that is the duster, Long as a trench, light as a kimono, and effortless like a silk robe.

Micah Gianneli is the Queen on duster coats. <3

duster coat

How to wear a duster coat in summer?

It’s perfect for a cover up when you’re either a bit chilli or just feel slightly exposed in too skimpy outfits. Therefore it’s a great light jacket to wear over mini dresses, shorts, denim cutoffs and crop tops, jeans and bodysuits. Think summer casual to date night outfits, when you wanna feel breezy but are not too comfortable flaunting it all at first sight. You know what I mean?

And then there’s the style angle of it all. It looks amazing! A duster coat worn over any summer ensemble makes you look sophisticated. It’s also a fantastic piece for office summer outfits. You can just throw a duster over any office dress, or black pants with a silky blouse.

Shoes wise – truth of the matter is a great duster will look absolutely fabulous with stiletto heels. Period.

If however you wanna wear flats, sandals and espadrilles are a great option. However if that’s the case make sure you chose a robe silk like duster. Sort of casual but luxe, more like a summer super laid back cover up, rather than a light jacket per se.

duster coat duster coat

What duster coats to buy?

Yes, all is great in fashion world, but when it comes down to literally buying one or 2 dusters for summer, how does one know which are light enough, and will work well enough for both work and play. Let alone which’ll have that ‘effortless’ vibe to them?

Below is a list of my fave dusters and robes and vests and all the dramatic cover=ups we can shop for this summer. Click  on image to buy.


And last, but not least… street style inspo!!!!!


Happy Monday everyone. xoxo




There was a time I thought ripped jeans were like the holy grail of cool style. Then, as years passed me by so did this thought. Truth is,  when my dad asked me to go with him on a family visit and specifically asked me to not wear ripped jeans, worried and wandering whether or not I have normal pants, I laughed. Deep down inside though, I wondered if I was too old to be cool. Hence too old for ripped jeans. More so, I took a step back from my self absorbed self, and upon looking around it hit me I was the only one still hung up on the bloody shredded fashion.


Slowly… I gave it up. To this day I still think I had a ripped jeans addiction. These days I draw the line at knee cut jeans.

However, if you didn’t know, life is a bitch and so is Fashion. So just when I thought I’m adulting, and maturing, and shifting my style to more age appropriate, getting my shit together you know, I’m being fashion slapped by what triggered this whole sartorial process in the first place. Turns out… ripped jeans are back in style? They’re cool again?!

{insert confused emoji}

Ripped Jeans – Between Fashion Trend And Staple?

Uh-huh. I am literally considering the above ripped jeans debate. I mean, what else is a girl to think when the most coveted fad, emulated, replicated, luxe and cheap, done and did over and over, the poster child for trendy-ness, is suddenly like no-big-deal?

Ripped jeans are back in fashion in a very quiet way, subtle if you will. Maybe they were never really gone. Anyway… they’re present in #OOTDs, in weekend getaways, in casual looks. Their in-your-face-initail trait is gone (thank God!) and what we’re left with is a very polite ripped jeans situation.

Of course this may all too well be a delusion in my head, but I will stick by it and defend it with my pen. My truth is: ripped jeans *have* become a staple.  Perhaps a niche staple (if that’s even a thing), but I don’t think they’ll be gone anytime soon.

More so I think ripped jeans are skinny jeans’ little sister. Or brother.

{insert heart emoji}

How To Wear Ripped Jeans In 2017?

Firstly take them not as a fad or a statement piece but as a pair of random plain pair of pants. Secondly pair them with simple pieces for a very cool laid back style.

Truth is ripped jeans in 2017 are a true definition of style irony. You see… we live in the times of effortless and minimal luxe, and these suckers are exactly the opposite. Hence the sartorial challenge they bring to the table: how to wear them without wearing a style that speaks to the world in capital letters?

The key is in the simplicity of a look, and of course in the degree of shredded.

Knee cut jeans look fab (still) with no matter what. From some office looks to casual outfits a pair of black jeans paired with a simple back top is still the key to style perfection.

More ripped jeans styles aka shredded jeans look amazing with simple shoes – read flats (sneakers, espadrilles, sandals) – and a very simple top.

If you feel you look too trendy and blogger-ish, drop the whole ripped jeans style, or just simplify it. There’s only one thing worse than looking like a Fashion Desperado, and that’s a Fashion Desperado in ripped jeans.

Size and design wise they look better when slightly bigger – think boyfriend styles. Have fun with their cuts and designs and go anywhere from super low waist to very high.

If you choose to wear heels go more for that sophisticated style a la Rihanna or very minimal fashion week street style.

That’s it.


Shop the look below.





Truth is, secretly I really wanted to be a superhero. I wanted the full-on powers, the read-your-mind secret weapon, the travel back in time shtick, you know… stuff like that. I figured since I have my superhero Deadpool varsity jacket the rest would be a piece of cake.

Well… it turns out the only superpower I have is being lazy af. Which is great tbh, cause I couldn’t be bothered with saving the world and stuff like that. I am also funny, which is probably the only thing Deadpool and I have in common.

Anyway, wearing my new Deadpool jacket from Warrior Jackets, I ended up looking more like a College cheerleader (#eyeroll) rather than a superhero, but I guess that’s fine too, and only comes to show us this jacket’s versatility. #IKnowRight


How to wear a superhero varsity jacket IRL?

  • The key is to pick a jacket that’s not too costume-like, which looks very versatile, and can translate easily to any outfit you love to wear.
  • Go for boyfriend fit rather that too tight.
  • Last but not least pick good quality fabrics. Eventually it has to look expensive, and have a good feel to it, to sort of counter-balance its cartoon-inspired style.
  • Have fun with it, and wear it as a statement piece, or just play it by ear and throw it over whatever outfit you’re wearing one day. Replace your leather jacket with a varsity style one, for example.
  • If all else fails, wear all black and top it off with a superhero inspired jacket.

Why buy a superhero varsity jacket?

The Q has been on my mind for a while trust me, but it’s easy. You love a movie character so much, or end up crushing over their outfit that you feel like a 10 year who wants to dress like his idol. It sounds stupid but really it’s okay. And quite possible sans looking like a clown. Hello Deadpool jacket, or Ryan Gossling’s Drive jacket.

At the end of the day we’re all kids trying to have fun and enjoy fashion.

Deadpool varsity jacket: GET THE LOOK

It’s no secret I’ve come to love varsity jackets ever since I started my collab with USA brand – Warrior Jackets. The Deadpool jacket I’m wearing is a perfect fit (size S), cause it looks slightly boyfriend cut, but not oversized. I love its colour combo and how it looks more like a College Letterman/Varsity jacket and less like a superhero attire.

Its fabric is really soft and good quality, it keeps you really warm so FYI it’s perfect for autumn and chilly spring days. The shipping was super fast, I got it in a few days which is fantastic given the USA to Europe not-too-fast-shipping.

The price is great, and the design is perfect. It’s effortless, cool and classic,  with a bit of college boyfriend vibe to it.

I am wearing Deadpool Varsity Jacket  – SHOP here. 

All the pics:


For more jacket styles, both for street wear and everyday outfits, as well as costume parties check out Warrior Jackets shop.



Everyone stand up and let’s give fashion its well deserved standing ovation. I swear I LOVE fashion. I adore makeup, clothes, sexy heels, beautiful looks. So in all this pretty world, where do fur shoes stand? And, more importantly where do we stand towards them?

Truth is, some trends we love, and some we hate. In fact the fur shoes trend might as well be hated full on cause it’s bloody ugly. However, at the same time it’s so sweet and fluffy that you can’t really give it a cold shoulder.

The question is how do we really feel about fur shoes this summer? Do we wear them? Could we? Would we? And if so, how do we style fur shoes in summer?

Personally I’m a girly girl all the way with a few bitch don;t kill my vide moments here and there, and I LOVE this trend. Fur shoes are the perfect mix of uber trendy, with sweet and sexy. It’s like fashion finally did something for girly girls with Tomboy’ish sides to them.

What FUR SHOES To Wear This Summer?

According to designers, bloggers, Instagram and Fashion Weeks’ street styles fur shoes for summer have to be pretty (ugly), and funky you know. Except for boots, any shoe sole you can add faux fur to, and make it look cool is IN this summer. Sure, fashion has its favourites but if you wanna get creative go on.

Fur Slippers.

You know how in high-school there’s always that one too cool for school kid? These slippers are it. Rihanna created her own line with Puma.Then every big brand in town designed their own fluffy slippers.

They’re the classic bath/beach/normcore inspired slippers to which fashion has added a top fur fluffy sweet as fuck top.

They look amazing in black, pink, nudes and whites. Style wise they look great paired with denim skirts, jeans, activewear. In fact any cool kid’s uniform will be outfit-perfection paired with fluffy slippers.

More so for an even geekier, edgier vibe wear fur slippers with socks.

Fur Sandal Heels.

Ahh! fashion’s own spin of hotter than hell. (literally in summer). This particular fur shoe style is fashion creativeness at its most. Think a heaven of stiletto or chunky heel shoes that can’t be topped, yet they are with the prettiest fluffy details, in the prettiest colours ever.

2017 Summer is all about shoes, so it’s no wonder everyone who loves a bit of funky fashion loves these fluffy heels.

Fur Slides.

I think they’d be the best shoes for a summer hangover. Period. They’re ugly, comfy, very statement, incredibly effortless, and look amazing with baggy jeans and boyfriend tee. You know… the hangover uniform.

Of course they work great on normal circumstances as well.

Where To Shop For Shoes With Fur?

Everyone don’t panic. I got your back with the bestest fluffy shoes ever!!!!!!

Click on image to shop.




If somewhere between your career, family life, relationship goals or disaster, cooking, spinning, kids raising, solo cruising, business meetings, a billion coffes on a Monday before even 12 o’clock – you have beautiful headaches on the thought of spring office outfits aka ‘What the hell do I wear to work today?’ – this post is for you.

However, if you’re one of those people who wake up flalwess and can wear a paper bag to work, or just don’t stress over trivial stuff, we hate you. Okay… we don’t hate you, obviously. We actually LOVE your je m’en fiche‘ism and coolness regadless of the women’s professional clothing work code. Huh?

It’s 2017, is there still such a thing as business attire?

(that was I talking to myself)

Well… sure it is, we can’t bloody run the world in paper bags now can we? Women work clothes actually have never ever been this amazing. For the past couple of years THE business outfit has eveloved so much. More so, the idea of what to wear to work became more fun. While stresfull at the same time.

I know, it’s the irony that never fails us. Or me. #lifeisfunnylikethat

Women now wear to work whatever the hell we want tbh. Of course there are the office codes to live by, and the trends to do, and the IT girls to emulate or whatever, BUT in the midst of all this, us girls have learned to have much more fun with clothes in the ofice, than say 10 years ago.

Hence, we made leather jackets acceptable, flats, t-shirts, jeans. And you know what? That is fantastic, because at the end of the day it’s not what you wear but how you wear it.

spring office outfits spring office outfits spring office outfits spring office outfits

7 Spring Office Outfits Ideas: How to dress to impress once the sun is out? 

1. Work dresses.

I know, I know, groundbreaking NOT, nevertheless still valid. Work dresses are actually the perfect and easiest outfit for work on a random  importante or not so importante spring day. The most appropriate work dresses have a good length, over the knee, or just above, business cut, shift style, shirt styles, pencil design, with sleeves,  cap-sleeves, or even straps. The idea is to do proper wear and stay away form anything too racy like see-throughs, and very deep cleavages, and so on.

spring office outfits spring office outfits spring office outfits spring office outfits spring office outfits

2. Ladies business suits.

Did somebody say 80s? POWER SUITS alert, and can I get an amen! Power-suits to women are like the cape to Superman, I swear. For instance, let’s take me, a random woman, chaotically living and loving. What do I do when I need to get my shit together? I wear an 80s inspired powersuit. And then, I rule the fucking world.

A pair of great tailored pants with a sleek blazer will do the trick as well. #trickingthesuit

spring office outfits spring office outfits

3. Denim for work.

If you’re one of the lucky ones jeans can be your spring office outfits. Firstly pick a pair that’s classic, not ripped, and secondly mix it with a button down shirt, or a t-shirt and a blazer. Accessorise with heels and a structured big bag.

spring office outfits spring office outfits business attire business attire business attire business attire

4. Feminine office looks.

Pastels are a massive trend when it comes to spring office outfits. Anywhere from nudes, to baby blues and dusted pinks all is in: wide legged trousers, high waists, silky blouses, blazers. It’s one of the most delicate sophisticated grown up styles ever.

business attire business attire business attire business attire business attire women work clothes women work clothes women work clothes

5. Casual office wear.

Sometimes it’s Friday you know. Alongside the casual office day, there are those who work in a creative or a more relaxed environment. So for them it’s usually okay to wear something other than a suit or a classic office look. Casual looks with a dash of smart or polished are the petrfect choice: sweatshirts with skirts, flats, sneakers, t-shirts, leather jackets, jeans.

casual office wear casual office outfits casual office outfits casual office outfits casual office outfits casual office outfits casual office outfits

6. All black work outfit.

So what if it’s spring? All black is always a great office outfit idea and always looks incredible. Anything all black paired with some golden jewellery, a great pair of shoes and bag will look like a million bucks.

office outfits office outfits office outfits office outfits

7. Colourful business outfit.

Yeah, it’s the opposite of black, cause you know… it is the hot season after all, and an explosion of colour is always a great idea. I love reds, oranges and blues. For an extra oomph you can pair strong solids together.

office outfits office outfits office outfits office outfits office outfits office attire office attire office attire

More street style inspiration:


office attire office attire office attire spring office outfits spring office outfits spring office outfits spring office outfits spring office outfits spring office outfits spring office outfits spring office outfits

For more office wear inspo and spring office outfits ideas check out this post too.

Have a great week and a great office outfit everyone!



Black, brown, red, classic cut, vintage, trendy, over t-shirts or button-downs – Leather Jackets for men have long stopped being a trendy gimmick and became a sure staple to any guy out there, regardless of their affair with fashion. So the fact that each season inherently comes with its own array of menswear trends is pure blessing, cause the leather jackets make no exception. In fact, 2017 spring has a lot of amazing leather jackets style for the lads out there.

What leather jackets to wear in 2017 spring?

If you’re lucky and had a good eye for fashion you’re probably good with your old leather jackets. Or maybe, be that as it may, you might wanna spice things up, and add new leather jackets style to your already fab lot. In that case you’re probably on the prowl for hottest men’s leather jackets out there.

Black leather jacket.

The classic style is still the best pick ever. The most important thing is to pick a good quality jacket, with those vintage cut lapels, thick stitches, slightly padded shoulder pads. It has to feel heavy and sit well with both a t-shirt as well as an office shirt. Chose leather jackets style that fit well but are slightly oversized. make sure you are able to breath in them.

Vintage leather jacket.

It don’t need to be 1,430 years old, but it needs to have that old school classic design from back in the rocknroll days kinda style. V-cut double lapels, square, bold, heavy cut that makes the leather jacket look amazing with a sporty outfit as well as a business inspired style.

Brown leather motorcycle jacket.

It’s a variation of the too ubiquitous motorcycle jackets in black that everyone I know has and is obsessed with. Probably this over-presence of the men’s leather bicker jacket makes me almost resent this style, BUT I can live with it in brown. Actually with nudes and camels being so In this spring, cool leather jackets in brown are not too bad.

How to wear leather jackets in spring 2017?

Well… well… well… If I had a dime for every time I saw a man in leather jackets in the most uninspired outfits I’d be filthy rich. Come on boys, give in to your sartorial beast and venture into fashion a little bit more! What I always see, that leaves me so un-impressed are men wearing too basic leather jackets, with bad fit, and bad quality. I’ll refrain myself from going into their personal style, because I think if sombody is too fashion lazy the best way to still get by is to pick great pieces that will look good no matter what you pair them with.

Therefore choose more square cut jackets with a good fit and pair them with:

  • button down shirt + dressy pants + skinny tie + shoes
  • black jeans + white t-shirt + any shoes/sneakers
  • sweatpants + t-shirt/sweatshirt + sneakers
  • jeans + hoodie + sneakers
  • chinos + print shirt + tennis shoes/brogues
  • jeans + skinny shirt + dressy shoes (casual office wear)

Also, don’t forget to rock some cool accessories: sunglasses, watch, great haircut. Oh and a six pack. And a great personality maybe. And sense of humour. You know… that kinda stuff.

Anyway, long story cut short here are my fave leather jackets to shop.

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Street style inspiration below.