Individually. Connected. T-shirts.


We’ve all got staples we love, and #ootd we obsess about, but I strongly believe that the T-shirt is the sartorial star behind a lot of our fashion daily choices. And when that choice is backed up by a special kinda message we wanna convey to the world, well… it don’t get no better.

The title of this style-post is not random. Well, few things about me are. Actually no, not really.

Anyway, there is a perfectly tailored meaning to the above.

The T-shirts I’m wearing are designed by a Madrid fashion brand – Individually Connected – around the very idea of CONNECTIONS and how we’re all tangled and united in this life and world, or strive to be so, while keeping our individuality and unique razzamatazz as intact as we can.

I LOVE this, and I love how beautiful and simple they convey this in their T-shirts. The design is simple, clean, very good quality, great message, great font (slightly retro), basic black and white colours, with a dash of red par example (like in the Connected T-shirt I’m wearing), spreading love and unity through simple but strong one word design on a black or white t-shirt for both girls and boys.

dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0574 dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0576

Why I love Individually Connected T-shirts? Tbh I generally adore T-shirts. Period. And my uniform tends to be T-shirts X jeans. But, cross my heart on this one: these are my fave so far. I love their clean cut and clean design (the red Connected is my fave), and I love how they are fitted but not tight.

There is something so perfect about a great T-shirt that sort of hangs on your back in an effortless way, follows your body, but is not tight, and the sleeves sit a bit away from the arms (and they look skinnier). It’s long enough to tuck in, but also not too long to look weird if you wear it over jeans or a skirt. It’s thick, but not stiff, and it doesn’t wrinkle that bad, which is a massive PLUS for me at least.

Something about their T-shirts has a very classic retro vibe to it, and I LOVE that.

I think T-shirts in general have made a massive comeback into fashion for the past 5 years or so, and I strongly believe they will never leave us again, and from now on we’ll keep on wearing them anywhere, from office days to casual weekends.

Simple and clean designs are a IN right now, and have killed the busy t-shirts of the past. Classic black and white tees for both men and women are massive. So are clothes with a certain meaning to them, message, or just a movement they support as part of our generation’s take on this classic staple.

I am wearing the Connected t-shirt (size M) and the Love t-shirt (size M).


dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0572 dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0536

dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0654 dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0575 dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0649 dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0546 dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0648 dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0611 dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0570 dana-straut-thefashiontag-individuallyconnected-tshirts_0571

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{Photos by Florina Ciupertea}