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Do You Fancy A T-Shirt For Work & After Drinks?

t-shirt-blazer What’s that item that everyone’s got in their closet (tones of them actually) but which never makes the fashion cut as often as it should? Ding Ding! Yes you guessed it. Why it’s the T-shirt of course. For the past year or so plain T-shirts, like super basic white & black have been making quite the true understated statement. Courtesy of the Olsens perhaps? They’ve sure got a knack for pairing the most plain white t-shirt with some ripped jeans or posh trousers, making it look uber trendy, effortless and chic. Throw in some hot heels and damn girl you’ll be crossing the streets on your way to work like those cool models in between fashion shows! I really do think this T-shirt mania is turning into quite the trend and I love it. As of lately though, the plain Jane of fashion clothes has umped up its game, and with a helping hand of those grunge 90s, we’re all donning in despair the IT top of the moment: the Vintage Inspired T-shirt. Should it have remained stuck in the grunge era or not? By the likes of it, I’m quite inclined to say hell no, it’s the most amazing comeback! I can’t believe it’s cool again to wear silly text t-shirts & my fave band or musician’s face all over the once plain fabric. I’d sure like to see some posh business woman heading to work in her Kings of Leon T-shirt and a black suit. :) t-shirt-trend olsen-tshirt picture-t-shirt Though it was never gone from retail, catwalks or the streets, the T-shirt does seem to get more attention these days. We’re all probably sick of silky tops and leather jackets so we’re rocking the edgy style differently: bad-ass Tee and business blazer. What I love about the T-shirt look is the chicness and the feeling I get from the one wearing them: relaxed, doesn’t take themselves too seriously yet manages to make a style statement. It looks amazing and put together paired with trousers and a blazer. It’s edgy and rock’sih with a leather jacket. Super fun and sexy with cutoffs (depends if your wearing boots or pumps) and extremely fashion forward tucked in a funky skirt. It allows us to clash styles brilliantly.

How to style the basic T-shirt? blact-t-shirt-cutoffs kate-moss-t-shirt miranda-kerr-white-t-shirt Rihanna Goes Harry Potter? trend-t-shirt t-shirt t-shirt-cutoffs white-tee-look How To style the Fun & Vintage Inspired T-shirts? street-style-tee printed-t-shirt tshirt-jeans-blazer t-shirt-look-grunge street-style-t-shirt t-shirt-skirt tshirt-street-style t-shirt-skirt t-shirt-street-style white-t-shirt-style t-shirt-style So before you take a look at that tee pile lying in your closet and pretend to not hear the GYM alarm it once bared, take a deep breath. It’s OK now to wear t-shirt elsewhere than the gym. Actually it’s a sign of sophistication (thus betraying your inner fashionista) to don plain t-shirts & vintage inspired ones any given time of day & night, from the most conservative office to the most posh working environment.  AND pull it through all the way into the cocktail drinks and dinner after work meetings / parties. Not to mention: on weekends the choices are limitless (read cutoffs and t-shirt; jeans and slouchy tee; skirt and that vintage Guns’n Roses t-shirt). Oh and one more thing (OMG almost forgot the best part)… if you’re running out of cool t-shirts, or you get those days when your packed closet actually looks empty… this T Trend flashes the free card to your naughty side. Stealing. (did you think of something else or what?) :) Get your hands on your boyfriend’s T-shirts. For a cool look make sure you roll up the sleeves and slightly tuck them in. Pile on jewellery, amazing nails & red lips for an urban feminine style.

Boyfriend T-shirts looks boyfriend-tshirt-look miranda-kerr-boyfriend-t-shirt t-shirt-skirt (2) t-shirt=basic-look t-shirt-trousers vintage-inspired-tshirt What is it for you then, with this T-shirt Trend? Bring it on or keep them for the weekend & the gym?