Sziget Festival: Passport To Fun & Fashion

While it lasted it was fun yet incredibly overwhelming, music, fashion, all-around-vibes wise. Now that it’s gone… I kinda miss it. That’s the thing you see about music festivals – they creep and crawl under your skin, until you realise you’re actually a rascal with a penchant for comfort. And if you love the music, the fashion, and the beautiful people, you’re doomed to enjoy the festival, to get slightly overwhelmed by the crowd, and miss the chaos of it all once it’s over.

Testimony of it all are the tons of photos we took, the blisters on my feet, the flu I’m still fighting (and hope to win this week), the new music crushes, the inherent music disappointments (yes Rihanna I’m looking at you), and the old flame that’s still burning hot (Skin my love).

sziget-festival-2016-budapest- 31

Today’s post is from August 12 at Sziget, the flag day party, which may have been one of my fave days. I loved my outfit for both style and comfort reasons, the sun came out, people looked beautiful, happy, very mainstream festival expectation. It all sounds like I’m high on low IQ and some magic pill, but you know those days when all flows smooth round your side of the street? That was the day. I didn’t care too much for the music on the main stage, but trust me after Riri let me down on my bday, John Newman picked up the pieces and mended all that shit together.

The flags all up in the sky, me, myself and I being very prone to beauty, youth, colours, and happiness it all got to me, and I felt part of the 20 year old crowd, taking all the festival vibe in, not giving  a fuck about the dust and the dirt and the lack of my fave bands on a Friday festival day.

We concluded it all with a festival dinner (read borderline junk food high in calories but delicious), and some mojitos, and headed right back to our pretty and cosy apartment in Budapest city centre leaving the island to the beautiful rascals, who drink beer, sing loud, walk half naked, have perfect smiles, pretty hair, and dirty shoes, and fall in love with each other every single day.

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Photos by Cosmin Straut. Thank you so much my love. #throughhislens