Sweater Outfits: 5 Ways To Wear Sweaters This Winter!

Wearing sweaters is the least sartorial groundbreaking winter fashion situation. From grandmas to toddlers everyone’s got one on… so you’re not gonna make any style waves and be the sweater queen if you join the team. Which you probably do… forced by the blizzard. Unless of course you’re Victoria Beckham, cause she’s the queen of so many things… sweater outfits included.

Sweater outfits are probably more common than stupid love mistakes and we all fall into the same boring winter outfit routine of jeans and a sweater. If you don’t then you’re a queen so please share your magic in the comments section below.

The rest of us basic lot pretty much ends up looking… basic and meh, and the worst part is we don’t even care, cause seriously who cares about chicness and sartorial sophistication when it’s a blizzard out there? TBH with you I really don’t know how some of these cool street stylers are doing it…

Don’t get me wrong I ain’t no slob (most of the time) but I can’t prep and prime all the time.

Thank God for sweater outfits though, right?! Truth is this post is mostly done for my lazy ass egotistical self because every time I get dressed these days I’m either in gym wear or sweater and jeans. Can a girl get a fashion brain here?! So I thought I can’t be alone in this. Or can I? Is my life so sad that as soon as winter comes my style inspiration freezes?

If I’m alone in my sweater sorrow then please take this post as an inspiration and let me know in the comments below how you do it!

Here’s a sweater outfits guide for winter for the rest of us.

1.Sweater outfits with skirts.

Easy peasy right? So right. However, when it comes to sweater outfits we rarely chose to pair them with skirts, and that is such a true pity my loves. Sweaters and skirts are probably the most sophisticated looking winter outfits ever, just because it’s a tiny clash between items of 2 worlds, and because it forces us to do more for our look: shoes wise, skirt style wise, sweaters style wise.

What skirts do we chose to wear with sweaters, and vice versa?

Midi pleated skirts in more floral or summer’ish vibes look amazing with oversized slouchier sweaters, that are just casually half tucked in. Always wear such an oversized slouchy silhouette outfit with heels. Stiletto ankle boots and thigh high boots that get lost in that big skirt look amazing.

Plaid tea-lengh wrap skirts are so retro they look incredibly refined and chic with a fitted turtleneck or more fitted retro sweaters styles.

Sexy vibes come in tiny skirts paired with sweaters of all sorts. Think a mini leather black skirt and a black tight turtleneck with black stiletto ankle boots. Damn.

2. Casual sexy sweater outfits. 

Speaking of sexy I swear nothing is hotter than a tiny sweater (if you can pull it off body and temperature wise) OR an open back sweater, or just one sweater style that’s casually hanging off your shoulders, or just off one shoulder. Something about that cozy fabric and naked skin underneath that leaves people guessing is super hot. They look great with pants of all sorts and jeans.

3. Sweater outfits for office.

This is easy: just stir away from pairing them with too causal bottoms. Any sweater style looks good for office if you pair them with office pants and a blazer, OR wear oversized sweaters with skinny pants and heels. If the shoes are professional nobody cares about the sweater. However make sure you always choose quality fabrics that look more expensive or just clean and classic. Grey or brown sweaters are amazing for office. Black sweaters will alway win, and so will pastels in winter.


4. Editor style.

You know those street style photos at fashion week with la creme de la creme of the fashion world parading in the coolest sweaters ever paired with even cooler pants or shoes or skirts or anything really? Yeah… those. If y’all wanna channel them then go either for a Olivia Palermo sleek look in nude, taupe or black tones, OR choose something more daring like Miroslava Duma in her bright big chunky sweaters paired with plaid pants or thigh high boots.

5. Jeans and sweater outfits.

The best and the worst (read most common and usually more uninspired) is always left last. While 9 out of 10 people today are probably rocking this outfit, maybe just 2 or 3 of them are worth a style bow down. Yet… it doesn’t have to be like that.

What’s the secret to pulling off a great look out of very common clothes?

Pick great pieces (high quality, either statement or staples) and don’t try too hard. Go for sweaters that flatter your body type, cause I feel like that’s the key to a great outfit. Boxy sweaters, fitted sweaters, slouchy styles, long, cropped, short – it doesn’t matter… they can equally look great or bad if they’re not right for your silhouette. For some people waist long sweaters look better than those covering the bum, and vice versa. For some oversized styles are not always a great idea. For others clean classic sweaters are always the better choice.

Always always always try them on.


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What do you think?

xoxo d.