Summer Trend Alert: KNIT & CROCHET Tops

Lower that eyebrow please. And put the phone down, no need to call grandma for this one. As happy as you think she’d be to hear that knits are a trend even in summer these days, you may wanna reconsider having a knit party with her on this one.

Yes… knitted tops and crochet tanks and tops are IN this summer. We’ve be warned from the runways. all the way to celebs’ street style, and those Instagram sexy cuties in tiny little crochet bustiers, knitted halter necks, tank tops and all that’s in between these styles and fabrics.

But do NOT for one second think this knitted trend lingering all the way into summer 2015 is weather-inappropriate and easy to pull off granny style like. Yeah, it might not keep you cool (as in cold) but the tiny knitted bustiers, tank tops, halter necks, tees, loose tops certainly turn the heat up both ways, if you know what I mean.

crochet-knit-tops crochet-tops-looks

Knits and crochets have a certain retro sexiness to them, a little bit of a peek-a-boo, a little bit of boho-chicness, and je m’en fiche vibes. So you see… donning this winter fabric in summer is not actually that granny chic. More like ‘Mad Man’ chic, tbh.

It’s like… if you’re sweating your heart out in that knitted slightly see-through tank-top, might as well make a few others sweat their eyeballs out. Drip… drip… drip.

But that’s not the reason so many gals are embracing this knitted trend tops thing. I mean seriously if you think we’re all dying and plotting over here to make a few foreheads sweat, pfffffffff go hit your head against that wall in front of you. You got another one coming buddy. Newsflash: women do not dress for boys’ attention. If they do… they got it all wrong. It’s for us we dress. For fun. And cause birthday suits are still considered socially inappropriate.

I mean, sure you can chose to wear knitted and crochet bustiers that look more like swimwear, and channel an inner Coachella Queen, but that’s our prerogative. Plus there are also tons of other knitted tops for summer that are uber office appropriate.

Which only makes the next point easier to tackle. The summer knit tops’ VERSATILITY. You can’t deny it.

crochet-tops-summer-look-8 crochet-tops-summer-look-11 summer-knit-tops-trend-1

Since it’s Tuesday, which is like the worst day (too close to Monday, and so far from Friday), I think we might as well play a game. Some folks out there are super good at this shit, might as well milk it in the sartorial direction.

So, think of one event/occasion/venue/look/personal style. Now, chose a bottom type: pencil skirt, mini skirt, pleated skirt, maxi skirt, shorts, pants, jeans, cutoffs, office trousers you name it. Then a shoe style: heels flats, boots. And now, I will guarantee you that any crochet top, or knitted tank top you pair your outfit with, WILL look fantastic. Of course, style and colour wise it’ll be your choice, I’m just saying… the trend will fit and stick to absolutely any outfit, in any occasion.

And that covers the how to wear top knits in summer.

crochet-tops-summer-look-1 crochet-tops-summer-look-3 crochet-tops-summer-look-6 crochet-tops-summer-look-12 summer-knit-tops-trend-7 summer-knit-tops-trend-10

Summer crochet and knitted tops have a bit of both worlds which makes their styling so easy. They’re girly but can be uber hot. They’re retro but very chic. Bohemian but can also look smart and sophisticated. Laid back, but also polished when needed.

And the best part… you can make them yourself! If you know how to knit you might have just hit the jackpot on this one. And if you don’t… I think you just found yourself a hobby for the next uh… lifetime.

And now the street style inspo, and below some links to SHOP the knitted look.

crochet-tops-summer-look-2 crochet-tops-summer-look-5 crochet-tops-summer-look-7 crochet-tops-summer-look-9 crochet-tops-summer-look-10 crochet-tops-summer-look-13 crochet-tops-summer-look-14 crochet-tops-summer-look-15 crochet-tops-summer-look-16 crochet-tops-summer-look-18 crochet-tops-summer-look-19 knit-tank-top knitted-tops-jpg knitted-tops-trend summer-knit-tops-trend-2 summer-knit-tops-trend-3 summer-knit-tops-trend-4 summer-knit-tops-trend-5 summer-knit-tops-trend-6 summer-knit-tops-trend-8 summer-knit-tops-trend-9 summer-knit-trend summer-knits-looks summer-knits tank-tops-crochet white-crochet-tops