A Case For Nude Summer Hats

It’s like anywhere I look these days there’s always a head in a hat popping up. From Instagram feeds to actual IRL feeds, it’s summer hats, hats, hats everywhere. Is that great, or what?!

Well… it’s fantastic if you’re into hats and you’re actually wearing them and pulling off this bohemian-sophisticated summer style, but   what if you’re not part of the cool kids when it comes to summer hats? Yes, I am yet again making this about me, on the hope that 1) I am not the only human alive who doesn’t wear hats, and 2) I will reconsider soon. As in this month, before summer ends.

So here’s the thing: I adore hats. I love how they look on all those fabulous and fashionable women, I love how they look in films, editorials, Instagrams, I even love how they look on me, but only in photos. Something about this head accessory is literally stopping me from wearing it in places frequented by other human beings. In public that is.

Why the hell is this happening to me? I mean, I don’t have a big head. I have a big ego, but that’s a totally different story, so I’m just left with the one explanation, that I’m too self-conscious, and a hat on my head is just too much for me. When it fact, it’s not. I realise that. And I am still working on changing this.

To help out all the self-conscious head-hat girls, myself included, I decided to start off the week with this challenge. And to make it a tiny bit easier I will only focus on those hats I have a current obsession on: NUDE summer hats. They’re easier to style, and we can pick up on this classic look while on holiday when we tend to be more fashion adventurous.

Also NUDE summer hats are a very very timeless piece, that has been around since forever and it pretty much guarantees a perfect summer style, whether it’s bohemian, young, chic, French, retro – a nude summer hat will do the trick.

Having no hat-knowledge whatsoever I suppose the secret to a great look is finding the one design that fits your head and your face. And then it’s really simple, you just put it on your head and off you go.

nude-summer-hats-looks-9 nude-summer-hats-looks-14

Nude, white, brownish summer hats tend to look more effortless and relaxed but at the same time still hold on to their timeless-chic trait, which can easily translate to any personal style the wearer has. So let’s get down to business and talk a bit about how to wear nude hats?

1. Bohemian. Think: life is a continuous summer holiday, so you’re wearing a relaxed summer dress, slightly oversized, light fabric, light colours, Valentino gladiator sandals, brown sunglasses, cool bag, perhaps a fringed jacket or vest on top, definitely some thin layered necklaces, some rings, and of course your summer glow.



2. French-chic. This is summer style taken to town in white, light button down shirts and classic denim jeans with a pair of comfortable shoes, a bit tote bag, messy hair, perhaps a light trench coat on top. It’s perfection.



3. The posh hatter. My hat’s off to these sartorials who manage to dress office-like and throw on a hat. Think woman who has it all and is not afraid to flaunt it all: heels, shirt dresses, white light summer suits, pencil skirts, expensive jumpsuits, silky blouses, Chanel sunglasses.



4. Beach floppy hat. It’s not by mistake I left it last, it’s because (I am prepared for the hate levels going up right now) I’m not a huge fan of the huge hat. I think it looks good in pics and on some women, but personally I find it incredibly pretentious. Too in conformity with the lady-like summer style expectations, too passé in a sense that’s not out-of-fashion, but rather restrictive to its style. You can’t really play around with its style-faces. It does what it does. I would however picture it on the beach, one piece white or black cut-out swimsuit, body jewellery, long beach-waves hair.



I’d better start putting my money where my mouth is pretty soon, if I too want to be part of the cool kids in summer hats, and if I too want to not miss out on a pretty chic and timeless summer style.

More pics for inspo coming up…


nude-summer-hats-looks-1 nude-summer-hats-looks-2 nude-summer-hats-looks-3 nude-summer-hats-looks-8 nude-summer-hats-looks-12 nude-summer-hats-looks-13 nude-summer-hats-looks-15 nude-summer-hats-looks-16 summer-hats-1 summer-hats-2 summer-hats-3 summer-hats-4 summer-hats-5

And now it is your turn to share your summer hat experiences and tell me how you do it!

Have a great week my beautiful people and do not forget to protect your hair, face, and head with a summer hat.

[Again, I should take notes from myself, especially on the head part. This hat thing might just be my last resort to making my head function right. Or at least on the path to normal thinking, hence behaviour. Peace out everyone. :) ]