Summer Dresses: What To Wear To A Summer Event?

Everyone… listen up! I’m so happy it’s disgusting, I mean spring is here, birds are singing, I just bought myself some floral summer dresses, one of them in size 6, contrary to being so fat and pregnant right now, (and it fits!), it’s so warm I could actually lay in the sun, cherry blossom trees are high in the sky, I’ve background music wherever I go, I still feel fit. Fat but fit. Life is good.

Did I say I’m into floral dresses this season? If you ask me, which I’m sure you’re not, but imma tell you anyway… 2018 will be all about summer dresses. From casual to evening styles, from chic to simple, from daytime to night time, from mini to maxis – everything that is summer appropriate and is a dress is IN. With a massive trendiness on floral styles, wrap styles, and midi lengths.

Summer means the ocean, the beach, holidays and so on, but it also means life in the city, summer parties, after work drinks aka cocktail parties, dinners, events, weddings… you get it. A social situation that we love to use as an excuse to dress up and look fab.

The easiest way to to that is to put on a summer dress. It’s a quick outfit, it looks good, it’s comfy, looks effortless and does the job.

1.What summer dresses to wear to summer events? 

Of course it depends on the event. If it’s a beach cocktail event, you’re not gonna be in heels and sequins. If it’s a more formal event you’re not gonna be in some casual-ish dress, if it’s a wedding you’re not gonna wear white.

So what summer dresses do we actually go for?

  • midi lenghts
  • chiffon
  • ruffles
  • floral print
  • lace
  • mini
  • maxi
  • wrap
  • 70s styles
  • shift styles
  • cap sleeve
  • bare backs
  • long sleeves
  • no sleeves

The idea is to fit in with the crowd and the event, to stand out through how fab you look, but to be appropriate. Personally I’m really liking JD Williams brand for summer dresses for a cool breezy wedding, for a summer cocktail situation. I love the wrap styles they have, and the midi dresses which I feel are winners no matter your age, body shape, or actual event.

My fave dresses from them:


2. How to style summer dresses for sophisticated events? 

Don’t wear feathers in your hair and don’t do the whole damn circus. Choose a look and go with it. Simple is better. Having said that, keep in mind summer dresses are exactly that: summer easy breezy pieces.

Hair & makeup: keep your hair simple, natural, either just blow-dried or in a loose bun or low or high ponytail. You can wear bold lips for that sophisticated style, and do the false eyelashes, but keep it natural.

Accessories: we live in the season of less is more (people! I am struggling so hard with this!) so go for simple yet statement pieces. Gold looks better. Earrings are having a moment. So are bracelets.

Bags: … smaller is better for such events, with micro bags being so trendy you sound’t have a problem finding a great piece. I love the ones with a long chain just because you can hang it across your body or your shoulder and juggle 16 glasses of prosecco at the same time if you want to.

Shoes: since it’s summer and the world is more laid back and easy you can actually got for more comfy chic styles, not just stilettos. Although stilettos are the best! Simple one strap, nude, or clear sandals are the bomb. However even mules work, wedges, flats with a more polished design. Be fab, but also be as comfortable as you can. Don’t do sneakers, flip flops, espadrilles… that sort of stuff.


I don’t know about you but I’ve always loved events and getting ready for them. But, at the same time I also hated all the fashion and social circus. I know… I’m so balanced it’s crazy.

Anyway… I think this summer things will change. I’m feeling more grown up, more prone to dressing chic, and I’m really really loving summer dresses. Like from the bottom of my heart. I told you life’s good.

xoxo D.